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The Messi conundrum for Man City

Lionel Messi

The Blue side of Manchester was lit up by the eyes of Man City fans when news that Lionel Messi of Barcelona could be joining his old boss with them during this transfer window.

According to reports, a bust-up between himself and his current manager Ronald Koeman has led to link having real weight behind it…

Although Man City fans are already dreaming of Lionel Messi lifting the Champions League trophy in a Sky Blue shirt. It may not be as straightforward and as realistic as they originally hoped.

This is because Lionel Messi has a massive 700million euro release clause on his contract at Barca and unless he provides in writing his intention to leave the club with a notice period, and apparently, this is exactly what he has done.

So where is the bad news in all of this for Man City?

From what we know so far, they may not only get arguably the best player in the world, but they may get him for very cheap…

The catch

Only had Lionel Messi display his intent to leave before the end of May. That’s right, there’s always a catch.

But Guardiola’s hopes are not nullified yet, because due to the nature of the season is affected hugely by the global pandemic, a dispute is to be had about whether this feature of the contract is to be waived.

City have to be cautious of Financial Fair Play rules also, having already narrowly escaped harsh fines and bans due to breeching of such rules.

Perhaps bringing in such a player is what the Blues need to excel in the Champions League. Something Guardiola has failed to do with the team so far, despite dominating English football until the recent surge of Klopp’s Liverpool to put pressure on that side too.

Manchester City and Manchester United are likely the only two teams in England who have what it takes to lure the world’s best left-footer, so will Messi be a Red or a Blue? Or will he remain in Red and Blue?

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