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‘Yesss gonna smash the whites former Prem team… buzzin!!’ Some Rochdale fans are confident of a win over Bolton Wanderers in the Carabao Cup

Bolton Wanderers fans are confident of victory against Rochdale in the Carabao Cup Round One despite recent relegation and financial struggles.

Fans voice their opinions on Twitter after the Carabao Cup fixture release that sees Rochdale face Bolton Wanderers at home.

Bolton fans are very confident that their team can beat Rochdale in the first round of the Carabao cup. Which is unsurprising as the teams have met on three occasions prior in the Carabao cup (or equivalent) with the Wanderers emerging victorious on each occasion.

However, some Bolton fans fear they won’t even have 11 men to put out on the pitch amid their financial woes.

Not many Rochdale fans have been vocal about their stance on the draw, suggesting a lack of confidence in the side. However, one particular Rochdale fan is all for the challenge.

Both Rochdale and Bolton will face each other in League One next season after Bolton’s recent relegation from the Championship.

This local derby is sure to be fuelled by passion and aggression in what should be an interesting tie between the Greater Manchester sides on August 12th 2019, taking place at Rochdale’s ground Spotland Stadium.

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