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Great Gesture: Bury old boys look to help the club

As Bury’s ongoing problems with their owner and financial situation continue, ex Bury player, Gareth Seddon is trying to take matters into his own hands.

Gareth Seddon is a striker who played for Bury back in 2001 until 2004. He also spent time at Salford, Fleetwood and Halifax, the list goes on. He wants to try and find a solution for the fans by getting ex-players to fulfil the fixtures Bury have until the problems are sorted.

He tweeted:

I think this is a great idea and while it’s frustrating that the problems with Bury have gone on this long, it’s nice to see people trying to come up with ideas. However, the EFL wouldn’t allow this as they won’t accept players signing on to play, whether it is free or not because of the debts and other things that people probably don’t get to see. The players that are at the club that I got to see in pre-season are actually a great bunch and they want to play, they’re just not allowed.

There’s also more to it, like paying for police and ambulances that need to appear for health and safety. If there was a way around this then it would be a brilliant idea, if the EFL had stricter rules on the people that were allowed to own football clubs, then Bury probably wouldn’t be in this mess.

Here are your reactions to the tweet:

‘Steve Dale you have ripped the heart and soul out of a community’ Bury FC face their biggest week in history

The Football Manc Cave is taking a look at your reactions to Bury with their current situation.

It’s no secret by now that Bury is in trouble. They’ve had no league games go ahead yet because of problems behind the scenes. We have been reporting all summer of the ongoings at the club, and I can’t believe we are still seeing them in such a bad situation.

This week, club owner Steve Dale has 3 deadlines:

Steve Dale has had 8 months to sort this mess. It now comes down to days. I really feel for not only the members of staff, the squad, coaches and management but mainly the fans. Their club could be no more and it isn’t their fault. It’s about time the EFL stopped allowing people to take over football clubs when they can’t fully afford to.

Reviews of owners should be put in place more often, to see if they can still afford what they set out to do. So that clubs don’t end up in these horrible situations.

Here are some more opinions and news coming from the club…

This is worth a watch…

Twitter reacts: ‘Goodbye Bury’

Fans are growing tiresome after another Bury FC fixture is postponed due to ‘outstanding evidence regarding a number of financial commitments has still not been provided by owner Steve Dale.

Bury have been unable to compete in four League One fixtures and one EFL Cup game so far. They wither away in the 24th spot on minus twelve points.

Bury fans are furious. Many stating that they just want football to watch, as of right now, they have none.

The Bury FC side of Twitter looks like a mourning ground. Many fans of many clubs are leaving their condolences for the historic club.

It may well be the case that Bury follow suit of many clubs that have found themselves in a financial crisis. This would result in one of England’s most cherished football clubs disappearing or plummeting down to non-league football.

Curzon Ashton made a fantastic gesture for Bury fans, showing how football can provide the kindest of acts…

Hopefully, Bury can pull through this dilemma. Though it looks like their season and their club, maybe coming to an end.

OPINION: ‘As a Bolton Wanderers fan, I am praying for Bury FC’

On Monday night, news broke that Bury owner, Steve Dale is finally ready to sell the club. There’s apparently a buyer and this is looking like the reason to why there weren’t any statements made about the 9 am deadline the EFL gave the club.

Bury’s next match against Gillingham was up in the air to whether it would go ahead, and the club had to prove to the league that it could meet the commitments to creditors. There was a 9 am deadline put on the club yesterday to see if Dale could produce a plan of action that would see their next game go ahead, however, fans were left worrying.

Now the League One club have apparently received a bid and the senior staff want to sell the club. I think it’s safe to say that all of the clubs, whether it be fans, players, staff and management are all praying that Steve Dale accepts this lifeline thrown at the club in order to save and secure the future of Bury FC.

As a whole, the EFL has given Bury till the 23rd of August to produce the plan that will see them remain a football club and stay in the Football League. Fans expected to hear some sort of update or a statement by now and started asking football journalist, Alan Nixon for answers on twitter.

Looking to Twitter for answers

One fan asked, ‘So what happened to Bury’s 9 am the deadline? Any ideas?’ To which Nixon replied, ‘hear league giving Dale extra few hours.’ This implied that with the supposed interest and possible new owners being spoken to, the football league had given the Shaker’s owners some extra time to try and secure some sort of deal or plan to put forward.

Now it has finally been announced that the game this weekend will not go ahead after the plans have failed to impress the league. This makes it Bury’s fourth game that has gone suspended.

As a Bolton fan, I am praying for Bury too. No club should have to go through this mess. I’m hoping there’s some sort of statement made soon that will confirm how Dale is in talks and plans to sell on the club so that fans can finally stop worrying as much.

Staff turn on Steve Dale before he announces plans to sell Bury FC

Steve Dale may be about to leave Bury football club in the coming days, after announcing plans to pass the club onto a new custodian saying his role as chairman was damaging to his long-term health.

Dale will go down in history as one of football’s most divisive owners, in the same bracket as Bolton’s Ken Anderson and Blackpool’s Karl Oyston.

Yet as the Shakers third game of the season against Gillingham is set to go the way as the previous two, i.e suspension until further notice. Dale made the most incredible statement yet of his reign, saying he ready to sell the League One side to a credible buyer.

Dale statement, speaking to the BBC

“Due to the agenda with the EFL, my health and recent events at the Club I can confirm I am happy to pass the Club on to the next custodian. For an agreed consideration and them being the right fit for Bury.”

This all came after his longterm staff told the chairman to sell the club after receiving a very good offer. Putting their own jobs on the block in order to save the 134-year-old business from liquidation, something that is now a real possibility in the coming days. Despite saying via Bury’s website he wanted to sell the club before the end of last season, he said last week ‘there was still work to do’ before he bids farewell. Now though, everything has changed.

Staff Statement

‘We can confirm that today we have received an offer for the sale of Bury Football Club, one that we all at the Club believe is a very good offer.

This offer has been conveyed to Steve Dale and we are still waiting to hear from him.

This offer is the only lifeline for the future of the Club and we implore Steve Dale to accept it, as it has the full backing of all of the senior staff at Bury FC’.

The EFL’s stance towards Bury has not changed however since the news of Dale’s announcement. Unless they receive evidence that the current owner, or his successor for that matter, can pay off long term debt to football creditors, their EFL membership will be terminated. Whether the EFL, or football fans do actually believe what the chairman says is another matter.

It seems that should he eventually sell Bury, now will be the time.

‘Hardly a level playing field is it?’ Bury fans react to another game suspension

The Football Manc Cave looks at Bury fans reactions to their next game being called off.

Bury fans have yet again been disappointed with their fourth game against Gillingham being suspended. This comes after Steve Dale has failed to produce plans of how the next game could possibly go ahead, and how he would keep the club going financially.

Fans are getting increasingly frustrated especially as there’s been news of an apparent new bidder for the Shakers, however, Dale has claimed that it’s only an email and he doesn’t count it as a definite reach out to buy the club.

We look at how Bury fans have responded to this…

Is Bury FC heading into their final full week as a professional club?

The situation is simple for League One Bury, football league resident for 134 years. Clear the debts under current owner Steve Dale or sell up and let a replacement deal with the financial crisis.

If neither occurs before the 23rd august, then the Football League will be down to 71 members. The proud town of Bury will have lost their local football club.

As the days go by it looks more likely that the Shakers will eventually hit the wall. After a takeover between Dale and his predecessor Stewart Day was not put through a fit and proper test by the EFL, only now will the real consequences for the club set in following on from mega high outgoings over several years under Day.

When Bury was promoted at Tranmere’s Prenton Park at the end of last season, the summer of supposed excitement simply never happened. A mass exodus of the squad fans saw as heroes, plus manager Ryan Lowe, the financial chaos has only gotten worse.

The situation is now so bad they haven’t even played a league game this season and their Carabao Cup first-round match this Wednesday against Sheffield Wednesday has been suspended. Matchday three this Saturday with Gillingham at home will most likely fall by the waist side too.

Bury’s deadline

The EFL has given Bury till the 23rd of August to meet outstanding financial requirements or their membership of the EFL will be suspended. Dale doesn’t even want to sell up saying there is still work to be done at Gigg Lane, despite one member of staff stating the fact he hasn’t been seen for months at the ground or anywhere near the club.

Wherever he is in the coming days, Dale is the only player in this debacle. While supporter group Forever Bury admit there are potential investors ready to takeover, this is all meaningless unless Dale comes to his senses and walk out the exit door.

Should he fail to realise just how damaging his current actions are, League One can get ready to be known as one with odd numbers.

Twitter Reacts to the ‘Agenda against Bury FC’

Owner of Bury FC claims that there is an agenda against his club and demands talks with EFL on Monday.

Speaking to TalkSport, Bury FC Chairman Steve Dale said “Clearly there’s an agenda here. We’re hearing rumbles in League Two that they’ve heard there might be another place for going up, so they’re actually counting us out.”

The situation Bury have found themselves in due to poor ownership and complications has left fans bickering. The Football Manc Cave bring you the two sides of the Bury dilemma.

Some fans see that the EFL are the only ones who can co-operate with their club to the extent of forgiveness, to allow them to continue their season undisturbed. However, there are some disagreements…

Bolton is in a similar situation to Bury, both receiving a 12 point deduction from the get-go of the EFL League One season. But Bolton was granted the ability to play their first two fixtures whilst Bury were not.

Both Bolton and Bury were given sufficient time to prove that they can be sustainable in the league. Given deadline extensions, Bury were the ones to hand in their homework late…

Though some fans are sticking to their guns, they genuinely believe that Bolton has seen preferential treatment over Bury. Hence why Steve Dale is opting to meet with the EFL face-to-face.

There are clearly two sides to this story, dividing an already unhappy fan base right down the middle.

Simon Jordan puts Steve Dale under the microscope to the delight of Bury fans

Steve Dale was on Talksport yesterday morning to talk all things Bury.

It’s too late for talking, Bury couldn’t field a side on Saturday for their first league match. That’s the big problem right now. Whatever went wrong in the past, now isn’t the time to address it.

Dale needs to either get his hand in his pocket and save the club, by signing players and clearing the debts or hand it to someone that will. It’s not fair on their loyal supporters that are the real sufferers of this demise.

Let’s see how The Shakers’ fans reacted to Dale this morning…

Bury FC’s miserable pre-season continues with the latest hurdle

When Bury owner Steve Dale’s CVA request was officially approved in court last Thursday. Wilkinson and his backroom staff thought they could plan for life back in League One.

Despite going winless in the clubs opening pre-season friendlies against Nantwich and Blackburn Rovers where a teamsheet broke the internet. The silver lining from pre-season so far is the Gigg Lane floodlights have been restored to full working order.

Despite this Bury begin life in League One already bottom despite the fact no games have been played, due to the 12 point deduction the club have been handed.

Yet now a new stumbling block has appeared in front of the clubs noses. The EFL have told the Shakers they need sufficient evidence, that outstanding debt payments can be made to creditors with the deadline in just a fortnights time.

The club could face expulsion from the EFL and therefore be unable to fulfil their 2019/20 fixtures.

The clock is ticking with regards to signing players ahead of the MK Dons match on August the 3rd, although Bury to their credit has a plan with new signings expected to be announced this weekend. Another idea is asking Premier League giants Man City, Tottenham and Wolves to loan them players for the opening games.

Most likely the year ahead could be one of pain with losses left, right and centre. Yet at least there is a club to watch and for the majority of fans, and that’s all they want to know right now.

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