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The majority of Man Utd fans know how to close the gap on their rivals, more than the boardroom

Manchester United will either return to the top or slip to the bottom. Here's how they can avoid the latter.

Manchester United are currently at a similar level to Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal. Here is how they can catch up to Liverpool and Man City before they slip down to Everton, Watford and Leicester.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is an inexperienced manager in one of the most powerful seats in world football, safe to say he has a job on his hands. With arguably the only world-class outfield player in the squad, Paul Pogba, wanting a move away from the most successful football team in English football, Solskjaer’s job becomes even harder.

Unfortunately for Manchester United fans, it seems the majority of them know what’s best for the club, more than the boardroom at Old Trafford do. Many have been calling out for a Director of Football for many years, and Ed Woodward has only recently been reported to be considering options for the position.

The upcoming season could foreshadow the foreseeable future for Manchester United, and certainly Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

So here is a three-point plan the club must adopt, in order to surpass the likes of Spurs and Chelsea and challenge their arch-nemeses Liverpool and City…

Director of Football

Manchester United fans have been calling out for someone who understands the game more than Ed Woodward, to be in charge of who steps out onto the field at Old Trafford. Recent signings such as Di Maria and Alexis Sanchez, amongst others, have proven to be terrible signings for the side in terms of both football and finance.

If Manchester United can correctly recruit the right players, they can build a title challenging side as Manchester City did. With a Director of Football, the club can adopt a certain and solid structure, which would surely translate to better performances on the pitch.

This is not Pogba FC

Football players being above the manager is a real concern in the game. We have heard Unai Emery mention how displeased he was at PSG where Neymar gets what he wants. It is a similar case for Manchester United, as Pogba successfully turned Manchester against the world’s most prolific manager; Jose Mourinho. Manchester United need to develop a hard-working team, emphasis on team. Just like the Sir Alex Ferguson days, where players like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and even Pogba himself were shown the door if they stepped out of line.

Cut down the dead wood

Most Manchester United fans agree that many players in the club are not good enough to be in the starting 11, for a team who want to challenge for the title. Solskjaer has to stick to his word and be ‘ruthless’ with squad selections next year. Many fans will be sick to the stomach of the likes of Ashley Young, Phil Jones, Matic etc start in more than 20 Premier League games next season. This may require investment to bring in the correct players to take over positions where Manchester United lack quality, meaning that the vastly despised owners of Man Utd need to get into gear and correctly invest in the club.

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