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2 Man City players that will be the difference for the Lionesses tonight

The Lionesses face their second group match tonight against Argentina. 

England managed to bag a win against Scotland in their opening group game, and everyone’s hoping they can do the same tonight. Phil Neville has also said that because of the rivalry between the men’s team’s, it gives the women even more of a hunger to win too. Argentina had an unexpected start to their World Cup campaign in a goalless draw against Japan. I think it’s safe to say that everyone thought Japan would easily win as they’ve been in the previous two World Cup finals, and Argentina effectively had no team three years ago. 

After the Lionesses won on Sunday, fans were quick to say that the team had some work to do to better their performance. However, before the match kicks off tonight at 8 pm, I’ve picked two City players that I think will make a difference to the England team.

Now that the first game nerves are out of the way, I think England are looking at a couple of goals at least tonight… 

Ellen White

The striker managed to bag one goal against Scotland when given the chance, and I think more opportunities will be created tonight for the Man City star to take. The 30-year-old only announced she’d be signing for City in May 2019, however, with a lot of to-be teammates on the England side, she may also be out to impress them too. 

Steph Houghton

The most obvious option, I know. I’ve not only picked her for her skill and determination, but I’ve also picked her mainly for her leadership.

In the opening group games, there’s been a lot of VAR controversy. Even in England’s first game, their first goal came from a penalty awarded due to the assist of the video referee. Steph Houghton will have to keep her side from arguing and surrounding the referee in any cases tonight, as I think VAR is being used too much in these games. 

I would have included Nikita Parris in this selection because she had an amazing start, and I think she’ll only get better.

Season Prediction: Man City Women’s Success Hinges On Lioness World Cup Campaign

With Manchester United Women being promoted to the Women’s Super League, will they cause problems for Man City?

Possibly. Nick Cushing has such a strong side, they managed to finish second in their league last season on 47 points. Arsenal ended their campaign on 54 points putting them as Champions, and finishing in third under City was Chelsea who had 42 points. This proves just how tight the league is and how the top tier can change quickly. 

My prediction for next season is that City will be fighting with Arsenal for the top spot once again. I hope they can manage to win the Super League but there are a few things to consider before that can happen.

For example, a lot of the Blues squad are out in France right now for the World Cup. Club captain, Steph Houghton is also leading her national side, players such as Karen Bardsley, Demi Stokes, Jill Scott and Ellen White are also out there at the minute hoping to prove that they are the best. What if any of them pick up an injury or come back to the Women’s League seeming unfit? It would sure cause City a few setbacks. 

The other factor being Manchester United. They have just been promoted to the WSL and, will be out for a good first season in the league as they smashed the Championship. I’m not saying the reds will do the same and go straight to the top of this league too. However, I do predict that they will cause a few problems for the likes of Man City, Arsenal and Chelsea and they will be in the mix for a top table finish. 

I’m wishing the Lionesses all the luck in the world and hope they can bring it home but, when the City players get back into training and start their new campaign, I hope they can maintain the same standards they already have.

I think the World Cup will depend on the mindset of some of the City women, if they do win, they may be hungry to win a title when they come home. If they don’t, they’ll either be feeling deflated or it will drive them to do well next season. 

OPINION: Man Utd Women To Take Super League By Storm In Their First Showing – Agree?

Manchester United Women had an amazing first season in the Women’s Championship as they were promoted to the Women’s Super League. 

The team were only formed last year and ended their efforts on 55 points. Now that they are looking forward to a newly promoted season, how will they do?

Well, the clubs Captain, Alex Greenwood is currently out in France playing for the Lionesses, although there are chances of the youngster catching an injury while she’s there, it’s a hugely beneficial chance for her to eye up competition.

While she plays against the likes of Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal women team members, it will help her know how to play against these women as well as with them. Abbie McManus is another player who’s out playing for England but at the end of the 18/2019 season, the 26-year-old left City for United. She has played with the blues for years, so transitioning to the rivals may be hard for her but again, very beneficial to the squad. 

In the Women’s championship, United had easier competition with the likes of Tottenham and Charlton. They stormed their league with a 9 point lead, however, they will have tougher matches on their hands with Super League professional’s, Arsenal winning their league this season.

The league that these girls are going into is a lot tighter and tougher to win points, Arsenal ladies won the league last year but not by many points, they finished on 54 points with Man City coming a very close second at 47 points. Even third and fourth place is tight with Chelsea finishing on 42 points and Birmingham on 40.

With this being said, although I think Man United won’t go down without a fight and will cause problems for these clubs who have never played against them before, I do think they will come across problems when it comes to the likes of City and Arsenal.

My prediction is that Man City and Arsenal will be fighting for the top spot next season, nevertheless, I don’t think United will make it easy and will probably finish around 3rd place, which again will be brilliant for the Red Devils. I just don’t think they will be able to top this league too. If they can, I’ll eat my words!

‘Women’s Football is Cr*p, They Don’t Cheat, They Don’t Play Act, They Just Play Football’ Twitter Reacts to Lionesses Opening WWC Win

England’s women had a promising start to their World Cup campaign with a 2-1 win over Scotland. 

The Lionesses opened the scoring after 14 minutes when a penalty was rewarded. There was some confusion as the referee stopped the game, however, it was soon made clear that officials had pointed out a possible handball. It was about time VAR went in England’s favour as the men’s team had two goals disallowed in their Nations League campaign.  

Nikita Parris put the women ahead from the spot kick and after 40 minutes, Ellen White put the Lionesses 2-0 up. England should have had a third but it was ruled offside and Scotland’s Claire Emslie managed to pull one back in the 79th minute. Even though the lionesses have had a really promising opening to the World Cup they really want to win, manager Phil Neville spoke out after the match saying he thought his team could have done a lot better.

Personally, as this was the opening match and the teams are all just finding their feet, I think it’s a great start for the Lionesses and I can’t see them having too many problems in the group stages, but what did everyone else think?

Harry Kane wished the women well as his recent Nations League run came to an end.

A spot of sarcasm when comparing the women’s football to the men’s.

Some agreed with the Lionesses manager.

But most were just impressed and many are commenting on the rising interest in women’s football and the increased fans and viewers.

‘Let’s Win This Lionesses!’ Are England Ready To Change The World

As the England ladies team sets off on their short journey to the Women’s World Cup in France, we took to Twitter to have a look at what the people were saying about our Lionesses.

After finishing third last time out. England will be looking to go a couple of steps further under the guidance of manager Phil Neville and, win the entire thing.

On the back of the various media campaigns that have been launched this time around, for example, Budweiser becoming the official beer of the ladies team. The various hashtags across social media such as #thisgirlcan, #changethegame and #womeninfootball, means that the coverage and interest for the ladies side are on a higher level than its ever been before.

OPINION: Should Women’s Football Introduce Rolling Subs

So another rule change is set to take effect next season in women’s football, a rule that you often see in junior football, rolling substitutes.

Rolling subs is a rule generally used so that everyone gets a decent amount of game time, therefore increasing participation which at a guess we would say that it’s exactly why it’s been introduced in the female game.

Like all varieties of football at the present, the number of people playing is growing but one part of the game is set to beat all the others thanks to it being their World Cup this year, the women’s game.

It’s, therefore, possible that this rule has been introduced so that when the inevitable increase in interest does arrive. Ladies football is more capable than ever to interstate these new players, and if they are playing an increased amount of football they are more likely to stick in the game.

Is it all positive news though?

Are rolling subs a positive for women’s football?

There are arguments for both sides, all these previous factors we have mentioned for example, but similar to the new rule about sin-bins in men’s non-league. This rule changes the game completely, therefore, teams might lose players too, if they go from playing every game to reduced playing time, people can be very competitive.

In the end though, it’s all going to come down to whether or not the players understand why the ruling is introduced, as to whether it’s going to be a success or not.