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2 Stockport County players that should play against Guiseley

Stockport County has been out to prove themselves in pre-season friendlies and their game against Guiseley will be no different. The Football Manc Cave looks at two players who should get a look in on Saturday.

Their pre-season games have shown nothing but one-sided wins. They won 8-0 against Cheadle, 10-0 against Stockport Town and 2-0 against Curzon Ashton. Ahead of their Saturday fixture, we are picking out two players who deserve a chance. The starting line ups against Curzon Ashton and Stockport Town were exactly the same apart from the change from Connor Dimaio to Alex Curran.

Pre-season is the chance for players to show that they’re capable of being a part of the squad. It also gives fans and management insight of who should be given a chance in the league. Now that the Hatters have proven themselves in their opening games and won all three so far, maybe Jim Gannon should give someone else a chance to shine…

Ian Ormson

Stockport’s keeper, Ben Hinchliffe has started their past two preseason games so far, Ormson started their game against Cheadle but has been benched since. Yes, it’s a good way to get him warmed up, however, these games should give everyone a chance. This is why I think Ian Ormson could be given a chance in goal against Guiseley.

Nyal Bell

Bell has made appearances in the past two games, only he didn’t start either match. Against Cheadle, he wasn’t even considered as a substitute. He managed to score twice in their friendly against Stockport Town which saw them win 10-0. Even though he’s already had a chance to show what he’s worth, he should get given a chance to start this game.

Two EFL savvy free agents Stockport County should be looking at

Stockport County could follow Salford City with back-to-back promotions if they play their cards right this summer.

Greater Manchester clubs flood the English Football League, and Stockport County may well be en route to joining them. Stockport won the National League North last season and will be looking to hit the ground running as they enter their new competition.

Next season, County will realistically be aiming to avoid relegation or seek a comfortable mid-table season. However, with their recent run of form, and the motivation to match their neighbours Salford, we could see Stockport push for a high finish.

However, Jim Gannon will need to add quality and depth to his squad in order to make a mark on the National League.

By introducing the following players, for free, we may well be seeing EFL action at Edgeley Park in the 20/21 season…

Fabian Brandy

At 30 years of age, winger Fabian Brandy could increase the quality and experience of the Stockport County squad. Salford City recruited players who have seen the green of the EFL on many occasions, resulting in them dragging the side to where they belong. County could follow suit with Brandy, who has played 130 games in League One, in which he was involved in a goal once every three games. He was also once a part of Manchester United’s academy.

Brandy also has a keen interest in promoting youth talent, he even created an app which allows young footballers to connect with clubs. This kind of character would serve well in the dressing room of a team looking to a bright future.

Sylvan Ebanks-Blake

Ebanks-Blake, coincidentally another ex-Man Utd man, is now a free agent after running down his contract with Barwell. The 33-year-old striker has over 230 appearances at EFL level and over 70 in the Premier League.

Stockport’s defensive ability last season was second to none. They finished the league with the lowest amount of goals conceded.

By recruiting the likes of Ebanks-Blake and Brandy, Stockport’s attacking power will be much stronger and capable of coping in their new division.

Their wealth of experience can also be passed on to teammates, putting them in good stead for the future.

To-Do List: Stockport County must tick off these 2 before the season starts

With the Hatters being promoted, what should they do in order to have a successful season?

Jim Gannon did a great job of getting Stockport from the National League North to the National League, and now fans are hoping they can stay there and progress. I don’t want to see them have a horrible 2019/20 campaign and end up coming straight back down so before the season does start, I’ve picked out two things they need to do in preparation…

Sign New Players

Stockport fans are crying out for a signing of some sort. I don’t even think they care who anymore, they just want someone to put pen to paper. You would have thought that it would have been a priority with the promotion in mind but there’s not been any news.

Fans are now getting frustrated and they’re trolling their clubs twitter feed, by replying to almost every post telling them to announce a transfer. There’s even a post about a statue of a frog being released in a Stockport art trail, and fans have jumped on asking if it will be able to play left back.

Handle The Change Of Leagues

Manager Jim Gannon has spoken about how he thinks the biggest jump in football is promotion and, how football fans class the jump from Championship to Premier League to be the hardest transition. He thinks that the jump from regional football to national football is harder. I have to agree with him, as football fans don’t make as much of a fuss about lower league teams.

Stockport deserves to be spoken about and praised for their efforts, I just hope that they can adapt to this new league, and go from strength to strength. They may eventually end up back in the Football League.

Round table prediction: Our writers predict where Stockport County will finish

Stockport County and Chorley will test the waters of the National League after achieving promotion last season.

The writers here at The Football Manc Cave have submitted predictions about the future of several clubs going into their new 19/20 seasons.

With Stockport County topping the National League North with 82 points and conceding the least amount of goals at only 36. They look strong enough to survive to a tougher competition they will see themselves in over the next year.

Stockport’s Twitter page has recently consisted of the team showcasing their intensive training, as well as preparations on Edgeley Park. Jim Gannon’s men look roaring and ready for their new challenge.

After our writer’s submitted their projections of Stockport County’s chances in the National League 19/20 season, the average stated that Stockport County will finish 12th out of the 24 clubs involved.

Arguably not a bad finish for a newly promoted side, as they can look to improve on that finish and edge towards the EFL League Two over the foreseeable future.

Will Stockport County prove us wrong?

Either by finishing near the relegation places or fighting for a playoff place or will Stockport County steadily impress us by achieving a 12th place finish.

Stockport County fans would you be happy with a mid table finish, let us know below…

Stockport County will be looking for the double bounce promotion, these 2 factors will help that

The Champions of the National League North, Stockport County, are taking a step up to the National League, but what can they do to stay there next season?

As many long-serving Stockport County fans will despise to remember, this huge club was a Championship side until 2002. Due to the club falling into administration, it’s been a downhill slope for the club which has been playing in the sixth tier of English football for the past six years, until now.

This Greater Manchester based club will take the place of its neighbour, Salford City, in the National League next season. If Stockport can follow suit of Salford, they will find themselves alongside them in the EFL League Two, presuming that Salford is capable of remaining in the division.

Stockport County clinched their first league title in 52 years by finishing 1 point ahead of Chorley, but how can they ensure a finish the fans deserve in their new league in the 2019/20 season…


A sore subject for Stockport County would be finances. However, Jim Gannon himself said “Only the best clubs that are investing well or have strong management and teams have done well. So hopefully we can replicate the likes of Salford and Fylde, Harrogate and Halifax, who have consolidated at that level.”

This suggests that Stockport County’s investment over recent years hasn’t been enough to allow the club to grow, hence how they have stagnated in the National League North. But now that they have established themselves as real contenders, it may be time to invest in the future of the club and allow them to progress even further.


Stockport County were very impressive last season, scoring 77 goals. However, in the 2018/19 National League North, teams scored an average of 55.8 goals, whereas, in the 2018/19 National League season, teams scored an average of 57.3 goals. This demonstrates the higher quality and ability of teams in the league, and Stockport needs to be able to keep up with that next season.

Fortunately, Gannon has taken this into account. Stockport recently disclosed that they have signed the striker Alex Curran from Colne, a 20-year-old who bagged 22 goals in 44 appearances last season, and 22 goals in 46 the season before. This young talent will no doubt increase the rate of fire for his new club.

And the manager has some strong words to say about him, “With Alex, we think we have got a player with an outstanding C.V. Over the last two years he’s been one of the main players, he’s a regular goalscorer, provides regular assists and I think we’ve provided a great platform for him.”

Another Day, Another Crazy ‘Supposed’ Takeover… This Time Stockport County

Twitter is the place for a joke and if you want a laugh, it’s worth visiting this account. 

There’s a Twitter user named “@NonLeagueITK” who keeps putting out football “news” that has clearly come from dreamland. The other day, I reported that this exact same Twitter account had said that Curzon Ashton would get a new owner, today it’s Stockport’s turn.

This is the tweet they have put out:

No one seems to know where this information is coming from, I think someone clearly has too much time on their hands. However, the best thing about these tweets is the football fans replies. The Curzon Ashton fans were brilliant, their own team page even commented on their made up rumour, and now the Stockport fans have given their humorous response.

Humour aside, some fans don’t want the twitter account to be encouraged and are getting sick of the posts. I just hope this account either gives up or starts giving us real news!

Transfer Rumours: Stockport County chasing highly-rated Warrington midfielder

Named as one of the best players in non-league football, it’s no wonder that clubs are now looking at Warrington’s Ben Garrity, but who is he? 

The 21-year-old is a midfielder, who’s had a brilliant season with The Yellows and been a very effective partner on the field to Rob Evans. Now it is rumoured that Stockport County are interested in signing him.

For Stockport fans looking for some background on him, he comes very highly recommended, especially by Warrington’s midfielder, Evans. In a 2018 interview, he spoke about his teammate and said that he has the potential to play at a very high level.

Garrity was plucked from local league football in Liverpool and has now scored twice last season. He has been excellent in Warrington’s campaign to perform well last season, and Rob Evans has explained how the pair have been an effective duo. He also admires how the 21-year-old has stepped up to the task and got the job done. He now has plenty of time on his side to climb the footballing pyramid. 

In a most recent interview with The Yellows’ manager, Paul Carden, he has said that he expects “vultures to circle” around his side in regards to other clubs coming after his lads. Carden also expected Ben to be one of the highest in demand and it looks like he wasn’t wrong.

So now we wait to see whether the rumour is true and if so, what deal will be made? 

Is Sheffield Utd loanee Dean Henderson is ready to take the Man Utd number one spot – Here are 2 reasons why

With Henderson returning to Old Trafford after his loan period at Sheffield United, could he become the Red Devil’s first choice keeper and if so, what can he bring to their 2019/20 campaign. 

The 22-year-old is returning from an amazing season with Sheffield United, where he was a key part in helping them gain promotion. He’s been with Man United since 2011 and moved from the youth team to the first team in 2015.

Dean has since been on loan to Stockport County, Grimsby Town and Shrewsbury Town. He’s even had appearances with England’s youth sides and most recently has impressed Gareth Southgate.

He’s previously been a contender for Young Player of the year at the end of the 2015 season, and now he thinks he’s ready to be United’s number one. If he was to be given a chance, here’s two things I think he will be able to bring to the Man United dressing room and pitch…

Clean Sheet’s 

Along with his other qualities, Henderson was also given the Championships Golden Glove award in his youth for an impressive 21 clean sheets in 46 games.

Last season when he was at Sheffield United, they received automatic promotion. Which proves that he had a good impact on goal difference because it’s not like Sheffield were fighting in a playoff position. David De Gea’s future is now in doubt after a tough 18/19 season, so Dean Henderson’s rise could be perfectly timed in order to secure some starts. 

Self Belief That Should Motivate 

It’s safe to say that United want to have a better season than last. I can imagine that last season in the dressing rooms after matches was not an inspirational place to be. I think the ‘keeper will be able to motivate this Red’s team into thinking they can improve as he believes in himself a lot.

He said, “Whether I’m at Manchester United, Sheffield United, wherever, I’m good enough to be a Premier League goalkeeper. I deserve the chance. Some may see this as arrogance but there’s nothing better than some self-belief.”

He’s also stated that “If I’m not at United, I could go back to Sheffield, play a season and then I’ll prove to United what they’re missing.” It looks like he’s definitely out to prove himself. 

2 Stockport Players that should be looking to move on this summer

The Hatters secured promotion back to the National League this season after winning the North National League title. 

Now that Stockport have a new season to go into, they’ll be looking to do well and keep themselves in their new league. Then hopefully move up the leagues from there. If they want to make a positive impact on their National League run, they’ll have to look into their team. Maybe try to sign or get players loaned that can play in the league.

To make a little room, Jim Gannon could look at these two players as options to loan or completely get rid of…

Connor Dimaio

The 23-year-old midfielder has been with Stockport since 2018. He’s managed 17 appearances and got 3 goals on his record but in 2019, Dimaio was loaned to Ashton United where he made 12 appearances.

He’s on a 2-year contract with Stockport and the club have confirmed that he’s still one of their own, after coming back from his loan spell. It could go one of two ways for the midfielder, he could come back to the Hatters inspired and motivated to get starts and do well, or he could have bad games and not get the starts.

I think he should maybe keep his options open to go elsewhere before Gannon considers his options. 

Elliot Osborne

Another midfielder who started off as just being on loan to the club but then permanently signed for the Stockport in 2018. When the 23-year-old was on loan with Gannon’s team, he impressed after making 5 appearances and bagging a goal.

However when he signed officially, in 24 appearances he only managed one other goal. Maybe Osborne was an exciting prospect at the time and now he could do with some more games somewhere else. 

There’s a nervousness around Oldham Athletic with the fans divided ahead of the new season

Every football supporter secretly starts off a season believing that their club can win the league, but Oldham fans appear to have decided that more misery is to be inflicted on them in the coming campaign.

There has been little enthusiasm shown for next season, probably because of the absence of news from the club regarding new signings and the appointment of a new coach.

Even with one of those issues solved with the arrival of new coach Laurent Banide, the outlook is cautious, to say the least.

It is true to say that supporters get very nervous if a full squad isn’t in place by the first week in June. This close season seems to be worse than usual, probably because of the circus that surrounded the club last season.

At present, it is difficult to see how a side could be put together from the 18 players whose faces appear in the first team list on the club website. For a start, we only have one goalkeeper in Zeus de la Paz. He had little opportunity to prove himself last season, given the heroics of on-loan Daniel Iversen.

Defensively we look threadbare as well. With the George Edmondson transfer still unresolved, and Jamie Stott rumoured to be attracting interest from Stockport it doesn’t bode well for Oldham.

It is the forward line which is giving Latics fans the most amount of sleepless nights, with only Chris O’Grady, Jonathan Benteke and Johan Branger currently listed as being with the club. Replacing Callum Lang was always going to be a major task. However, unless there are plans to bring in one or two more forward players soon, the prospect of a struggle next season seems very real.

With Banide not due to take up his appointment till July 1st, the signing of players might not materialize till then prompting further nervousness. On ‘OWTB’ one of the Oldham message boards, ‘Chaddy14’ adopted a hopeful approach:

Personally, I would like to welcome Laurent to Latics and wish him every success. I dread to think what he must think about the club and this group of “fans” he is joining if most of these posts were passed on to him (an translated if need be before anyone else has yet another pop).
I’ll judge him by what he does and the impact he has on the coaching at the club and remembers that he was not part of the “past” and to be honest he can’t be worse than the quitter Scholes!
God help him at a meet the coach pre-season with some of the contributors on here! At least he’s a fully qualified/badged coach unlike some of our historic crop of “managers”
Good luck!

However, there are some people who just won’t give the new man or next season a chance.

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