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Two things we’ve learnt from Oldham Athletic in their pre-season campaign

As most teams come to a close on their pre-season campaign, The Football Manc Cave looks to Oldham Athletic to see what we’ve learnt from their efforts.

Fans have had low expectations for their side before the season has even begun as they’ve had to welcome a new manager, Laurent Banide.

The Latics have had a trip to Morocco over the summer that saw them train on the beach and play some mini friendlies. The majority of these games ended in goalless draws. Since Oldham arrived back on home soil, they were supposed to host a troubled Bolton Wanderers. However, the Latics took the sensible option in pulling out of the game so they could find someone else to play as the Wanderers have been cancelling their games with players on strike.

They have since played Stockport County and fans were disappointed as they lost 2-0.

So what have we learned from Banide’s side over the summer?


It’s obvious that a good defence and goal scorers are the key to having a successful League campaign, and it seems Oldham are lacking in both areas. Although the defence is what fans are screaming about at the moment and not in a positive way. The pre-season matches have seen quite a few trialists appear in the games. However, they’ve still managed to have a poor pre-season and fans are getting frustrated already as teams like Stockport shouldn’t be giving them too much of a hard time.


The second thing that is extremely clear is how unhappy the fans are. They weren’t happy when Banide took over and guessed that things wouldn’t improve, so you can hardly blame them for being frustrated now. After the Latics lost to the Hatters, most fans stated that they really didn’t have high hopes for their team. Some pointed out how usually Oldham have a good pre-season campaign and then perform quite poor in the league. So some are quite optimistic that this season will go the opposite way around.

Other fans have predicted relegation already as no goals or decent defence will come to this. They’ve also said to be sympathetic towards Laurent Banide as they believe the mess isn’t all his fault. Either way, we hope that Oldham can gel together with a little more in their last training efforts before the start of the season and make fans happy.

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