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Two small learning curbs Stockport County can take into tonight’s match

Stockport County lost their first league game of the season to Maidenhead United 1-0. The Football Manc Cave are picking out two things Jim Gannon’s team would have learned ahead of their clash with Notts County.

Stockport could have had a worse start to the National League. A 1-0 defeat is something they shouldn’t take too hard as it’s their first game back in the league.

Before they take on Notts County on tonight, here’s two things that their opening fixture would have taught them.


They’ve now had a little taste of what football in this league will be like and the standards required. Now they can build from their mistakes and work on things they may have missed. Stockport did a great job of playing to their strengths last year and exploiting the weaknesses of their opposition which is what gained them promotion.

Now that they’re going into the National League, they will have to find those strengths and weaknesses at a new level but they’ll have to do it soon before it gets too late into the season.


Jim Gannon spoke about the game and he addressed the referee and the ‘scuffles’ in the match. He basically pointed out that the referees in this league need to establish what is a foul and what’s a bit of acting.

However, that’s football these days, players will go down for anything and it’s for that reason that the Hatters should try to refrain from silly tackles and get their timings right when going for the ball. They should also start going down a little easier to try and win free-kicks as other teams are clearly taking advantage, so why not try to win a challenge every now and again.

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