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The Josè Baxter Conundrum…

The Josè Baxter debate is one that somewhat divides opinion. Is he fit, or is he not? If he isn’t fit, then why not? Should he start or should he not?

The answers to all these questions I suspect we may never fully be told, but utilising Josè correctly is surely a vital key to prising open the promotional doors.

If we take it that Josè can give a decent performance for roughly 45 minutes then would you rather he start, or act as an impact sub from the bench? Obviously, Frankie Bunn prefers the latter but I’m really not sure this is the best option.

On Saturday, Baxter was brought on and we scored three goals. But surely rather than having him up our sleeve, it would be better having him start.

Why chase games when we could be trying to hold winning positions instead. Let’s start our strongest side possible, with a view of trying to get ahead. If after 45-60 mins then he needs to come off then fine but let us give the lad a chance to get us ahead.

Nepomuceno is another currently playing some cracking football but finds himself with plenty of bench time. We need our best players on the pitch, and if they can really only last so long I’d much rather it be from the start.

Whilst it is ultimately the manager’s decision, and yes, so far, it’s been working well (kinda), but tougher fixtures are approaching and we it may not be as easy to get back into games.

Swindon away this coming Saturday is a tough place to visit and, the players will need to be fully at it to get something positive from the game. Two closely matched teams on paper, but I firmly believe that Baxter and Nepomuceno will give us that edge we need.

Start them Frankie, I dare you!

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