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Rochdale need these 2 players to shine today to get back to winning ways

Rochdale haven’t been on top form in recent games. The Football Manc Cave are looking at two players who need to step up to get the team back to winning ways.

When Brian Barry-Murphy took over as Rochdale manager, some fans had doubts. He managed to prove people wrong early on this season as he got some good results.

However, things haven’t been as good recently. They have managed to slip down to 19th in League One. This has come after a series of losses but I believe Barry-Murphy can turn this around.

He’ll need some players to step up if this is to happen. Here’s two who could turn Rochdale’s form around if they work hard and stay focused…

Paul McShane

McShane has only just signed for Dale but has admitted that he wants to be a part of something special. He thinks Brian Barry-Murphy makes the Rochdale team just that.

The defender has signed a short deal until January. Even though it’s not a long-time period, he is eager to make a difference. By his own admission, he is not afraid to be loud and try to lead the defence. This is something that could help the rest of the backline and stop goals being conceded.

Aaron Wilbraham

The 39-year-old is a player who fans enjoy watching. It’s just a shame that he’s only just come back from injury. He arrived at Rochdale on a free transfer from Bolton Wanderers.

Wilbraham is now fit again and getting starts. However, it will take a little bit of warming up to ease him back into the game. Especially League One football. When he is ready, he will be a key player for Brian Barry-Murphy. That is if he can stay clear of injury.

There are other players that could be mentioned. For example, Ian Henderson. He has produced much-needed goals for the Dale recently. However, this pick of players is just a couple who could raise the bar a little for the struggling Rochdale side.

Rochdale fans react to disappointing loss ‘Really embarrassing performance that, We’re screwed, no plan B’

Brian Barry Murphy’s side had to pick themselves up from last weeks defeat and try and take something from Fleetwood yesterday. Unfortunately, they were subject to a late goal which put them 2-1 down.

Rochdale arrived at Fleetwood today with high hopes, loud fans and Aaron Wilbraham back In the squad. 8 minutes into the game and the Dale were 1-0 up with a goal from Rekeil Pyke. Unfortunately, ten minutes later, Fleetwood was level.

A point would still have been good to take away from the game, and it looked like this was the way they were heading right up until the 87th minute when Fleetwood went 2-1 up. Obviously this wasn’t the way that Brian Barry Murphy had planned the game to go and it’s disappointing.

Here are your reactions…

Rochdale needs BBM to keep achieving these 2 things in 2019

Rochdale is having a good run in League One under Brian Barry Murphy. The Football Manc Cave is looking at what he needs to achieve before the end of 2019.

I’m not a Rochdale fan but I am happy for them and their manager. I wrote a lot about what he would need to do to succeed at the Dale over the summer. Now his plan and hard work are showing in his results and the league table.

They recently beat Southend 3-0, drew with Blackpool 0-0 and lost to Sunderland 2-1. They sit 11th in the league with 9 points from 6 games. It’s impressive but it’s also early doors, what will Brian Barry-Murphy need to do to keep up this form?

Keep Working On Squad and Player Performances

It’s clear that he’s got a good plan of action on the training ground and off. Whatever he’s doing is working and Rochdale is performing well. However, sometimes certain players can drop or the squad can take a knock. So the mentality that he’s got his players in now will need to be kept up, in order to keep them climbing the league.

He’s a relatively calm character who just wants his squad to get the job done. The players all seem to respect him and this is probably why results are going in their favour. He just needs to keep the squads individual and team performances at the same standard and help them improve.

Keep Goal Difference At a Positive

In the league, they currently have a +3 goal difference. Their performances are steady and consistent so my prediction is that they will continue to work for a mid-table place or higher. One big factor in this league that determines places is goal difference. Being on a plus total in early stages of the season is great. BBM just needs to keep that how it is, so they don’t start slipping down the league.

When you look at their recent form, they aren’t conceding many. If they keep this up, they will continue to do well.

Rochdale must overcome a difficult Southend with these 2 players on the pitch

The Football Manc Cave are looking at Brian Barry Murphy’s Rochdale side that is about to take on Southend.

As always, the manager has given his thoughts ahead of the clash…

The interview started with BBM stating that traditionally, Southend has been extraordinarily tough for the Dale. However, he’s said he doesn’t want to focus on the past which is sensible and why he’s proving to be such a good manager.

He also went on to explain how Southend’s start has been quite misleading, in the fact that they’ve had a lot of good spells in games and a lot of productive attacking play. They haven’t won yet although he has said that it couldn’t be a more dangerous time to play them with them looking for some points also.

One more thing that he addressed in the interview was the big news of Rochdale drawing Manchester United in the Carabao Cup. It’s obviously huge for the club and the fans, but Brian Barry-Murphy has said he’s confident that his players will be able to keep their focus on their league games despite the excitement of the game at Old Trafford.

2 Players That Must Play For Rochdale

I’ve picked out two Dale players that obviously must start no matter what with their recent performances. One of them being Robert Sanchez. He’s made some absolutely fantastic saves and in Rochdale’s last games which earned him Man Of The Match against Blackpool.

Another player who is an obvious pick, I know, but there’s a reason why he’s captain. Callum Camps. Not just his leadership skills, his goal-scoring ability. There’s no doubt from anyone that’s he will be in the starting line up.


Rochdale most recently drew with Blackpool 0-0, lost to Sunderland, 2-1 and drew 0-0 with Shrewsbury. They currently sit 13th in the league. Southend has lost 4-3 to Wycombe and 2-0 to Peterborough in their recent efforts and sit 22nd in the league on 0 points. Both teams will be looking to get points so it should be interesting, however, I predict that Rochdale will win and keep a clean sheet.

Loan Watch: 2 Rochdale players in on loan that you should look out for

The Football Manc Cave is looking at two loanees that Rochdale recruited this summer who you should look out for throughout the season.

Rochdale had a busy summer as they welcomed Brian Barry-Murphy to start his first official season as manager and quite a few loanees and new signings.

They’re doing a good job so far in League One and it was only this week that saw them lose to Sunderland 2-1. As the squad develops, here’s two loanees that fans should look out for and who should be returning to their parent clubs a little more confident.

Robert Sanchez

After signing the goalkeeper from Brighton, Brian Barry-Murphy got him straight into the action as he has been starting for Dale. It’s a shame that he will probably go back to Brighton once his loan spell is up as he’s fit in so far. However, he’s got a big job to do at the Dale while he’s there and this experience should give him the confidence he needs going forward and a better chance at being recognised if he wants to develop in his career.

Tyler Magloire

The centre back has joined the Dale on a loan spell from Blackburn. He’s been getting into the squad and been on the bench. He’s only 20 and at this age, moving around to get playing experience is vital. He will most likely return to Blackburn feeling ready to take on more challenges and this season should help him develop.

Ex Salford City GK will bring 2 qualities to Rochdale

Rochdale have managed to sign goalkeeper, Jay Lynch. The Football Manc Cave are looking at two things he will bring to the Dale.

The 26-year-old keeper has spent time at Man United, Bolton Wanderers and Accrington Stanley. He’s also had spells at Salford and A.F.C. Fylde where he really made a name for himself.

Lynch believes this is the right one for himself to make the jump from National League to League football. He turned down other opportunities to join the Dale this summer. What can he bring to the squad?


Salford gave him 110 appearances from 2014 to 2017 and AFC Fylde gave him 81. Even though these clubs have him a lot of exposure and allowed him to grow and develop, he’s also got the training experience from Bolton and Manchester United to offer which means he will be determined. Making that jump from National League will also make him want to break into the squad and his experience will help with that.

Brian Barry-Murphy Belief

BBM has talked about his new signing and how Lynch has been in training with Dale for a couple of weeks. He explained how the keeper has impressed a lot with his attitude and hard work, BBM also said that he couldn’t let him pass and would have been full of regret if he did. This will mean that Lynch will fit straight in at the club and feel at home which should help with his development and performance.

Blackburn Rovers will be hoping their Rochdale loanee comes back with these two qualities

Rochdale have revealed that they have signed defender, Tyler Magloire from Blackburn Rovers. The Football Manc Cave is exploring what he will bring to the Dale.

The 20-year-old has joined the Rochdale side on a loan deal from Blackburn. Magloire has stated how, when he heard of the interest that Rochdale had shown, the move was put to the top of his list.

The defender has been with Blackburn Rovers since he was 9 years old, and has worked his way up to the first team from the academy ranks. This loan should give him some experience on the pitch and we are looking at the qualities he will bring to the Dale…


Obviously, Blackburn Rovers are in the Championship and Magloire has had experience in that league. He should bring a different level of football experience with him and be able to keep up in League One. He’s got a long term plan with Rovers that sees his contract run until 2022, so the plan looks like it could be to send him out on loan for a year then he will be ready to step back up into the Championship. The youngster comes as a highly rated defender and Brian Barry-Murphy will help him settle into the squad.


The product of Blackburn’s youth has pushed himself through the ranks of the club, and even managed to earn the Captain’s armband of the under 23’s squad. He’s also made a couple of first-team appearances with the Rovers which will give him the confidence he needs to join Dale. Obviously he will not be the Captain as he joins Rochdale, however, his past leadership experience will help him as he slots into the defence that will need to communicate at the back throughout the season.

Tyler will take the number 21 shirt for his season ahead. We’re sure this move will benefit not only Rochdale, as they get a new defender, but also the 20-year-old who will be able to make a name for himself and gain some recognition.

Rochdale should line up their midfield with these 4 against Doncaster

Brian Barry-Murphy got off to a good start as manager of Rochdale as his team won 3-2 at the weekend.

It should have been a 3-0 win for the Dale and was looking that way for a while until Tranmere found two goals. There was also an incident in the 94th minute of the game that didn’t get picked up by officials. Jimmy Ryan has come on for Dale making his debut only to pull a Tranmere players hair from behind. He has now been charged.

With this in mind, The Football Manc Cave have picked out four midfielders that should start against Doncaster.

Stephen Dooley

I don’t see why there should be many changes to the squad as they did perform well at the weekend. Brian Barry-Murphy is only finding his feet and might change things around to see what works, although Dooley started at the weekend and will probably start again.

Michael Jordan Williams

Another player who started at the weekend and might get another chance against Doncaster. The Dale have a large choice of midfielders, wingers and strikers who can switch positions and still be comfortable which is beneficial to their manager.

Callum Camps

A definite choice for Barry-Murphy as he went in for every ball, won challenges and free kicks and even created chances at the weekend. He will have to be picked again as the club face Doncaster at the weekend. Camps will more than likely play a massive part of the season for Rochdale.

Jimmy Keohane

There are other choices for these midfield positions like loanee, Rekeil Pyke. However, he got brought off in the second half of the game at the weekend so Keohane may favour as being Rochdale’s starting man. This will all depend on Brian Barry Murphy’s thinking behind his squad and formation.

The final touches: What BBM should be getting right in Rochdale’s training this week

It’s nearly the start of the season and as most teams come to an end of their pre-season campaign’s. The Football Manc Cave are looking at two things Brian Barry-Murphy should have his team working on before the season gets underway.

Rochdale haven’t had a bad pre-season run and it’s looking like new manager, Brian Barry-Murphy has adapted to his role well. The players are also looking as if they have been motivated by their new manager.

The Dale faced one last friendly against Hyde United before they can start their new season and there will surely be a few training sessions to come before we get to see their League campaign. With that in mind, here are two things that Brian Barry-Murphy should have his lads working on this week.


Proving that he’s a very organised man in charge, Murphy released his youthful squad that will face Hyde United a day before the game would take place. He has a very young and fresh line up which will give him the chance to see Rochdale’s youngsters in action and how they handle the pressure.

While this gives the senior squad members rest and keeps them from injury before the start of the season, it also gives Brian Barry-Murphy a chance to pick out the best. He will have the likes of 16-year-old Luke Matheson and 18-year-old Fabio Tavares aiming to impress. If any of the youth can live up to senior squad standards, they should be put through their paces in the last training sessions of the summer.


This summer has seen scholarship players such as Harrison Hopper, Lewis Bradley and Fabio Tavares sign professional contracts. It has also seen new players like Jimmy Ryan sign for the club. Robert Sanchez has also signed for Dale on loan from Brighton.

It seems a lot of changes have been made within the squad and there will definitely be more as the season goes on. However, this will be a test for Brian Barry-Murphy as he will have to get these new and young players to adapt to senior football and to be a part of a new team. Hopefully, he will use these next few training sessions before the season starts to get the team gelling and flowing nicely.

Season approaching: What have Rochdale and BBM learnt from their friendlies

A mixed bag of results for Rochdale in their pre-season so far. What do these performances say about the future of the club?

Rochdale will be looking to improve on their last two seasons where the club finished 20th and 14th respectively. A big step down from finishing in the top ten consecutively in seasons before.

In their first game of pre-season, Rochdale suffered a 3-1 defeat against Championship side Huddersfield. Huddersfield only managed three wins in the Premier League last season. In perspective, it demonstrates how unequipped Rochdale is to take on teams in the highest tiers of English football.

However, Rochdale faced their other neighbours Oldham Athletic from the league below. The Dale won the game 3-2, which in fairness, shows Oldham’s ability to cope in their previous division League One. The game showed Rochdale lose a 2-0 lead, to pull ahead by 3-2 in the later minutes of the game.

At the weekend, Rochdale was losing 1-0 to Bradford City before the half time abandonment due to the weather.

The pre-season results, so far, show that Rochdale is well below the quality of Championship football. But are slightly ahead of a League Two side who should push for promotion in the upcoming season.

Rochdale needs to grow

If Rochdale fails to grow further throughout pre-season, they can expect a season that is similar to their previous two.

With that being said, ex-Dale player Brian Barry-Murphy was appointed permanent manager last season. Chairman Andrew Kilpatrick said Barry-Murphy was “without doubt the right person to take Rochdale forward”.

This tells the fans that Rochdale are looking to push the club forward, and they should not expect the same degree of failure they have been subjected to in recent years.

Barry-Murphy is likely to test his youth, new signings and possibly trialists in their game against Hyde tomorrow night.

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