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Three Crucial Points Jutkiewicz Would Bring to Wigan Athletic

There’s been speculation today on twitter around Lukas Jutkiewicz and, whether or not he could be linked with a move to Wigan Athletic.

The Birmingham City striker had a great last season being named the best player in the league by Who Scored and Sky Sports Power Rating.

If all of this is not just rumours, what could the 30-year old bring to Wigan?

He’s Been Around

The striker certainly has been on a journey. He’d surely bring a lot of experience to the Latics. To give you an idea, here’s a list of the clubs he’s played for; Swindon, Plymouth, Everton, Huddersfield, Motherwell, Coventry, Middlesbrough, Bolton and Burnley. It seems he’s finally found his feet at Birmingham as he’s scored 21 goals since 2017 for the blues.


When you look at Lukas’ track record for goals before he joined Birmingham, you may laugh, however, he was one of very few players to get double figure in both goals and assists in his league last season.

He has always been linked with injuries in the past, especially knee injuries and this could have been a set back for him throughout his career but when he’s at his best, he’s proved he can deliver. If joining Wigan is a possibility and he can keep his knees in healthy condition, the Latics could have a key goal scorer lined up.

Cheaper than Benfica

Then there’s one last positive that Jutkiewicz could bring to Wigan. It’s been rumoured this week that Wigan are in talks with Benfica over a possibility of Wigan loaning players from the side. Although that would be brilliant for Wigan, there are also a few problems.

What about money, Benfica would expect big fees for their players. There’s also the possibility that Benfica would only be able to loan their B side players as they have too much at stake themselves. So what would be a good option? Jutkiewicz. Cheaper, more realistic and with his recent stats, not a waste of interest, money or time.

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