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Three brought back in as Man City’s starting 11 should ease past Bournemouth

Man City will be looking to bounce back from the draw against Spurs with an away thrashing over Bournemouth

Man City and Bournemouth sit on equal points before the third matchday fixture but their season so far has told two very different stories…

Man City thumped West Ham 5-0 on the opening day of the Premier League, and perhaps unfairly drew 2-2 at home against a resilient Spurs the week after.

Bournemouth, on the other hand, has faced two recently promoted sides, Sheffield Utd and Aston Villa, so far this season, drawing and winning narrowly.

After the disappointment of losing two points, and the unfamiliar feeling of not being at the top of the table, Man City expect to beat their opposition heavily, despite being away from home.

Pep Guardiola would be naive to assume that they will run away with the Premier League title this season. Liverpool should be snapping at their heels throughout the entire season. This could encourage the citizens to go all out against opponents like Bournemouth, resulting in heavy scorelines.

Although beating Bournemouth is enormously more likely than losing to them, a very strong outfit will set out to rake in an extra four or five goals for their goal difference. The lineup can be expected to look like this…

Man City’s Predicted 11

David Silva can be expected to make a return for the Citizens. Although it is his last season with the club, Guardiola so far has had no qualms about placing the exact same trust and reliance on the club Captain.

Joao Cancelo is yet to make his debut for his new English club. Facing Ryan Fraser in a game the team would be a great introduction to the Premier League.

With John Stones having a minor injury, it is unlikely to see him feature in this fixture. Having Otamendi isn’t exactly a weakness in the squad. But should Bournemouth knock a few goals past Man City as Tottenham did, questions may need to be asked.

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