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When will Oldham Athletic be back to League One football?

Laurent Banide needs to take Oldham back to League One. Here is how long it will take him.

Laurent Banide’s main objective is to return Oldham Athletic to League One. But when will this happen, if ever?

Oldham Athletic were demoted to EFL League Two after finishing 21st out of 24 in the 17/18 season. Being merely two points away from survival, fans expected Oldham to fight for the top spots of their new division.

Disappointingly, Oldham Athletic finished in a 14th position of the lowest tier of the EFL, showing no signs of improvement since the season before.

In fairness to The Latics, they have suffered with mismanagement over the past few years. Chopping and changing like Henry VIII with his wives.

However, Oldham Athletic have introduced hands-on French manager Laurent Banide. Despite having no experience in English football, Thierry Henry referred to Banide as “the best coach (he) ever worked with”.

Banide is the type of manager to establish a method of football within his side. Something the Oldham blues haven’t had in many years as several different managers have attempted to bring success to the club over a short amount of time, each failing miserably.

It is clear that Oldham are trying something new. Banide is the first-ever Oldham Athletic manager from outside the UK & Ireland.

Although he is a risk, Banide can build something with Oldham, but he requires time…

But how much time does Banide need?

After stepping into a crumbling club, there will be no quick fix for Laurent Banide.

In his first season, the manager must figure out where his squad are. If he can get the best out of each player, their final league position will truly reflect where they stand. This position could be around the top end of the table but narrowly missing out on promotion.

By Banide’s second season with Oldham in League Two, holes from the previous should have been plugged with backing of the manager. With an established method of play instilled into the rest of the squad, new signings can adapt quickly. This is when Oldham should fight for promotion back into the EFL League One, where Banide can begin the next step of his challenge.

Therefore, Oldham Athletic should be beginning the 2021/22 campaign back in the EFL League One.

Should Banide be unsuccessful, Oldham will have to start this rebuild all over again, and could leave the squad in EFL League Two for the foreseeable future.

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