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Why Are Fans Shifting From Premier League to Non-League Football?

The National League attendance figures for the 2018-19 season have been released and, what a sight it is for fans of the game outside the Football League.

As more and more fans of ‘The Beautiful Game’ grow sick and tired of the disconnect between professional players, earning more in a week than what some people do in multiple years and themselves. It seems that more of this disgruntled lot are turning their attention to their local clubs, many of which I’m sure will be surprised at the standard on the show.

More and more fans are becoming annoyed at being treat like a number on a piece of paper, as opposed to an actual person, and can you blame them? Once most of these people go to a non-league game, it’s a fair bet that a number of them will end up frequently attending these games due to the feeling around the place.

The family atmosphere is something in Non-League you just don’t get in the Premier League, you feel like you really are part of something and you can genuinely see the rewards for any input you put into the club. Whether that be financial or volunteer hours, your hard earned time and money don’t just disappear never to be seen again.

The main reason I think that Non-League attendances are growing isn’t anything that the clubs below the football league are doing especially, it’s more what the Premier League clubs aren’t doing, they aren’t looking after the support that follows them week in week out.

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