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These 3 things were clear in Man Utd’s draw with Wolves

If Solskjaer notices these three key aspects of his draw against Wolves, Man Utd will continue their dramatic improvement.

Both sides have plenty to take away from their 1-1 result at Molineux. The game was predicted by all to be close, due to Wolves’ tactically astute manager and incredible form against the top six.

The game showed the strengths and weaknesses of each outfit as they muscled out a 1-1 draw. Wolves have been known to play a very defensive style, which was the case in the first half.

Man Utd held onto possession for the majority of the first 45, with Jesse Lingard playing a vital role in the way the side moves the ball around.

Hopefully, Solskjaer has noticed the following three things that were clear in Man Utd’s draw against Wolves…

Paul Pogba played too deep

Pogba was almost a centre back for the majority of the second half. When Wolves were in control of the pressing and attacking, Paul Pogba was playing very deep and didn’t progress forward enough.

With the quality he brings to the attacking threat, he is wasted as a defensive midfielder. Despite his strength and stature, the best of him is seen in the opponents half picking out his teammates.

Games are won and lost in the midfield

Man Utd failed their fans by not signing a midfielder in the transfer window. It is by far their weak spot and this was exploited by Wolves.

The best ball holders and passers on the pitch were the two centre-halves Victor Lindelof and Harry Maguire. This meant that most of the possession was in and around the defensive lines, inviting the press from Wolves. However, Nuno was clever and didn’t allow the Man Utd counter-attack.

When a team uses this strategy, possession and playing through the opponents with a talented midfield is the only way to win the game. This is why Man Utd drew against Wolves.

Luke Shaw is the weakness

Wolves brought on Adama in the second half at 1-0 down. He ran rings around Luke Shaw, resulting in Scott McTominay and Harry Maguire moving to the left flank to support their teammate.

This left an enormous hole for Ruben Neves, one of the best midfield talents in the league, to showcase his skill and quality almost untouched.

Had Man Utd’s defence been that of last season’s, they would have seen a very embarrassing scoreline.

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