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AWAY FANS SERIES: We Caught Up With Not-so-Local Fan Akito, Who’s Looking To Bring a Bit of Stockport County To Japan

Stockport County Edgeley Park

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The Football Manc Cave caught wind of a thread inside a Facebook fan group. Akito hailing from Tokyo, Japan is trying to bring awareness of Greater Manchester team Stockport County – Who are flying in the National League North – by creating his own Japanese fan group.

I couldn’t fly over to Japan for a live interview, unfortunately, and with Akito explaining to me his English is not the best, we opted for a written Q&A to highlight probably the worlds most unlikeliest Stockport County fan…

Ian: Akito, tell me about how you started supporting Stockport County?

Akito: It all started in about 2011~2012, I like FIFA. I was playing Fifa 11 and used Stockport County in Career mode, from there I developed a special attachment to Stockport County. For that reason, I checked out Stockport County on YouTube and I realized that I love Stockport County!

Ian: Being from Japan, do you manage to catch many games on the internet?

Akito: I use the Stockport County Official Twitter page, Facebook, HP and Goal Live for my updates. I can see the match only through the Stockport County official YouTube channel uploaded match highlights.

Ian: Have you been fortunate enough to visit Edgeley Park?

Akito: No, I’m a university student here in Japan so I don’t have much money, but I’ll be sure to go to Edgeley Park in the future.

Ian: You told me you are looking to start a Japanese Stockport County Fan Group, have you managed to recruit many County fans?

Akito: Yes, a Japanese Stockport County fan group, I know of 3 people including me. The two people became a fan through my influence, one of them actually went to Stockport and bought me the Stockport County home shirt.

This is a precious keepsake.

Ian: What are your thoughts on this season?

Akito: I was a little uneasy at first, however when Stockport County won at Yeovil Town I got very excited! I believe Stockport County have to league champions!!

Ian: Are you hoping to get over to the UK to catch a live match?

Akito: I don’t know when I can go Stockport, but I know I have to go Stockport. Also, I hope that I can see live video match on the internet from Japan soon.

Ian: Good luck Akito, and thank you for your time.

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