Three Things Lemsagam Can Do To Win Back The Oldham Athletic Fans Trust

Oldham are going through yet another period in their history that no one will want to be reminded of in years to come. Some may say that all we will have is memories in a few years time but, there is always room for a positive outlook.

While I acknowledge that we are at our lowest football league position for many years, we have been very close to extinction in the past but at present that is not something that we are facing.

What we are facing is having a managerless club with an owner who is viewed largely with suspicion and, a playing squad that in its present form would be lucky to come second in a two horse race never mind challenge for promotion next season. Given that the 18/19 season is over, there is only one person whose actions can have any effect on the current problems and that is owner Abdallah Lemsagam.

I cannot possibly believe that someone would take over a club, pump money into it then attempt to destroy it, especially if they didn’t own the ground. Rather than try and paper over the criticisms of Lemsagam, I believe there are at least three things he could do to try and pacify those who believe everything they read on social media.

He might then be taken a little more seriously…


This is certainly not AL’s strongest point and has no doubt led to the string of allegations. One of the latest was that he wanted to close the club’s Academy so that Peter Wild didn’t have a job to fall back on.

This news was apparently met with incredulity when put to him by the Trust, and the club succinctly put that story where it belonged by announcing the new Academy intake of ten players. Far better would be a monthly update on any plans that he has for the future of the club.

Leave the choice of playing staff to those who know something about it.

One of the players who has just departed was Urko Vera. It is highly unlikely that stand in coach Peter Wild knew a great deal about Vera and that he was looking for a club. As it turned out, Vera was less than useless and should have been a sign to Lemsagam that signing players should be left to the professionals.


At present, there are an awful lot of Latics fans who would like to see the back of AL. Many have vowed not to renew season tickets or step foot in Boundary Park again unless he leaves. A winning start to next season would cure that of course, but if AL is out of his depth he should do the right thing and walk away.

However, that would leave the door open for somebody with perhaps even less credibility to walk in, and we would be back to square one.

Surely nobody wants that.

  • The number one priority for AL is to communicate with the fan-base. Things are happening but without explanation. The absence of communicating reasons for actions is creating a void in which negativity and rumours grow. Why are we letting experienced coaches, players and staff leave the club? What is the thinking behind this? Do we have a plan for a way forward, to move to a younger, more energetic side, that is more likely to be successful, perhaps? What type of manager do we need? These things need addressing. The move to bring in Paul Scholes was obviously an ambitious move that , for a short time, raised the profile of the club. This suggests there is thinking behind the direction of the club. But, as fans we are left guessing.
    After the demise of the Oldham Chron, there doesn’t seem to be a way of asking these or other critical questions. This increases the void and negativity around the owner’s actions.

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