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To Do List: Man United Women Must Tick Off These 2 Things Before The Season Starts

Man United women face their first season in the Super League so what do they need to do in preparation?

The Red Devil’s women’s side has done an amazing job of only being formed in 2018 and already being promoted from the Championship to the Super League. The fans have a huge amount of faith in manager Casey Stoney. They’ll have a really hard season with rivals Man City being in the same league and the likes of Arsenal, but they can be just as successful if they consider these couple of things.

Old Trafford

This is something the team can not do themselves but the whole of Women’s football is changing and people are viewing it in a different light. The World Cup has brought a lot of attention to the women’s sport and now, I think it’s a perfect time for Man United to push for a game to be played at Old Trafford. This week the opening fixtures were revealed and Man United will face Man City. I strongly believe that the team would benefit from playing their derby games at each other’s men’s teams’ stadiums. It will draw in a big crowd, have a good atmosphere and show the teams that they have fans behind them.


It’s obvious that United had a great debut season last season. Being promoted after one season is unbelievable and even though the team and manager will be proud, I bet they’ll be questioning whether they can keep up the standard. If they believe in themselves and push for the best, they will be an underdog team who can cause problems for the best teams in the league. I predict that they will be able to have a high league finish next season.

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