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What’s the hype over West Brom’s 16 y/o Louie Barry as Barcelona sniff around

Can a big club steal this little man? 16 year-old Louie Barry has a big future ahead of him and here is why.

Barcelona is joining the trend of scouting young English talent, will we one day see Barry sporting a red and blue kit overseas?

Louie Barry has recently celebrated his 16th birthday, which allowed West Brom to jump at him with a 3-year contract. According to reports, the hastiness of giving Barry a contract came as a result of the European superstars Barcelona sniffing around the youngster. He may well follow suit of Jadon Sancho, a young Englishman who made a name for himself abroad.

Louie Barry has represented both Ireland and England internationally, therefore another game of tug-of-war with the youngster in the middle could one day be seen as both nations would want him in their ranks.

Not many of us had a move to Barcelona in mind during our GCSEs, but with this special talent, it is most definitely justified.

Here are two reasons why Barcelona want to swipe Louie Barry from West Brom’s future…

What he did for England

England’s under 15 squad recently partook in a competition over in Italy, where he bagged ten goals in five games. Apparently, this clinical display in front of goal is what drew the attention of clubs such as Barcelona and PSG.

Doing the job

Barry has been seen in the West Brom under 18s squad in the under 18s Premier League, where he has 12 appearances in which he scored 4 goals and gained 3 assists.

He has played in several positions. His main role is centre forward, with one goal and one assist from this position in three appearances up top. However, he featured as a right-winger, with four appearances in this role with one goal and two assists, and a left-midfielder also, starting here on two occasions and getting one goal. When instructed, he can play both out wide and up-front, providing both goals and assists.

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