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‘That performance was atrocious and unacceptable’ Wigan Athletic show no signs of change or adaptation following defeat

That it. I’m never going to Deepdale ever again, in my life. That was my third visit to the place, never seen Wigan Athletic score, let alone get a point.

On a serious note, Saturday was just Wigan Athletic in a nutshell. It’s the hope that kills you. A brilliant performance the previous week vs Cardiff City, followed by that ****show at Preston, backed by 3,000 travelling supporters.

It’s easy to get carried away, it’s only three points and the second game of the season. However, that performance was atrocious and unacceptable. It was possibly worse than last season’s performance at Preston, why haven’t we changed and adapted?

I still really worry for our squad away from home. We just haven’t got that fight and grit in our squad to match home teams. Preston wasn’t brilliant on Saturday, they just outfought us and benefited from our terrible mistakes.

For example, their first goal came after four consecutive corners. That just allows their fans to get behind them, the home side gains momentum and it was a matter of time before we succumbed to the pressure. That’s when you need a leader to just clear the ball, relieve the pressure and rebuild. We don’t have that commanding defensive player.

Home v Away for Wigan

It’s startling to see the difference between our performances at home and away. You could be watching a different team.

In my opinion, Cook needs to change it up away from home. For example, Michael Jacobs is excellent at home, when he’s given time on the ball and starts higher up the pitch. Away from home, he’s a passenger. He isn’t quick enough and doesn’t get time on the ball as he does at home.

The way to play away from home, pace on the counter-attack. We didn’t have any on Saturday, master of our downfall.

Anyway, we got our annual drubbing at Preston. Things can only get better.

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