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Bury Stave Off Administration for Now, Curzon Ashton Boss Mark Bradshaw Talks Cup Chances, Rochdale Making Improvements

This is the EFL and Below Show, your look at all the footballing action in Greater Manchester that doesn’t come from Old Trafford or the Etihad.

Manchester Football Social’s Niall McCaughan is joined by Ian Foran and Aaron Benson of the Football Manc Cave for this week’s podcast.

Bury have struggled off the pitch in recent weeks as financial worries surround the club – is there a light at the end of the tunnel at Gigg Lane?

Curzon Ashton manager Mark Bradshaw chats to us as the Nash chase Manchester Premier Cup success for the first time since 1990.

We reflect on Salford’s promotion ambitions and Rochdale’s chances of safety in League One.

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AWAY FANS SERIES: We Caught Up With Not-so-Local Fan Akito, Who’s Looking To Bring a Bit of Stockport County To Japan

The Football Manc Cave caught wind of a thread inside a Facebook fan group. Akito hailing from Tokyo, Japan is trying to bring awareness of Greater Manchester team Stockport County – Who are flying in the National League North – by creating his own Japanese fan group.

I couldn’t fly over to Japan for a live interview, unfortunately, and with Akito explaining to me his English is not the best, we opted for a written Q&A to highlight probably the worlds most unlikeliest Stockport County fan…

Ian: Akito, tell me about how you started supporting Stockport County?

Akito: It all started in about 2011~2012, I like FIFA. I was playing Fifa 11 and used Stockport County in Career mode, from there I developed a special attachment to Stockport County. For that reason, I checked out Stockport County on YouTube and I realized that I love Stockport County!

Ian: Being from Japan, do you manage to catch many games on the internet?

Akito: I use the Stockport County Official Twitter page, Facebook, HP and Goal Live for my updates. I can see the match only through the Stockport County official YouTube channel uploaded match highlights.

Ian: Have you been fortunate enough to visit Edgeley Park?

Akito: No, I’m a university student here in Japan so I don’t have much money, but I’ll be sure to go to Edgeley Park in the future.

Ian: You told me you are looking to start a Japanese Stockport County Fan Group, have you managed to recruit many County fans?

Akito: Yes, a Japanese Stockport County fan group, I know of 3 people including me. The two people became a fan through my influence, one of them actually went to Stockport and bought me the Stockport County home shirt.

This is a precious keepsake.

Ian: What are your thoughts on this season?

Akito: I was a little uneasy at first, however when Stockport County won at Yeovil Town I got very excited! I believe Stockport County have to league champions!!

Ian: Are you hoping to get over to the UK to catch a live match?

Akito: I don’t know when I can go Stockport, but I know I have to go Stockport. Also, I hope that I can see live video match on the internet from Japan soon.

Ian: Good luck Akito, and thank you for your time.