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3 Bolton Wanderers January signing’s that you should watch out for

Bolton Wanderers football stadium

The Football Manc Cave is taking a closer look at some of Bolton Wanderers’ January signing’s. We’ve picked out 3 players who should be ones to watch.

In the summer transfer window, Keith Hill had a busy last day bringing as many players in as possible. However, this window was a little less hectic.

With Bolton being stuck at the bottom of League One, it looks like relegation is on the cards. This hasn’t been appealing to some potential signing’s.

It has also meant that some players who have arrived at Bolton have only signed deals until the end of the current season.

With that being said, there are a few signing’s that could be exciting for Keith Hill’s side in the months to come.

Bolton Wanderers Kean Bryan in action
Photo Credit: The Bolton News

Kean Bryan

The 23-year-old has signed for the Wanderers’ until the end of the season. He arrived from Sheffield United very excited to get started.

The defender made his debut this weekend and made a good impression. His lack of game time at the Blades could have effected how he played this weekend.

However, he always looked confident on the ball and seemed to always have time and space.

Bolton Wanderers Ethan Hamilton
Photo Credit: The Bolton News

Ethan Hamilton

The 21-year-old has joined Bolton from Man United. He also played against Tranmere at the weekend.

His ability to win nearly every ball that came in his direction was enough to impress fans and scare the opposition.

The energy that the midfielder also brought to Saturday’s clash, was an exciting element for the future.

Bolton’s new loan signing Anthony Georgiou of Tottenham Hotspur
(Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

Anthony Georgiou

The 22-year-old is yet to play for Keith Hill. However, the fact that he has come from Tottenham’s youth team is an exciting enough prospect.

He is another player to only sign for Bolton until the end of the season but the midfielder is someone who fans should look out for.

OPINION: ‘I’d rather us have no club than this absolute mess’ Bolton Wanderers fan has had enough!

With the start of the season looming, it sure is hard to be a Bolton Wanderers fan right now.

It was over two weeks ago now that Football Ventures were announced as Bolton’s preferred bidder in the buying race. Since then, we’ve heard news of Laurence Bassini still getting in the way and trying to get the money to buy Bolton again, and also news of him trying to take the club to court. Two weeks ago we had hope. The fans, the team and management all had hope that the take over was about to happen, and things were going to get back as they used to be.

Two weeks later and things are downward spiralling again. This week, Bolton players announced that they would not be playing in their next friendly against Chester and Andrew Taylor spoke to TalkSport about the current condition.

According to the out of contract player, the training ground was still locked when players turned up to start preseason training. They are having to take their own water and are unable to have showers. The players and staff haven’t been paid for 20 weeks now.


As well as the squad releasing a statement on their refusal to play, so did the administrators. The basis of the statement made on behalf of Paul Appleton basically made out that the players had put out inaccurate facts, and while he sympathies with the squad, he is trying his best to sort the issues.

I am now becoming increasingly frustrated, as all Bolton fans thought that this would all be sorted by now. When we first had fears of going into administration, I think all the fans thought the summer would allow the club time to sort the financial issues. We are now 16 days away from the start of the season, we are cancelling preseason friendlies, players are still going unpaid and everyone is frustrated.

Just when fans of the Trotters thought things were looking up with the training ground opening again, and the Football Ventures rumours keep on coming. We are now back in the same position we were at the end of last season.

I’m really not hopeful in any way for the club I love. 16 days is not enough time to give a company the green light to complete the takeover, any debts to be settled, players to be signed and development of a squad. I obviously feel sorry for these players with the situation they are in, and fully back their decisions. I also feel sorry for Phil Parkinson as he will take more blame for the football than he deserves. If I was him, I’d walk away from the club as soon as I receive payment.

Some sort of miracle is going to have to happen in order for any sort of hope for Bolton Wanderers. I’d rather us have no club than this absolute mess.

Two qualities Peterborough Utd will be getting by signing Bolton Wanderers midfielder

According to The Peterborough Telegraph, Bolton Wanderers midfielder, Luke Murphy could be on his way out of Phil Parkinson’s side.

Bolton Wanderers have made headlines since last season with their financial troubles. As a result of the problems behind the scenes, the team got relegated to League One at the end of last season.

Bolton now has only 7 senior squad members after unpaid wages have seen players leave over the summer. Some are still undecided as there’s a lack of news coming from the University of Bolton Stadium. Now one of their few options for next season could be on his way out as Luke Murphy has recurved interest from Peterborough.

If the transfer does go ahead, what could he bring to the club?


The 29-year-old has been around a few different teams. He’s previously played for Crewe Alexandra, Leeds Utd and Burton Albion. However, this isn’t the main reason why I’ve chosen his experience as the main quality that he could take with him to Peterborough. I’ve also picked this because whether he stays or goes to Peterborough, he will be playing League One football. Furthermore, if he moves to the Posh, he’ll be taking his experience of playing in the Championship with him. Being in a lower league should be a little easier for him.


All of the above is what leads me to this next point. When Murphy was at Crewe Alexandra, he captained the team. In 2012/13, as well as leading the squad, he also won their player of the year award. I think a player who’s captained a team in the past always has the confidence of joining a new team and being able to fit right in. They also have the ability to step up and deliver in times of need.

As well as the two qualities above, after a pretty dull season that left all Bolton players feeling deflated, if Murphy decides to join any new team, I think it will give him the determination to do well. He will definitely want to make an impression as he starts to enjoy football again. After all, you’ve got to be able to play better without the stress of not knowing when you’re going to get paid.

Bolton Wanderers fans optimistic ahead of the new season ‘I’m gonna say we’ll have the league won by Doncaster away’

Bolton will travel to Adams Park to face Wycombe on the opening day of the season, the highs of League One hey.

Their first home game will be against Coventry City before they make the glamorous short trip to Prenton Park to play Tranmere.

The Trotters will travel to Sunderland on Boxing Day, imagine predicting this as a League One fixture in 2011.

There are some top away days for Bolton fans to look forward too, now the ownership issue looks to of been resolved. Let us hope they can build a side their fans will enjoy watching.

Let’s see what the Bolton supporters make of their fixture list…

Sit down Bolton Wanderers fans, there is good news!

Sit down Bolton Wanderer’s fans, there’s eventually some positive news. Even though it’s taken forever, a deal has been agreed that will see Football Ventures consortium, headed by Sharon Brittain take full control of the club.

Five final offers were sent to administrators before Wednesday’s deadline, and it was announced on Thursday that they had identified a preferred new owner for the League One club.

They passed the main criteria: Proof of funds for the next two years. Passed the EFL approval, and the group also agreed to inject £1 million into re-building the playing squad ahead of the 2019/20 campaign.

The Trotters, who will start next season on -12 points. They have also released a list of the 14 players that will remain contracted to the club next season, which includes goalkeeper Ben Alnwick and Irish international Josh Magennis.

From a Wigan fan, I was genuinely happy when I read this news. It would’ve been devastating if we’d never play again. It’s a guaranteed six points a season if you ever get back to the dizzy heights of the Championship.

In all seriousness, Bolton is a club that deserves better. The fans have stuck with the club through doom and gloom, and I hope you can get a side together that you are proud of watching again. Times like these really separate real supporters from the part-timers. If you are still following Bolton next season, I tip my hat to you, and wish you all the success.

AWAY FANS SERIES: A League Cup Semi Final 19 Years Ago Had Jimmy Hooked on The Super Whites Ever Since

As part of our away fans series, we caught up with Jimmy – A Belgian fan, who loves the family feel Bolton brings and has just purchased his first season ticket…

Ian: How long have you been a Bolton fan for?

Jimmy: Since the League Cup semi-final in 2000, so that is about 18-19 years – that semi-final was my first game

Ian: What made you choose Bolton?

Jimmy: I met a Bolton fan who worked in Belgium and he took me to my first game which was enough to get me hooked.

Ian: You said to me before that you’re a season ticket holder. How long for?

Jimmy: Since this season, I felt the time was right to come over more often to watch Bolton

Ian: Do you get to every game?

Jimmy: I try to do as many home games as I can, but it depends on flight prices, sometimes they go to £250-300 while normally it is £30-40

Ian: big fluctuation there! What do you make of this season?

Jimmy:Yep, the main issue is the moment you book your flight.

About this season we started like a rocket and since then it went downhill, we’ve probably not got as much quality as most of the other Championship teams. We’re often are not helped by referee decisions – I still believe we can save ourselves but it will probably be nerve-racking till the last game, then again the buzz you get when you save yourself like we did last year is amazing.

Ian: I bet you’re hoping you don’t have to go through that again though?

Jimmy: Of course, but if it has to happen again I would be confident we can do it again.

Ian: Do you have a supporters club in Belgium?

Jimmy: No up until now I am the only one flying over that much, most Belgian fans go for the likes of United, Liverpool, City and other big names.

I don’t want that as to me they are plastic teams, because of there multi-billion owners nothing real about it. In Bolton, we are still a family club where I always feel very welcome. When players see me they always say ‘Hey Belgian boy how are you, how was your flight?’

Ian: That’s brilliant, yes outside the Premier League you get that kind of interaction, which makes the journey over worth it, especially after a win I bet?

Jimmy: After a win, it is even better but even after a loss players are most kind. Last year after the Forest game I had a jager drinking contest with David Wheater – which I lost.

Since the moment he won player of the year from the fans I often give him Belgian chocolates, which resulted in him giving me his match worn shirt. Such a friendship you can’t have with Premier League players

Ian: That is amazing, what are your thoughts on the suggested takeover?

Jimmy: Well I refuse to believe everything that is written in the press nor do I believe blindly what is written in the notes of the chairman. I have decent contact with a lot of people who, I believe more because then you can see whether they are lying or not.

But to return to the initial question, Ken said he lacks the funds to fully rebuild us, so I hope he does the good thing and sells us. I still believe we have our place in the Premier League. My only fear is that a foreign investor might try to ruin the family feeling that is within the club.

Ian: Jimmy, Thank you for your time mate

Is This The Perfect Time to Play Derby For Bolton?

Bolton fans will be hoping Derby’s midweek cup tie will play into the hands of Phil Parkinson’s team, having not won in the Championship since the end of August.

Bolton have faced a tough few weeks, following a close shave with administration.

Wanderers fans will be hoping not to face a similar season to last year, and after a great start to the 2018/19 campaign, things looked on the up.

After a winless streak of five games throughout September, the rot needs to stop – and this weekends game against Frank Lampard’s Derby could be the perfect match to do so.

However, the Rams will certainly be buoyed up following thier midweek penalty win over Man United in the Carabao Cup. Certainly, playing back to back games with a similar team within four days and then the long penalty shootout, could have a tired effect on the players and the Trotters have to capitalise early on.

Bolton Boss Phil Parkinson will be looking for a big game performance from his team following some less than impressive displays at the Universty of Bolton Stadium in recent times.

Bolton fans do you think you can turnover Derby this weekend?