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What have Rochdale learnt from their friendlies ahead of the new season

Rochdale’s pre-season campaign is underway, and they seem to be adjusting to their new manager.

Although they lost their friendly to Huddersfield Town, 3-1, they managed to beat Oldham Athletic 3-2.

They’ve still got a few friendlies still to come. However, The Football Manc Cave are looking at a few things the team, fans and new manager, Brian Barry-Murphy, should have learnt from their performances so far.


Even though they have suffered a loss, they have proved they can still create goals. Which will be a big factor when it comes to league football because goal difference often plays a part in league positions. Hopefully, Rochdale will be able to keep up their goal-scoring abilities and also try to keep some clean sheets next season.

Adapted to Manager

Brian Barry-Murphy took over the club for a temporary time until he was made the permanent manager. He’s now gained a lot of respect from the team, fans and club itself. This has shown as he has given players chances in the pre-season games and they have delivered for him. It also goes to show how the team have dealt with their change in leader.


Fans saw a few names on the team sheets in these friendlies that stood out because they’d hardly seen them before. This was because Brian Barry-Murphy gave some youngsters a chance, he had under 23’s player, Louie Clarkson in his squad and fans claimed to be ‘excited’ by him and the idea of young players coming into the senior squad.

Hopefully, Dale will have a great start to next season and Barry-Murphy will prove he’s the perfect man for the job.

Two good reasons why Peterborough United should go for Rochdale midfielder

Peterborough United’s Darren Ferguson hasn’t finished recruiting this transfer window as he’s supposedly looking to sign Rochdale midfielder, Callum Camps.

According to Football Insider, Peterborough United are in talks to sign Camps from the Dale before the season starts. The Northern Ireland youth international is in the final year of his contract with Rochdale that ends in the summer of 2020.

The 23 year old has spent all his youth at the Spotland Stadium and finally broke into the first team in 2013. He’s since had 173 appearances for the Dale and managed 19 goals.

The Football Manc Cave are looking at reasons to why it’d be a good move for the midfielder if he was to join Peterborough.


As we’ve said, he’s been at Rochdale for quite some time and never even had a loan spell. This possible transfer would be beneficial to him as it would allow him to gain some experience from another club, be around different surroundings and grow as a footballer.

Even though this would mean him leaving the Spotland. It wouldn’t mean him changing leagues which would also be sensible for him as he should be able to handle the style of play and teams he’ll be facing.


With his contract due to end in the summer of 2020, this could be crucial for Peterborough. If Camps manage to impress Darren Ferguson in what could be this next season, he could be offered an extended deal at the end of the season or if Rochdale decides to only loan the 23-year-old, he could be offered a permanent contract.

No matter what happens, this should give Camps more choice of where to go next in his career. He’s also been called up for Northern Ireland Under 18’s and 21’s in the past so he could be looking to prove himself in an international aspect too.

There’s only been whispers of this possible transfer so far and no actual confirmation. Although my guess is that more news will come in the next few days as Peterborough will be eager to snap the midfielder up if the rumours are true.

Is Rochdale’s 23y/o ready to make his mark this season

There is a gem within the Rochdale ranks waiting for a big League One season, could it happen in the upcoming campaign?

Born in Stockport, Northern Ireland international Callum Camps has been a part of the Rochdale set up since 2012, beginning in the youth academy. The 23-year-old proudly wears the number 10 shirt in the centre of midfield.

Rochdale is looking to improve from last season, where Brian Barry-Murphy’s squad finished at an unsatisfactory 16th place.

Camps has made over 170 appearances for Rochdale and has already captained the squad on several occasions. With his contract coming to an end after the upcoming campaign, the midfielder will be keen on impressing his employers in order to extend his services for the club he loves. The length of his service with Dale so far demonstrates the trust and support the team have in the youngster to shine. Although there have been moments of excellence, it is a certainty that he has much more to offer the League One side.

Competition for places

Other midfield talents, such as the highly regarded ex-Manchester United man Oliver Rathbone, will drive Camps to compete for first-team football throughout next season and make his mark on the club. Allowing him to glow on manager Barry-Murphy’s radar.

Camps will be keen on remaining with Rochdale, or potentially catching the eyes of clubs of higher quality. As opposed to being released to a lower tier club come to the end of his contract in 2020.

Despite not being the most prolific player in Rochdale’s ranks, next season will be crucial for both himself and his squad. This hidden gem could step up his game and assert his dominance on the team.

Fellow Greater Manchester clubs Bolton Wanderers and Bury FC are suffering incredibly crippling financial woes, resulting in points being docked from both teams come the beginning of the EFL League One season. As a result, Rochdale could emerge as the most successful Greater Manchester side of the three at the end of the 19/20 campaign.

2 things Pyke will bring to Rochdale this season

We believe here at the Football Manc Cave, that the return of the forward Rekeil Pyke to Rochdale for a season-long loan could be the difference for Rochdale next season.

Pyke had an unfortunate loan spell at Rochdale last season having picked up an injury in the early days of his time at Spotland Stadium. However, after receiving treatment from his parent club Huddersfield Town, the forward made a return to The Dale. He featured in their last four games of the season, in which Rochdale won three of the four games, allowing them to survive what would have been a detrimental relegation to League Two.

The 21-year-old is a product of Huddersfield’s youth, joining them at the age of 11. Since receiving his professional contract in 2015, Pyke has been loaned out to Wrexham, Colchester, Port Vale, and most recently Rochdale. Where he is now spending another season on loan until July 2020.

Pyke only has 5 goals to his name, which came during his loan spell at Wrexham in the National League, in his 54 game-long careers so far.

However, Rochdale fans should be excited with the return of Pyke. Here are two reasons why…

Big future

Huddersfield Town was recently a Premier League side, they’ll be hoping to regain that status after next season in the Championship. Having been a part of their ranks since age 11. He has been given opportunities to grow on loan, it is clear that this big club has high hopes for the youngster. They clearly see potential in him to be a part of a successful Championship squad or, a squad that can challenge to remain in the Premier League.

Pyke is still waiting for a breakthrough season, to justify the faith put in him by his parent club. With a full injury-free season in League One, we could begin to see the future star shine.

Crucial squad member

In a troublesome and scary end to the season for The Dale, many were on the fence as to whether Rochdale would remain in the third tier of English football. But after injuries and being dropped into a relegation battle, Pyke helped his team win three of their four last games in the season. Which saw the club create a distance between themselves and the relegation zone. His ability to perform under pressure at 21 years of age could be a sign of how crucial he can be to the squad.

3 Key dates for Rochdale next season

Before League one gets underway, I’ve picked 3 games that will be key for Rochdale.

Brian Barry-Murphy did a good job of keeping Rochdale up last season after a short period in charge. Now that he’s about to take them into a new season, fans are wondering how they will do. They managed a 15 place finish out of 24 clubs so they’ll be hoping to finish a little higher this season.

Now that the fixtures have been released, I have picked out some games that should be big for the Dale. Games they may be able to collect 3 points from and games that will be big at the time in the season.

Bolton Wanderers

Both meetings should be interesting for the team and fans and personally, as a Bolton fan, I think Rochdale will have the chance to take some points off us. We don’t even have a full squad right now, so imagine us trying to merge a squad together before the start of the season. The first meeting with Bolton is on the 19th of October.


Bury at home, 14th of December. This one should be a good match. As much as I feel for Bury and all the problems going on behind the scenes, this should be a good game for Rochdale as they could again gain some points and it’s a derby after all.

Lincoln City

Sunday the 3rd of May will see the season come to a close, so this match could be a match that determines Rochdale’s league fate. Personally, I’m hoping that Brian Barry-Murphy can do well for the club and not have a relegation battle on his hands. Somehow I think they’ll stay up because of the unfortunate situations, teams like Bury and Bolton are going to struggle even more.

A 3-point plan for Rochdale’s Barry-Murphy to make it a successful season

With a relatively new manager, Brian Barry-Murphy going into his first proper season of management, what will help him have a successful season?

Murphy was asked back in March to take over Rochdale as Keith Hill was sacked. He managed to keep the club out of relegation and he is now starting the clubs new season as their manager. This will either see a rise or fall for himself and the club.

Even though he managed to keep them up, Dale only managed to finish 15th. My guess now is that Rochdale fans will be wanting a season in which they do not have to constantly worry about relegation being an option.

With that being said, what 3 things can Rochdale do to have a great season?

Trust In BBM

Brian Barry-Murphy has already given Rochdale fans some hope as he kept them up and managed 6 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses in the 11 games he took over.

I hope fans give him a chance at the start of the season to get going. He played for the club in 2018 before being asked to be the manager, and this says that he already has a connection with staff and players that needs to stay strong in order for him to succeed. In an interview with the club, he has gone on to mention how he is going by the motto, “quality not quantity” in terms of signings, which brings me into my next point.


In the same interview, he has gone on to say that he’s finding it hard getting the correct signings and deals, but does have a plan. Since that interview, he’s managed to get Matty Done and Ollie Rathbone to extend their contracts. Even though he might not be getting in new players which seems to be what fans want, he’s certainly getting the ball rolling and I hope these players perform for him and the club when given the chance.

Goal Difference

When Keith Hill was sacked, fans were happy as the time was right. One main factor that prompted the manager’s departure was the mass goal losses each week. They were conceding 4 to 5 goals a game which did not help at the end of the season when Murphy had to take over.

If Rochdale wants to have a successful season, they’re going to have to produce more goals themselves and keep their goal difference to a minimum and acceptable amount.

57% think Bolton Wanderers will place higher than Bury & Rochdale, despite off the field options

Football Manc Cave’s recent poll suggested that Bolton will be the best of the three clubs in the upcoming EFL League One Season.

Bolton will be starting their new league with a 12 point deduction, due to entering administration last month and Bury themselves could meet the same fate. Whilst Rochdale may be looking at another mid-table season.

However, 57% of over 200 voters believe that this won’t stop the Wanderers from out-playing both Bury and Rochdale in League One.

Bolton Wanderers are losing key players due to administration and relegation, as well as Phil Parkinson delaying their pre-season training after discussions with the board. But fans are still confident.

Bury themselves are potentially facing a points deduction at the beginning of the season in their new league after being promoted from League Two. Making victory from their uphill battle in a tougher division, look even less likely. The results of the poll were confirmed before any official announcement of Bury’s points deduction, meaning that the club will be all the worse-off that fans originally thought.

Rochdale sat in an average 16th place at the end of the 18/19 season, and received 31% votes in the poll, placing them second above Bury.

It seems as though the general opinion is that Bolton will overcome their point deduction and comfortably survive the EFL League One. Whereas the new challengers Bury, who already had a tough season ahead, will most likely find themselves back in the EFL League Two at the end of 2020, with Rochdale sitting somewhere between the two.

‘Not a trip to one of the promoted clubs please, Bounce factor’ Rochdale fans are not overly happy about the fixtures

The long-awaited EFL League One fixtures are in, and Rochdale’s first game is away against the newly promoted Tranmere Rovers.

With Rochdale having an unimpressive few seasons and finishing only sixteenth in the EFL League One table last season. It is important to note the oppositions view on facing The Dale.

It seems as though the newly promoted Tranmere Rovers are excited about their first game of the EFL League One, and some fans believe it will be a comfortable start to the season.

Rochdale fans don’t seem too excited about the new season ahead of them, being disappointed by a lack of signings. Many fear the future of the club after the release of the fixture list.

One Twitter user may have cursed Rochdale by pleading for a non-recently promoted club to face them on their first day. However, it turns out that they will indeed be facing Tranmere Rovers, who will come into their new league on a high.

Unfortunately for The Dale, it appears as though many opposition fans are looking forward to games against Rochdale, whereas Rochdale fans themselves aren’t entirely confident in their side.

Rochdale’s first game will be away at Tranmere Rovers on Saturday the 3rd of August 2019.

Rochdale stalwart looks to have a big impact again next season

73 goals in his last five seasons in League One. Ian Henderson. A brilliant goalscorer. 

His 20 goals ensured Rochdale would be playing League One football again next season, without them, they would undoubtedly have been relegated. Brian Barry-Murphy will be looking to sign another striker to relieve some pressure on the striker while building a team around him that can possibly push for the playoffs.

Thankfully for Rochdale, Henderson is 34 and entering his eighth year at Spotland. If he was 10 years younger, the veteran would have a number of clubs chasing him for a sizeable fee. Pretty much any striker in the league would be happy with 20 goals in a season, never mind doing it at 34 years old.

Ethan Hamilton has returned to Man United, so The Dale will be looking to unearth some gems to provide service to Henderson. However, the hardest thing to find in football is a goalscorer – they certainly have that, it’s just about giving him chances. Jamie Walker is looking to leave Wigan, he’s a quick, tricky winger that can put quality deliveries into the right areas.

‘I’d Have Him Here Tomorrow’ 68% of Bury fans Want Keith Hill as The Next Manager

Bolton Wanderers Keith Hill

A recent twitter poll showed 68% of Bury fans would take former Rochdale boss Keith Hill as manager next season.

Although this may sound a hellish thought for Bury fans, somewhere in the upcoming plans the club will have to plan for life without Ryan Lowe.

Should there be a club after the 19th June, the successor to Lowe will take over the role in dealing with a threadbare squad and possible points deduction, not to mention one trying to get over two hopeless owners.

An early contender to fill the Gigg Lane hot seat is former Rochdale manager Keith Hill. A surprise too perhaps to see the Dale favourite as a candidate, yet it seems Shakers fans wouldn’t seem to mind Hill in the home dugout next season.

Many fans left their views on Twitter. The footballmanccave.com took a look at the opinions which favoured the football league stalwart.

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