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What have Rochdale learnt from their friendlies ahead of the new season

Rochdale’s pre-season campaign is underway, and they seem to be adjusting to their new manager.

Although they lost their friendly to Huddersfield Town, 3-1, they managed to beat Oldham Athletic 3-2.

They’ve still got a few friendlies still to come. However, The Football Manc Cave are looking at a few things the team, fans and new manager, Brian Barry-Murphy, should have learnt from their performances so far.


Even though they have suffered a loss, they have proved they can still create goals. Which will be a big factor when it comes to league football because goal difference often plays a part in league positions. Hopefully, Rochdale will be able to keep up their goal-scoring abilities and also try to keep some clean sheets next season.

Adapted to Manager

Brian Barry-Murphy took over the club for a temporary time until he was made the permanent manager. He’s now gained a lot of respect from the team, fans and club itself. This has shown as he has given players chances in the pre-season games and they have delivered for him. It also goes to show how the team have dealt with their change in leader.


Fans saw a few names on the team sheets in these friendlies that stood out because they’d hardly seen them before. This was because Brian Barry-Murphy gave some youngsters a chance, he had under 23’s player, Louie Clarkson in his squad and fans claimed to be ‘excited’ by him and the idea of young players coming into the senior squad.

Hopefully, Dale will have a great start to next season and Barry-Murphy will prove he’s the perfect man for the job.

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