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Vincent KopyCat: Early pressure for the former Man City Captain

According to The Mirror, former Man City Captain Vincent Kompany is under a lot of criticism at Anderlecht as his management and playing plan hasn’t gone as he would have hoped.

The 33-year old left Man City at the end of last year and announced that he would be joining Anderlecht as a player-manager. When he was first asked about his new position, he said, “I have learned so much the last 3 years from an incredible manager. Pep Guardiola reignited my love for the game. Man City play the football I want to teach and to see be played.”

Unfortunately, Anderlecht lost to Kortrijk 4-2 at the weekend. He has apparently accepted the blame for all 4 goals as he was out of position. Kompany sent his players out to apologise to fans for the display.

The defender has now come under criticism for trying to ‘copy Pep Guardiola. Former Anderlecht and Ajax coach, Aad de Mos claimed that Kompany is failing because he’s trying to play Guardiola style football. He also said, “In football, you do not have to copy another coach, Kompany wants to do the same thing as Guardiola in City and that makes me sick.” He also made the point that Guardiola has the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling, Kompany doesn’t have that level of players.

Another point made was that Kompany’s managerial track record is blank and his achievements as a player do not count. The Under 21 coach, Craig Bellamy also gave his insight and said, “I saw him at work last weekend and he knows nothing.” Ex Sheffield Wednesday and Anderlecht striker, Marc Degryse gave another criticism, “Kompany is only human, besides being a good footballer, but I feel he thinks he is God.”

Is Kompany God?

In my opinion, that’s a lot of negatives for a man who is only just starting out as a manager and has the added pressure of being a player too. He’s taking the blame for the goals but I’m going to defend him here. Kompany has been managed by one of the best football managers in the world for the past few years. He was obviously going to take what he’s learned from Guardiola and try to use it in his new role.

He has to find what works and what doesn’t. Kompany doesn’t have any managerial experience so he’s literally throwing himself in at the deep end. Anderlecht still managed to score twice in the defeat, clearly, they were contenders in the game at times. If they’d have won at the weekend, I bet none of this criticism would have come this way about him at all. Not just the negatives about the game but even the comments about him thinking he is “God.”

The man is under a lot of pressure and in a few months, if things are still the same then his job will be on the line. However, he needs time, he needs the chance to help this squad. There have been points made about him not having players like Sterling and De Bruyne and to me that’s stupid. Course he doesn’t have that standard to manage but surely, as a player-manager, his job is to try and get these players up to that standard and develop.

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