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Two players to look out for this season for Man City Women

Nick Cushing’s Man City Women’s side should be out on a mission to win the Women’s Super League this season. The Football Manc Cave have picked out two players that should play a pivotal role in fulfilling that dream.

If you follow the Women’s Super League, you’ll know that Man City normally go head to head with Arsenal for the top spot. I along with many Man City fans are hoping that the women part of the squad who featured for the Lionesses this summer will be hungry enough to take that title.

Out of all the teams in the league, Man City women will more than likely benefit the most when it comes to fans, as a large number of the team made history with the viewing figures reaching record-breaking numbers this summer. This is definitely going to bring in more fans and with that in mind, here are two players that will stand out for Man City this season…

Ellen White

A stand out player in France and an absolutely fantastic player in general. I can’t wait to see her in action at the Etihad on the opening game of the season, as I’m sure she will be a huge part of the Blues squad this season.

The striker has only signed for Man City this summer from Birmingham City. There’s no doubt in my mind that she will deliver for Nick Cushing’s and the team as she will blend right in with the girls who played in the World Cup. Her efforts will also see Man City either win the title or get extremely close to again.

Steph Houghton

The defender has captained Man City and the Lionesses for quite some time, only now she will gain a huge interest from fans as she played a massive part of the Lionesses World Cup campaign.

I think it’s safe to say that the hearts of the nation went out to her this summer as she had to make a statement following the semi-final loss. The nation was behind the whole team but Steph is a brilliant leader who strives for the best. This is why I think she will have an amazing season as she will be motivated to put the World Cup behind her and deliver for the Blues instead.

Man Utd Women lose their Captain, two replacements they should be looking at

According to Sky Sports, Manchester United Women’s captain and England player, Alex Greenwood is set to leave the club and join Lyon.

Man United women fans will be massively disappointed if she does leave the club, as she’s earnt a lot of respect over the past year with them. However, this will be a great move for her career. She would be joining England teammates Lucy Bronze and Nikita Parris.

While she’s learning more over there and developing with that squad, Casey Stoney will be on the recruit for a new captain. Obviously, she has other team members for the armband to fall back on, although she still has time to find a replacement. Amy Turner is a possibility to land the role temporarily as she captained the team in a friendly at the weekend.

The Football Manc Cave have picked out two possible permanent replacements.

Millie Bright

The obvious options like Steph Houghton are out of the picture as she seems comfortable at Manchester City and has achieved a lot while being there. This is why I’ve gone for Millie Bright who did well in the World Cup and made a great partnership with Houghton at the back. She’s a player who will fight for every ball and has a lot of experience in the Women’s Super League.

Obviously, this would require signing her from Chelsea and I don’t think she would be negative about a chance for change. This is just a suggestion as she’s 25, knows what the league is about and gives her a chance to captain a big team.

Abbie McManus

Whether Casey Stoney manages to recruit a new captain or just hand the armband to someone else on the team. McManus has joined the team this summer and has loads of experience in the league too. She’s a huge Manchester United fan which would be great for her to land that role. She’s been with Manchester City for years too which would be a massive amount of experience to bring to United.

However, I’m not saying this should happen straight away, she should be given a year to gel with her team and then she can think about stepping up to the role. Manchester United Women accomplished so much in one year after they were promoted so making someone new captain isn’t something that is out of the picture.

Man Utd Women: 2 strengths, 2 weakness that will get them with a mid-table finish

Before Manchester United Women start their new campaign in the Women’s Super League. The Football Manc Cave will look at two strengths and two weaknesses that Casey Stoney’s side will face, in order to get them to my predicted league finish.

I’ve predicted that Casey Stoney’s side will have a hard first season in the Women’s Super League, although I do think they will stay up and avoid relegation.

I stated that they may finish in the top flight of the league and battle it out with the best. However, now that the Women’s World Cup hype is over and I’m looking realistically, I think they’ll finish mid-table.

Here are 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses that Stoney and her side will face…

Strength 1: New Signings

With Manchester United being promoted and proving themselves after only a year of being formed, this summer has brought new players in. Jackie Groenen is one player who Casey Stoney managed to bring in. The Netherlands international is a highly anticipated player ahead of the new season. Abbie McManus is another player who she’s managed to bring in. She’s spent the past decade with rivals, Manchester City. So not only does she have league experience, but she also knows the ins and outs of Nick Cushing’s side.

Strength 2: World Cup

The Women’s World Cup obviously brought out a lot of new fans, the best players and gives fans an insight into how the women will appear ahead of the new season. Casey Stoney reported for the BBC throughout the whole World Cup, so she will have all the knowledge she needs ahead of the Super League. She got to see her own players like Alex Greenwood perform and other players like Ellen White. Hopefully, she would have been planning strategically for her teams next campaign while she was out in France.

Weakness 1: League Experience

Although Stoney herself has plenty of experience in the Super League, her team will have to get down to business and gel together quickly to conquer the best. They’ll be playing against the best, Arsenal and Manchester City especially. I have been saying all summer that Manchester City playing Manchester United women should be treated the same way as the men’s meeting. It’s been since announced that the pair will play the first game of the season against each other at the Etihad Stadium. This will surely add pressure onto United.

Weakness 2: Pressure

Casey Stoney achieved greatness with this Manchester side as she got them promoted from the Championship to the Super League in only one season of being formed. As much as that’s a brilliant achievement, it now surely adds pressure on her as a manager, as fans will expect good things this season.

I hope the team and Stoney herself manage to keep calm and stay focused on the league, which will hopefully see them finish around the 7th or 8th mark at the end of the season.

Man City Women: 2 strengths, 2 weakness that will see them win the league

Manchester City will hopefully win the Women’s Super League this season. Nick Cushings has been busy this transfer window which determines his hunger for the title.

The Blues managed a 2nd place finish last season behind Arsenal. A lot of his players have been out in France over the summer taking part in the World Cup and have now returned hopefully with the ambition do impress.

The Football Manc Cave looks at 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses that will have an impact on their 2019/20 campaign which will hopefully see them win the league.

Strength 1: Ellen White

I personally am so excited to see Ellen White in a Man City shirt this coming season. She was brilliant in the World Cup and even managed to bag third place in the golden boot race, which arguably she should have had a higher total after VAR ruled a few of her goals out.

She will more than likely be hungry to be successful as she goes up against her ex-club, Birmingham City. She will also be on the same team as her England teammates and be aiming to win something this season.

Strength 2: World Cup

All teams in men’s and women’s football have pre-season friendlies only Manchester City have practically had all summer to warm up. Keeper Karen Bardsley, defender Steph Houghton, midfielder Jill Scott and striker Ellen White are just a handful of the players who Phil Neville took to France this summer.

They all looked really promising as they played great football and only failed at the semi-final hurdle which again, was a great fight. As well as this giving a lot of Nick Cushing’s side the chance to bond, it also should give the players a need for a win. This hopefully will be the League.

Weakness 1: Arsenal

Last season saw Arsenal win the Super League with 54 points. Man City finished 2nd with 47 points. It’s clear to see that Arsenal will more than likely be Cushings’ biggest competition but hopefully, his team will be hungry and motivated enough to get a few more points this year in order to try and catch up with the Gunners. With Man United now in the same league, they’ll be hoping to take all 6 points possible from their rivals which could be crucial.

Weakness 2: World Cup

Now, this was obviously a factor I chose to go in the strengths of this article, and I do believe it will have some positive impact on the club going into their new campaign. However, I also think it will leave some of the players feeling deflated as they have suffered semi-final losses before and this time was no different.

Even though new fans and bigger crowds should convince the likes of Steph Houghton and Jill Scott that their World Cup efforts were widely appreciated. I can imagine that it’s still hard to get over losing to the USA.

Manchester City fans will have to hope Nick Cushings can convince his players to give it their all and push for the title.

Why you should be looking out for Man City Women, Man Utd Women and Salford City Lionesses next season

As the Women’s World Cup seemed to bring in more fans than ever. The Football Manc Cave have picked out some Greater Manchester-based clubs that you should keep an eye out for this coming season.

Did you know that there were around 10 players from Manchester United women and Manchester City women combined that appeared in the Women’s World Cup?

This proves that there’s a lot of talent that we are responsible for as Manchester football clubs. Now that international football is over, looking at league football is the next step and we have picked out some of the top picks to look out for…

Manchester City

An obvious choice, however, Nick Cushings’ side finished 2nd behind Arsenal, this year they will be out to try and win the league. They also have signed a few players over the summer and one of the biggest names Lionesses, Ellen White is one of those recruited.

They will have a great start to their campaign by hosting Manchester United and this game will be even bigger as it is being held at the Etihad Stadium. A lot of the England women players were also Man City players so if they don’t come back too deflated from the World Cup, they’ll surely come back hungry to win the league.

Manchester United

After only being formed around a year ago, Man United women’s team surprised fans as they gained immediate promotion to the Women’s Super League. Their season could go either way, however, fans hope they will see some fighting football and see Man United stay up in the highest league of English Women’s Football.

So again, their first game will be at the Etihad. They’ll feel a lot of pressure but it should make them a stronger team and give them an insight for the rest of the season.

Salford City Lionesses

If it’s exciting football with big scores that you are looking for then go and watch a Salford Lionesses’ game. They were champions of the Greater Manchester Women’s Football League. Just to give you an idea of their score lines, Sale Women list 7-0 to the Salford side. They also beat the Rochdale Women, 14-2.

There are more Women’s teams in the Greater Manchester area that should be mentioned, however, I feel these three teams will be the ones to impress this coming season.

3 key dates for Man City Women that could play a part in their push for the title

Now that full fixtures have been released for the Women’s Super League, The Football Manc Cave are picking out 3 dates that should be key for Man City Women.

Nick Cushing’s side managed to finish 2nd behind Arsenal Women last season. They’ll be out to win the title this campaign. With the signings over the summer such as Ellen White and Aoife Mannion, it’s clear to see that they are hoping to go one better by winning the league.

Now that all the players are back from the World Cup, I’ve picked out 3 dates to look out for next season…

Manchester United WomenSeptember 7th

Manchester United at home. And by home, we mean at the Etihad Stadium. I was hoping that these fixtures would be treated just like the men’s, as a big derby that deserved being watched. I’m so happy that Man City have made this happen, and I hope that Man United will host their game against their rivals at Old Trafford. This will be a great match as Manchester United women who were promoted to the WSL at the end of last season, we will see how they cope. It will also be interested to see both team captains, Steph Houghton and Alex Greenwood go against each other rather than being a part of the same team.

Arsenal Women – February 2nd

Arsenal at home. As the Manchester City were fighting with the Gunners for the title spot last season, this will surely be an exciting game of football. Both dates that they meet each other will be great games. I’ve only picked their home game as a key date, as fans will love to see the two teams go head to head. Man City should have a better chance of getting some points from Arsenal on home soil.

Brighton Women – May 16th

The last match of the season. A key date for most teams, as it will more than likely determine their league position. In this case, Man City could have to win against Brighton women in order to take the Super League title from Arsenal if they can have a promising season once again.

3 key dates for Man United Women in the Women’s Super League

The Women’s Super League fixtures have been released and Manchester United now know when they’ll be facing the biggest teams ahead of their first season in the WSL.

Manchester United did a brilliant job of winning promotion at the end of last season and they’ll be hoping to stay at a high standard.

It was revealed some time ago that Casey Stoney’s side would face Manchester City women on the opening game of the season, and it’s a highly anticipated game. Now that we can see who they will face and when.

The Football Manc Cave will now pick out three dates that should be key for The Red Devil’s…

Manchester City Women – September 7th

The first match of the season that we have already mentioned. Manchester City away. It will be tough for the reds, especially since it’s been announced that it will be held at the Etihad Stadium. There will be a lot of pressure behind Casey Stoney and her team as it’s their opening game in a new league, and they’ll hopefully have a large audience. It will also be interesting to see both team captains, Alex Greenwood and Steph Houghton go head to head as they’ve been playing as part of the same team with the Lionesses.

Manchester City Women March 29th

Man City at home. Probably an easy pick because yes it’s a derby game and the same reasons that will make the away clash exciting, this one will be one to watch too. However, this one for slightly different reasons. I want this game to have the same standards as their away trip. By that, I mean get the game played at Old Trafford. That’s one thing that will make it even more of a game to watch.

The biggest reason why I picked this game is because of the time of the football year it’s played. At this time, the teams should have established themselves and we should see how they’re going to shape for the season. If Man United have had a good campaign at this point, this match could be crucial.

Birmingham City Women – May 16th

I think The Red Devil’s will have a hard season with the tougher competition. This is why I’ve picked the last match of the season against Birmingham. The fixture will be held at home for Casey Stoney’s side which should be good for the team. However, this game could decide where her side finish in the league. My guess is that they’ll need as many points as they can get from this meeting so a win may be crucial.

Man City Women will be getting 2 things from their new signing

Birmingham City defender, Aofie Mannion has joined Manchester City Women on a 2-year deal. Today the Football Manc Cave looks at what she will bring to Nick Cushings’ side.

The 23-year-old is one of the most highly regarded young defenders. After 6 years at Birmingham, she has now joined Man City and will take the number 2 shirt.

A lot of the Man City women are just arriving back from France where they had semifinal heartache once again. Those girls will have to pick themselves up and get stuck in ahead of their opening fixture with Manchester United, which I am very excited to announce will be played at the Etihad Stadium.

Now what can Mannion bring to the strong Manchester side?


In her first interview as she signed for the club, she has talked about how she is excited to learn from Steph Houghton and Demi Stokes. This shows that she aspires to be in the same league as the Lionesses.

The defender has been a part of the England youth teams since she was under 15. So she will be hoping to also prove to Phil Neville that she’s worth it. In 2015, she was nominated for PFA player of the year and failed to win the award. However, she has been named in the Team Of The Year in the 2017/18 season and again in 2018/19. I think that proves her aspiration to grow as a player already so she can only get better.

Champions League

Man City women finished 2nd last year in the Women’s Super League and this means they will be playing in the Champions League. I presume that as well as the Women’s Super League, the team will want to do well in the competition as a lot of the girls will want to prove themselves after the World Cup.

Mannion spoke about this in her interview and stated how she had played in the Champions League once before with Birmingham City, but wanted another opportunity and now she’s got it. I hope she proves to be a crucial part of the team.

She will now be playing with some of the biggest names in women’s football, Steph Houghton, Demi Stokes, Karen Bardsley, Ellen White and Jill Scott. My guess is that she will be inspired by them and follow in their footsteps. She’ll be one to watch next season.

What Man United Women’s Starting 11 against Man City could look like – Agree?

Casey Stoney had a successful first year as manager of Manchester United Women, now its time for the Football Manc Cave to look at her squad ahead of a tough season.

The newly formed team managed a promotion to the Women’s Super League, now their manager has started forming her squad for the next campaign. Stoney wished four players, Devlin, Hartley, Roberts and Salmon well, as she released them from her squad at the end of the season. Now she has welcomed Jane Ross, Abbie McManus and Jackie Groenen.

Here’s my prediction for what the starting eleven could look like as Man United start their season. I’ve added two new players in the starting line up which might not work, as they won’t have found their place in the team properly. I’ve simply picked out who I think should start to give Man City the toughest of games. I’ll talk you through my thinking and who I would have as back up in case the team seems to fail.

Chamberlain has to start, she’s the obvious pick and Emily Ramsey on the bench in case the keeper has an injury. To help the keeper out in defence, of course, I’ve gone with the captain, Alex Greenwood. She’ll return from the heartache of the Lionesses’ World Cup semi-final result hungry for a strong 2019/20 campaign. I’ve picked Amy Turner to help out along with Martha Harris.

I’ve then made my first controversial choice in starting newly signed Abbie McManus. She has spent the past 12 years at Man City and signed for their rivals at the end of the season. Her experience in the WSL is exactly what Man United need to consider in their opening game. She’ll know what to look out for against her old team mates. Squad numbers haven’t yet been announced but with the number 12 being available, it might be quite fitting after her 12 years at City.


In midfield, I thought that three players who proved to also be goal scorers for the reds last year could be beneficial in their opening game alongside the new addition. Lauren James is the youngest member of the squad who found the back of the net multiple times last year. Katie Zelem is loved by the fans along with Mollie Green. To join them, I picked a new signing, Jackie Groenen who could take the number 14 spot. Aimee Palmer is an option in case the formation isn’t working.


And finally, United’s Golden Boot Winner, Jess Sigsworth along with another new signing, Jane Ross. She was only announced this week as a newbie to the club, but her experience in the WSL with West Ham has influenced me to pick her to start. Ella Toone and Leah Galton should also be back up in case the line up really isn’t working.

2 reasons why Man United Women should be excited for Dutch ace to start

On May 22nd, Jackie Groenen became Man United’s first overseas signing and she has us at the Football Manc Cave excited. So what can they expect from her?

If you’ve been keeping up with the Women’s World Cup, Groenen is a name that you may recognise as she’s just managed to reach the final. After the competition is over, she will have another task on her hands, that task being Manchester United.

Casey Stoney made her the first signing that Man United women have made from another country, as the team that was founded in 2018 consisted of all British players. Fans are already anticipating her Man United debut and here’s a couple of things to expect.


The Red Devil’s women’s side managed to gain promotion to the Women’s Super League at the end of last season and it will prove to be tough. One positive is that Groenen is no stranger to the Women’s Super League.

In 2014 she signed for Chelsea, in a year she scored 2 goals in 20 appearances. Now that she’s had a couple of years with other clubs, international games and the chance to grow as a player. She should be ready for a successful return to the WSL, which could be the difference for Man United’s campaign.


She may be a midfielder but you can expect her to find the back of the net occasionally and when she does, they’ll be screamers. After her spell at Chelsea, she signed for FFC Frankfurt. The 24-year-old scored 13 goals in 79 games for her club, she’s also netted 3 goals for the Netherlands in 53 caps.

I’m not saying she will be able to make a difference to the score in every match Man United play. After all, she will have to find her feet again as she returns to this tier of football. Although I can guarantee that when she does land a goal, it will be at a crucial time.

Groenen scored the only goal of the game in the Netherland’s World Cup Semi-Final against Sweden. It was a brilliant goal and I am praying she can produce a couple of the same against the USA in today’s final. On behalf of England, come on The Netherlands and come on Jackie!

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