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‘The Rebuild of The Once Great Premier League Club Should be Able to Properly Begin’ Bolton Wanderer’s Huge Week Ahead

The latest update from behind the scenes at Bolton Wanderers should give the fans a spark of hope, six potential bidders for the club made the last deadline for offers set by the teams’ administrators.

One has since dropped out the running, but the men in charge of selling the club have placed another deadline, 4 pm on Wednesday for the five remaining candidates to submit their final offers and proof of funding for ownership of the club.

The hope for Bolton comes from the fact that they are still able to attract at least five potential owners, amazing considering just a few weeks ago they didn’t even know of their club would still exist for the 2019-20 season. In a few weeks then, the rebuild of the once great Premier League club should be able to properly begin.

After the deadline on Wednesday, the new owners will have a contract signed by Friday for the big handover, making this one of the biggest weeks in the clubs history.

With the exodus of players still underway before then, however, even if the takeover all goes through, there will be a struggle at the University of Bolton stadium as the club are looking at starting next season with a 12 point deduction, part of their terms for staying in League One. So it is going to be one hell of a job for whoever takes over.

With all this going on while other clubs are building for next season, I don’t know if Bolton will be able to attract the calibre of player needed to help them out of this mess. We could very easily see them slip into League Two if I was the manager at Bolton I’d consider bringing through a whole host of youth players and blood them in, to properly to make a proper go at things in League Two. Rely on the academy and make the club as self-sufficient as possible to avoid any mess like this in the future.

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