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‘Steve Dale you have ripped the heart and soul out of a community’ Bury FC face their biggest week in history

The Football Manc Cave is taking a look at your reactions to Bury with their current situation.

It’s no secret by now that Bury is in trouble. They’ve had no league games go ahead yet because of problems behind the scenes. We have been reporting all summer of the ongoings at the club, and I can’t believe we are still seeing them in such a bad situation.

This week, club owner Steve Dale has 3 deadlines:

Steve Dale has had 8 months to sort this mess. It now comes down to days. I really feel for not only the members of staff, the squad, coaches and management but mainly the fans. Their club could be no more and it isn’t their fault. It’s about time the EFL stopped allowing people to take over football clubs when they can’t fully afford to.

Reviews of owners should be put in place more often, to see if they can still afford what they set out to do. So that clubs don’t end up in these horrible situations.

Here are some more opinions and news coming from the club…

This is worth a watch…

OPINION: ‘As a Bolton Wanderers fan, I am praying for Bury FC’

On Monday night, news broke that Bury owner, Steve Dale is finally ready to sell the club. There’s apparently a buyer and this is looking like the reason to why there weren’t any statements made about the 9 am deadline the EFL gave the club.

Bury’s next match against Gillingham was up in the air to whether it would go ahead, and the club had to prove to the league that it could meet the commitments to creditors. There was a 9 am deadline put on the club yesterday to see if Dale could produce a plan of action that would see their next game go ahead, however, fans were left worrying.

Now the League One club have apparently received a bid and the senior staff want to sell the club. I think it’s safe to say that all of the clubs, whether it be fans, players, staff and management are all praying that Steve Dale accepts this lifeline thrown at the club in order to save and secure the future of Bury FC.

As a whole, the EFL has given Bury till the 23rd of August to produce the plan that will see them remain a football club and stay in the Football League. Fans expected to hear some sort of update or a statement by now and started asking football journalist, Alan Nixon for answers on twitter.

Looking to Twitter for answers

One fan asked, ‘So what happened to Bury’s 9 am the deadline? Any ideas?’ To which Nixon replied, ‘hear league giving Dale extra few hours.’ This implied that with the supposed interest and possible new owners being spoken to, the football league had given the Shaker’s owners some extra time to try and secure some sort of deal or plan to put forward.

Now it has finally been announced that the game this weekend will not go ahead after the plans have failed to impress the league. This makes it Bury’s fourth game that has gone suspended.

As a Bolton fan, I am praying for Bury too. No club should have to go through this mess. I’m hoping there’s some sort of statement made soon that will confirm how Dale is in talks and plans to sell on the club so that fans can finally stop worrying as much.

‘Hardly a level playing field is it?’ Bury fans react to another game suspension

The Football Manc Cave looks at Bury fans reactions to their next game being called off.

Bury fans have yet again been disappointed with their fourth game against Gillingham being suspended. This comes after Steve Dale has failed to produce plans of how the next game could possibly go ahead, and how he would keep the club going financially.

Fans are getting increasingly frustrated especially as there’s been news of an apparent new bidder for the Shakers, however, Dale has claimed that it’s only an email and he doesn’t count it as a definite reach out to buy the club.

We look at how Bury fans have responded to this…

Simon Jordan puts Steve Dale under the microscope to the delight of Bury fans

Steve Dale was on Talksport yesterday morning to talk all things Bury.

It’s too late for talking, Bury couldn’t field a side on Saturday for their first league match. That’s the big problem right now. Whatever went wrong in the past, now isn’t the time to address it.

Dale needs to either get his hand in his pocket and save the club, by signing players and clearing the debts or hand it to someone that will. It’s not fair on their loyal supporters that are the real sufferers of this demise.

Let’s see how The Shakers’ fans reacted to Dale this morning…

Has Bury FC been given the final nail in their survival coffin?

10pm on Monday night and Bury fans were fearing the worse regarding the future of their club, again.

The EFL, governing body of the Shakers plus 71 other clubs including Bolton, Southend, Blackpool, Coventry and Charlton. Were unable to see enough evidence that Bury could pay off long term debts to football creditors.

Therefore, their game against MK Dons on Saturday on the opening day of the new season has been postponed. What worse is that the following weeks’ match at Lancashire rivals Accrington Stanley could go the same way

After a pre-season that saw an away win at Port Vale, Bury could soon cease to exist. They run the serious risk of being thrown out of the football league and as the domestic season returns, being left without a league to play in at all.

Club fan group Forever Bury and Bury North MP James Frith have called for owner Steve Dale to sell up quickly, due to the fact, there are rumoured investors ready to take over.

Bury up for sale

Despite Dale putting Bury up for sale, he seems unwilling to compromise and hand the keys to someone else. Even though he saw the CVA application pass through, ‘the old girl’ doesn’t seem so safe now.

The finger for all this trouble can be pointed at past and present owners, Day and Dale, plus the EFL. Why did they wait so long for evidence from Bury about their finances and shouldn’t they have done this weeks ago, perhaps even before the fixtures were released back in June?

Sadly no answers to this mess have been released from the English Football League governing body despite a statement just being release by Dale.

If a takeover fails to occur within the next few days, the consequences will be unbearable to think about for one of English football’s founders.

Plymouth Argyle’s latest Bury signing will be looking to add these 2 qualities

Byron Moore has become the fifth player to join Plymouth Argyle from a troubled Bury. FC

The 30-year-old striker has made the decision to follow his teammates and ex-manager, Ryan Lowe to Plymouth as Bury’s financial problems continue.

The striker has gone to the Pilgrims for free which is obviously another blow to the Shakers, although the players have to think of their future. When they are this close to the start of the season and the team they are playing for can’t pay them and are uncertain on their financial state. These players need to make the moves while they’ve got the opportunity. Even though it’s sad times for fans of Bury, Moore seems to have made a sensible choice by following the players and manager he already knows and respects.

What will he add to Plymouth?


The striker managed to find the back of the net 5 times in 18 appearances for the Shakers last season after he joined the club from Bristol Rovers. Imagine the goals he could provide after appearing for a full season. He should also be able to perform well as he will be a part of a stable club where he doesn’t need to worry as much about wages, headlines and behind the scenes problems.

Team and Experience

Plymouth will be taking on League two with a team of players who are used to higher league football so surely that’s a positive to think about for the club. Byron Moore has now added to that experience and he will be reunited with the manager, Ryan Lowe and players, Danny Mayor, Will Aimson, Callum McFadzean and Dom Telford. The side won’t have as much work to do then it comes to trying to gel together as a team as a handful of them already know what it’s like to work together.

It’s an unfortunate time for Bury and it will be hard to keep on hearing of these player departures, hopefully, the problems will be sorted sooner rather than later and some positive news will come.

2 strengths and 2 weaknesses that will see Bury struggle this season

It’s been an absolute disaster of a year for Bury. A mountain of off-field problems resulted in their manager and the entire promotion-winning team leaving. Paul Wilkinson has recently been appointed as manager.

Dan from The Football Manc looks at a couple of strengths and weaknesses that will see Bury relegated from League One, the strengths were very, very difficult.


Bury have a loyal fan base, and I’m sure they will get behind the manager. It’s going to be a tough year for The Shakers regardless of who buys the club, and which players they sign.

However, the fans must stick with them. The new manager and players will give everything, support them and you just never know what will happen. Hard work, commitment and a bit of talent can get you far in League One.

They’ve got a manager & assured they’ll have a team come August

I know it’s not much of a bonus, however, I’m sure Bury fans doubted whether they’d even have a team to field in August. They’ve been assured that definitely won’t be the case, Bury will be playing on August 3rd. I hope their fans have a side they can be proud of, they were brilliant last season. It would be a real shame to see it all wasted, and they get relegated without a fight the following campaign.

They’ve lost every player

They have not got one player that started the final game of the 2018/19 season. What a turnaround. It just shows how quickly things can turn in football, it’s frightening. It’s not time to dwell on the past, they must move on and just try to sign a new squad. It’s all they can do now.

They’re in League One

If they were still in League Two, it wouldn’t be as difficult to build a side and consolidate, however, League One is a completely different ball game. It’s very competitive and there are some good sides. To compete, you need that balance between quality and experience, with very limited funds, I think Bury will have to settle for veterans who will give their all for the shirt. It may not be enough to keep them in the division, their effort will be undoubted though.

Ipswich Town to capture Bury’s promotion-winning defender, 2 things he’ll bring with him

Ipswich Town is trying to finalise a deal which would see former Bury captain Adam Thompson head to Portman Road.

The Blues are targeting a quick deal for the defender, as it’s being reported that a number of League One and Two clubs are interested in signing the Northern Ireland international.

The Football Manc Cave take a look at how he would benefit Paul Lambert’s side…

Captained promotion-winning side

Ipswich will be hoping to bounce straight back to the Championship, under the guidance of Lambert. In order to do this, they need leaders and winners. Thompson captained Bury last season, in which they won promotion from League Two. He was one of their top performers across the season, a real leading figure at the back, he set the standard and the rest of his side followed suit.

Ipswich only has a couple of experienced central defenders on their books, Luke Chambers and Toto Nsiala. So the gaffer will be looking to add a couple before the season starts on August 3rd.


Thompson can operate at right-back, which is a huge plus. Chambers is a very good defender, I imagine he’ll be the player they build their side around. Perhaps Thompson will slot alongside him, a potent defence with plenty of experience. It’s important you have two, strong leaders in League One. There’s lots of direct football and crosses into the box, these two will be absolutely prepared for that.

If Ipswich has injuries or suspensions across the defence, Thompson is more than capable of filling in, which will be hugely beneficial to Lambert.

It’s a shame for Bury that he’s left for free, as he may have attracted quite a sizeable fee. A very good player that would improve most League One sides.

The contrast between Man City & Bury FC fans shows there’s no stream coming from the big pond

You can train 1000 nurses for the price that Manchester City have paid for Rodri, but there will be little concern about the €70 million price tag.

The amounts of money involved in building a Premier League side are mind-boggling and show no signs of diminishing. It appears that there is no limit that a club will go to in a search for the player they need. Without any danger of being admonished for their reckless extravagance.

Little or no attention is being paid to the crisis at the other end of the league pyramid. With local teams, Bolton Wanderers and Bury FC facing uncertain futures before the season has got underway.


The idea that money from the top trickles down to the lower leagues is a myth. Clubs like Bury would have been rubbing their hands at getting a percentage of the fee Manchester City paid for Mahrez.

In fact, Bury could wipe out their total debt with what Mahrez earns in 10 months at Man City.

The difference on social media between Man City and Bury fans today sums up the chasm that lies between them.

Bury fans are currently studying the list of creditors the club has. Bizarrely one of the creditors is ex-Man City player Shaun Goater who is owed £800. He applied for the Bury manager’s job in 2013 but there is no evidence the money is linked to that!

The people in charge of the game may feel that the clubs who find themselves facing winding up orders and liquidation have only themselves to blame. But the current checks on potential owners have been shown to be flawed on numerous occasions.

If the future of football is to be fought out with a drastically reduced number of clubs, just because checks cannot be made precisely on the suitability of owners. Then it is the game that will suffer as a consequence.

Bury’s Nicky Maynard will bring 2 crucial qualities to Mansfield Town

Mansfield confirmed the signing of striker Nicky Maynard on a free transfer, following the expiration of his contract at Bury.

Since Bury was promoted from League Two last season, they’ve lost their manager and two best players in Danny Mayor and Maynard. It’s a torrid time for The Shakers and there’s a massive amount of work to do for them to be ready to kick-off their League One campaign on 3rd August.

So, Mansfield has been quick to snap up Maynard. What will he bring to The Stags?


Simple, but you don’t win games without them. Maynard was the difference between Bury finishing in the playoffs and winning automatic promotion. He scored 22 goals last season and I’m predicting he’ll hit the 20 goal mark again next season in League Two.

The 32-year-old has played for some top clubs over the years, West Ham, Cardiff and Wigan. Although he’s lost his electric pace, Maynard is still quick and an instinctive finisher in the box. Create him chances and you’ll be fighting at the right end of the table come May.


Mansfield lost out in the play-off semi-final vs Newport County, after losing on penalties.

In these type of games, I feel you need as much experience on the pitch as possible and goal scorers. Neither side overly commits to winning the games, always very tight and scoring opportunities are limited. What you need is an experienced striker, who will score a chance if given one. Someone like, errr Nicky Maynard?

He’s a perfect signing for The Stags. In close games, he only needs one chance and he might be the difference between getting one point or three. That might propel you to promotion instead of having to settle for playoffs.

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