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‘Fair play to you! You can’t overuse young players & the EFL want to hang their heads in shame’ Bolton Wanderers fans react to postponement

The Football Manc Cave is looking at your reactions to Bolton Wanderers next game against Doncaster being suspended.

Last week saw concerns grow over the young Bolton squad. Phil Parkinson raised his concerns about the fitness and well being of the teenagers. He made a good point that these players weren’t used to playing three games in seven days and even a full 90 minutes.

The take over that was supposedly taking shape after Laurence Bassini took the club to court, has now been put on hold yet again due to issues with the hotel that is built into the stadium. All of this has now come to blows yesterday as Paul Appleton released a statement to confirm that the game against Doncaster would not go ahead.

Appleton explained how the medical staff and the management team suggested that the player’s welfare must come first. The statement suggested that this would be a ‘break’ for the youngsters. Here are your views…

Two things Charlton Athletic will be getting from ex-Bolton Wanderers man

Bolton Wanderers confirmed the departure of another player yesterday, Erhun Otzumer. The Football Manc Cave are looking at two things he will bring to his new club, Charlton Athletic.

With all the financial problems behind the scenes at Bolton, a lot of players have walked over the summer and Otzumer has finally decided enough is enough. He hardly got any playing time Under Phil Parkinson despite being more of an exciting prospect than most.

Charlton has now made a statement to confirm they have signed the midfielder. The 28-year-old has gone on a free transfer on a two-year deal. He nearly went to Charlton back in January and now that he feels his time at Bolton is ready to be up, he has put pen to paper. Otzumer also will feel like he’s back at home after spending time with Charlton’s youth and academy ranks when he was younger.

Here are two things he will bring to Charlton…


A lot of Bolton fans have been reacting to the news of his departure talking about how he didn’t get the chance to shine at the Trotters. Phil Parkinson’s style of play is very boring in a lot of Bolton fans opinions and this is probably why the midfielder never got a chance. He’s great on the ball and creative with his style of play. Not only will he go for goal but he will create chances for others too.


With everything going on at Bolton, a lot of the senior players have been striking and a lot of the youngsters have had to step up. This has put Otzumer in a tricky place as he wanted the Wanderers to solve their issues so that he could stay and play football with them.

However, it’s finally time he thought of himself and moved on. This will now see him getting to actually play football, try and show the management that he’s determined and motivated. He’s back playing in the Championship so he will want to prove that he’s worth taking a chance on, now that he’s with a club that isn’t worrying about money.

‘Won’t be missed. Jog on’ Bolton Wanderers fans react to departed midfielder

Erhun Otzumer has become the most recent Bolton Wanderers player to leave the club and The Football Manc Cave look at your reactions.

A few months ago, I had Otzumer down as one to watch for the Wanderers. I also wrote that it’d be hard to keep hold of him as other clubs will have their eye on him. On Thursday, Bolton Wanderers announced that he has left the club and they wanted to wish him all the best.

The creative midfielder hasn’t been given enough of a chance with the Trotters and fans think he deserved an opportunity. This departure comes after players have gone unpaid for months and the complications with the take over of the club.

Here are fans reactions…

‘I’m one of his biggest critics but today I have backed down’ Bolton Wanderers fans unite after statement

The Football Manc Cave has been reporting on the problems behind the scenes at Bolton Wanderers all summer, and one person who has remained quite quiet on the topic has been the manager… until this week.

Parkinson gave this interview this week with the BBC…

In the statement, he pleaded that someone, anyone for that matter takes over the club and saves them. He also begged Laurence Bassini to leave the club alone and let the take over happen.

As a Bolton fan myself, I’ve backed him throughout this tough time. Don’t get me wrong, his style of play is boring and some fans think he should have gone a long time ago. However, I think he’s done a brilliant job in such a difficult time to keep the young players going. We also shouldn’t complain about the style of play, neighbours Bury hasn’t even got the chance to play a game this season, at least we have. I’ve just been waiting for him to make some sort of statement and tell us how he truly feels and I’m glad he’s done that.

Here are Bolton fans reactions to Phil Parkinson’s interview…

‘Shambles. Absolute shambles’ Bolton Wanderers fans react!

More confusion and frustration has come for Bolton Wanderers fans as their ticket prices have been released for their first home game of the season.

However, the tickets haven’t actually been released yet, and the prices and information on buying the tickets are making Bolton fans question their club.

Bolton will play Coventry City at home this weekend, ticket prices were finally released for the game at adults from £24, £18 for over 65’s and Under 23’s and Under 18’s from £12. Fans were shocked at the prices but more shocked by the fact that the club has stated there will be no on the day purchasing of tickets. Fans will only be able to purchase them online or at the club shop before the game goes ahead.

This is bizarre as the club is in need of all the money they can get. When they managed to sell out their support capacity away at Wycombe at the weekend, you’d think they’d make it as easy as possible for fans to go and support. It was also announced that there was a suspension on the ticket sales which were supposed to go on sale at 9 am yesterday.

Here are your reactions…

These two youngsters who should start for Bolton Wanderers today against Wycombe

Bolton Wanderers have been in the headlines all summer as they still are yet to complete their takeover.

This week, it has been reported that Football Ventures, who has been involved in the club all summer, have got even closer to completing the take over of the club. However, as a Bolton fan, I’ll believe this when I see it because we’ve been filled with empty promises and so have the players. The EFL has also given their statement this week to say that Bolton’s first game against Wycombe Wanderers will go ahead.

Even though the club has been able to convince the EFL that we are ready to face the first game of the season, it’s clear that we now have problems on the pitch as a result of our problems off the pitch. We only have youngsters to play as our senior players went on strike seeing as they hadn’t received any wages for five months. David Wheater has also taken the matter into his own hands as he has left the club and signed for Oldham.

Seeings as we will be putting out a very young squad for the foreseeable, here’s two of them that should be started on Saturday…

Dennis Politic

One talent that we seem to have held onto despite his interest from other clubs. He captained the club in their only friendly that saw them lose to York. However, he must and definitely will start on Saturday if nothing else goes wrong with our troubled club. He helped Salford get promotion last year as he delivered some good football on his loan spell there. It was at that time that he gained attention from other clubs.

Although he probably will leave us as he continues to bring in the interest of other clubs, for his time with us this season, hey will be a key player.

Myles Edmondson

He’s part of the Under 18’s that have had to step up earlier than planned for the Wanderers. The defender put on a good display of football against York and put up a fight. I don’t see us creating any goals or having much of a chance in the league so we need all the defence we can get.

Once the senior players that decided to remain with the club had been revealed earlier in the summer, we had no defenders. Now we might not even have any of those senior squad members in the team this weekend but again, like all of the summer, a lack of communication between the club and the fans, players and manager has left everyone wondering what the truth is yet again.

Bolton Wanderers: 2 strengths, 2 weakness that will see them survive in League One

The Football Manc Cave look ahead to what is going to be a tough season for Bolton Wanderers in League One.

An 18th place finish I think seems reasonable, seeing as they will be suffering from a 12 point deduction. I do think they will be able to make those points back plus a few more from some other games and I don’t think they will suffer from relegation.

Without doubt, it will be one of the toughest seasons Bolton fans will be put through. Here are 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses that I think will contribute to the Trotters finishing just above the relegation zone in League One…

Strength 1: No Pressure

Last season, Bolton’s on-pitch performance kind of reflected the off-pitch problems. The team had lots of headlines about them, from going unpaid to fans protesting to get the owners out. The Whites were soon relegated and fans were devastated at the downward spiral that was unravelling before their eyes. However, this season should see this calm down. There are still problems with the ownership of the club although the old owners are gone and fans can focus on the football.

Strength 2: Youth

Fans are becoming increasingly frustrated that the problems behind the scenes at the club are still ongoing, and this means that no players have been able to put pen to paper and sign for the club. Their squad is currently made up of a handful of senior members and the rest are youth members.

While fans joked about the fact that preseason training would consist of 5 a side football, if that, I think Bolton fans should consider the fact that League One will need energy and these younger players have that. They do lack experience but the only way to get that is by playing, and they might not have a choice if the problems continue.

Weakness 1: Points & Players

As I’ve already noted, the team will start the season with minus 12 points to make up. That is already a big blow that will see them fighting from the very beginning. It’s not nice for any team to go through this issue as this has been the result of problems off the pitch that the players cannot control, therefore, they should not be punished.

This also all has an effect on the players. As I said, Bolton has not been able to sign any new players as of yet, so the players that are signed to them are going to have to step up. It’s already a big blow not to be able to give new players contracts, and Bolton fans have also got to consider that the senior members of the team will not want to stick around if the financial issues aren’t sorted soon.

Weakness 2: Manager

Personally, I am a Bolton fan who backs Phil Parkinson and thinks he should stay with us for the time being, as we don’t have much of an option. However, I know that there’s a lot of fans who have turned on him in the past few months and want him out.

So imagine that atmosphere at the University of Bolton Stadium with the points deduction, and everyone is against the manager already from the first game of the season. It won’t have a good impact on players.

Are ‘Vulture’s’ Norwich City right to take advantage of Bolton Wanderers’ crisis?

Bolton youngster, Dennis Politic may be about to become the clubs next departure according to Alan Nixon.

The journalist tweeted how Norwich City are going to exploit the troubles at Bolton by signing the 19-year old for free.

The Romanian player is a product of Bolton’s youth. He’s been a part of their Under 18’s squad and Under 23’s. The midfielder went on loan to Salford City last season and impressed, as he scored twice in eleven games. Unfortunately, a shoulder injury prevented him from being a part of the Ammies play off final and promotion at Wembley.

Politic hasn’t yet been a part of Bolton’s senior squad. However, my guess is that this season he would have been a part of the first team, now that he’s had experience somewhere else. Now it looks like he could depart the club and it wouldn’t surprise me if he did. At least if he left Bolton, he’d be going to a club that would definitely be able to offer him football and his wages.

Bolton upset

The part of the rumour that is causing most upset is the fact that the 19-year-old could go for free. Some Bolton fans have accused Norwich of being ‘vultures’ in trying to pray on such a vulnerable and troubled club.

However, fans have been divided on the subject. As most haven’t realised that Bolton Wanderers still owe Norwich City for the transfers of Yanic Wildschut and Remi Matthews. Norwich fans have already worked out that them getting the player for free will come as payment for the debt Bolton are in with them.

As much as I think the youngster would have been a key part to the team next season. If Bolton can sort out their problems, this negotiation with Norwich may settle a debt that we still can’t afford. It’s not the answer and there’s still a lot of work to do, but at least the Canaries can move on from being back and forth with the Trotters over money.

As for Politic, this will be a good move for him. He deserves a chance at another club as the winger has worked hard to prove himself. Going to Salford was a big move for him, even if it was just a loan spell. He got the chance to play football for the club, which he didn’t get a chance to do with Bolton’s senior squad. It’s just a shame that it has had to come to this for Bolton if the rumours are true.

Gossip begins to heighten amidst takeover rumours for Bolton Wanderers

Alan Nixon has tweeted a Bolton Wanderers takeover rumour that The Football Manc Cave has a little more news on.

Nixon has revealed how Terry Robinson, an experienced English football chairman and director. Is a name on the agenda for possibly being the director of Bolton Wanderers if Football Ventures can complete the takeover deal.

Terry Robinson has been involved in a few clubs including Bury where he was chairman for twenty years. He’s also been involved in Sheffield Utd, Stoke City and Leicester City. Bolton fans may recognise his name from when he was involved in the club a couple of years back. Robinson left us in 2016 but apparently could be making a return.

A source says…

A source close to us has stated how this may be just gossip. Apparently, Robinson has had some conversations with people about Bolton although absolutely no offer has been made. The conversations he’s had were more him giving advice rather than him being asked to re-join the club. He has no idea where the rumours have come from.

I wish I could write this article and just give you my opinion on this rumour and that be it. Unfortunately, the word, ‘if’ in Alan Nixon’s original tweet has taken centre stage for me. This is because Bolton fans are sick of hearing the word ‘if’ when around three weeks ago Football Ventures were supposed to be completing the takeover.

Now we’ve got players refusing to play over still not being paid, no friendlies going ahead and absolutely no news of what’s going on. It’s about time we stopped hearing ‘if’s and but’s’ and more ‘what’s, when’s, where’s.’

It’s such a sad and disappointing time to be a Bolton fan. We are all dreading the start of this coming season because everyone thought that our club would be financially stable by now. Or at least, have the take over completed so we could work on our squad. Instead, the first game of the season is upon us and we barely have a squad.

Two reasons Oldham Athletic making a Bolton Wanderers key player is a good move

The Football Manc Cave are learning from The Sun journalist Alan Nixon of more worry for Bolton Wanderers as key player, David Wheater could be leaving the troubled club.

Football journalist, Alan Nixon replied to a fan on Twitter who asked about the rumours of the defender moving to Oldham Athletic. Nixon simply replied, ‘talking.’ This suggests that Wheater is in fact weighing up his options despite the interview he gave about staying with Bolton.

As a Bolton fan myself, I can’t believe these financial and takeover problems are still ongoing. I have said since the end of last season that I would not blame any player for leaving this summer. Now it’s been announced that the Trotters have cancelled their pre-season friendlies as the players still haven’t been paid.

This was enough alone to make any player open to other options, however, Bolton Wanderer’s administrator, Paul Appleton released a statement in response to the player’s refusal to play. He accused the players of not understanding the situation properly and riddling their statement with ‘factual inaccuracies.’ The fact he’s practically called the unpaid bunch liars may be a reason to why key players such as Wheater are looking elsewhere.

The defender also let his hair down at the weekend as he sang karaoke in Bolton town centre on Saturday night. Fans know that this is typical David Wheater. Whether he’s in trouble or at the top of his game, he is known to go out and have a laugh with fans, make people laugh and be down to earth.

So with that being said, what can he bring to Oldham if the move goes ahead?


Wheater is a player who gains a lot of respect from his teammates and fans. He’s been loyal to Bolton Wanderers as he’s been with us since 2011. Over the years who’s become loved by the club and fans and it only made sense to see him captain the club. The 32-year-old has been great at influencing players he’s worked with throughout his career, and now he will have to put himself first and possibly lead himself out of the club he has loved playing for and take his leadership skills and knowledge to Oldham.


Wheater is a great defender, whether it be for marking or clearing a ball off the line, there’s no doubt that he’s been brilliant for Bolton. However, as a defender, you don’t really expect to see goals on record, maybe the odd one or two but not a record like his. He’s found the back of the net for every senior club he’s been at. If he’s not scoring them, he’ll find the positions to create them for other players. Hopefully, he will be able to bring this attribute to Oldham or any club he looks at moving to.

One of his most important and crucially times goals for Bolton came in our 3-2 win against Nottingham Forest in 2018. He scored the goal that put us level and it’s a game fans will never forget. Relive it and see the goal here.

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