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The final touches: What Banide should be getting right in Oldham Athletic’s training this week

It’s safe to say that Oldham’s pre-season campaign hasn’t gone to plan and as it comes to an end, The Football Manc Cave look at a few things Laurent Banide should be working on in this week’s training sessions.

Oldham enjoyed a pre-season camp in Morocco where they trained on the beach and enjoyed swimming. However, the football didn’t go plan as most of the games ended in goalless draws. Things haven’t gone any better on home soil as they lost 2-0 to Stockport at Boundary Park on Saturday.

Fans have been getting extremely frustrated watching their team over the summer and have been praying that League football will improve.

Here are three things that Laurent Banide should work on in training before the start of the season.


Fans have been screaming at their club to sign new defenders all summer and even though there were quite a few trialists involved in the team on Saturday, they still lost and there was no hope. It’s looking like it may be too late to recruit any new players so when it comes to training, defensive midfielders should be put through their paces in order to be able to pick up the slack at the back. It may not be an ideal plan but desperate measures will have to see some of the players in other positions come through for the Latics.

Possession and Passing

Laurent Banide will hopefully be putting his players through sessions that focus on passing quick and fast and maintaining possession of the ball. Their defence isn’t the only problem as pre-season has seen them not be confident on the ball. Hopefully, if the team can get back on top in defensive areas, they can focus on keeping the ball going forward and aiming to score, which brings us to the next point.

Shots on Target

It took Oldham 88 minutes to produce a shot on target against Stockport, so some shooting practice should be put in place for the strikers. It’s probably safe to say that there’s not enough time for Oldham to perfect all of these areas. However if they can tighten up at the back and focus on keeping the ball, eventually goals will come. Let’s just hope it will be sooner rather than later for Banide’s side.

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