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Man City will be looking for a goal-fest against Southampton by playing these 3 players

Southampton will be travelling to the Etihad Stadium tomorrow for the second time this week. These 3 Man City players will be looking to find the back of the net.

Man City already faced Southampton in the Carabao Cup this week. They managed a 3-1 win.

However, their first half was much better than their second. The clash this weekend is important to Pep Guardiola’s side because they need to close the gap between them and Liverpool.

Southampton are currently 18th in the Premier League. This should realistically be an easy clash for Man City. They have already played them this week which should give them an insight to their weaknesses.

With that in mind, here’s 3 players who will be looking to score this weekend…

Kevin De Bruyne

If he doesn’t score a goal, he will certainly assist one. Or create a goal that someone else tries to claim.

Either way, he’s been unstoppable in all competitions so far this season.

Sergio Aguero

After watching Man City’s past few performances, I would much rather have Aguero over Jesus.

Sergio shouldn’t be on the bench. He should be starting because there are some chances every week which I believe he could have put away.

Raheem Sterling

Sterling has been on top form throughout the season. However, I think he could score more than once this weekend.

There have been some weeks were he has missed chances but if the full team are on point then he will benefit from it.

Man City name their price for star forward

The Sun have reported that Man City will demand £100 million for Gabriel Jesus. This is Pep Guardiola’s plan to warn off Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich have apparently shown their interest in Man City forward, Gabriel Jesus.

Jesus has a contract with Man City that is long-term and he only signed it last year.

He has also only started four games at the Etihad Stadium this season. Man City fans of also branded him a little greedy.

However, Bayern Munich continue to show interest in the striker.

Leroy Sané

Bayern Munich’s interest in Jesus comes after they were reportedly interested in Leroy Sané.

Unfortunately, Leroy Sané was injured early on this season and isn’t fit again until February.

Pep Guardiola

In order to warn Bayern Munich away from the Man City striker, Pep Guardiola will be looking for four times the asking price for his player.

This is because Pep Guardiola views Jesus as the long-term successor to club record goalscorer, Sergio Aguero.

’Who asked them to score first?’ Man City fans react to their win over Atalanta

Man City managed to beat Atalanta 5-1 in their Champions League clash last night. Pep Guardiola’s team produced a lot of talking points.

The Man City boss obviously listened to fans because Gabriel Jesus was on the bench. He was accused of being greedy against Crystal Palace and therefore, Sergio Aguero started the game instead.

Fernandinho gave away a penalty early on and Atalanta were 1-0 up. That lead didn’t last long as Aguero leveled the score minutes later.

Sterling was then brought down in the box leading to Aguero getting his second goal from a penalty. Unfortunately, Rodrigo went down with an injury and had to leave the game early.

Phil Foden then got an assist in the second half as he gave Raheem Sterling his second goal. There was no stopping the England international as he bagged 2 more leaving it 5-1 to Man City.

However, Phil Foden was sent off in the later stages of the game after a second yellow card. Pep has said that the youngster has, ’nothing to prove to him, ’ after the game. The Man City boss has complete trust and faith in the youngster.

Here’s what you thought…

Twitter reactions:

Two in, two out for Man City tonight against Atalanta

Man City play Atalanta in the Champions League tonight. The Football Manc Cave are picking 2 players who deserve to be in the starting 11. We are also picking two who should be dropped.

Pep Guardiola seems to have been working hard with his team in the international break.

Concerns were raised when losses to teams like Wolves and Norwich happened earlier this season. They won 2-0 against Crystal Palace at the weekend and it looks like there’s improvements.

However, some players still need to work a little harder to match Guardiola’s standards. Here’s 2 who should be in and 2 who should be out of the squad tonight…

Out: Jesus

I know that some Man City fans may disagree with this one. He did score at the weekend.

However, after the game, a lot of fans said that he was greedy throughout the game. There were times when he should have passed in order to create more chances but he didn’t.

Man City work as a team. He doesn’t seem to appreciate that at the minute.

Out: Otamendi

Guardiola made a decision to change things up against Crystal Palace. He didn’t play Otamendi.

Fans were happy with the decision as his form has been one of the worst in the squads. Man City performed better without him and that’s why he shouldn’t be in the squad again tonight.

There’s a lot of good things to mention coming out of the Man City squad. For example, Ederson had a great game at the weekend. Phil Foden got some minutes and people believe Eric Garcia should get a chance tonight.

However, while things are working, Pep should keep it that way.

In: Aguero

Sergio Aguero is a man who appreciates teamwork. Fans believe that if he was in the position of Jesus against Crystal Palace, more goals would have happened.

Even if Aguero starts and gets replaced later on, Jesus needs to understand that being that greedy doesn’t win games.

In: Cancelo

When the team sheet went up at the weekend, fans were quick to realise that there were no centre backs in the squad.

Pep Guardiola’s plan clearly worked as the team looked a lot more solid. However, one player who coped with that change was Joao Cancelo. He should start again tonight.

Man City look to Argentine Serie A striker to replace Aguero

Reports from Calcio Mercato, an Italian outlet, say that Man City are preparing to replace Sergio Aguero. That player could be Serie A’s, Lautaro Martinez.

When Vincent Kompany departed the Etihad, a replacement wasn’t found. Pep Guardiola won’t want to make that mistake again.

Sergio Aguero is still a man who is on top of his game. He’s had another great start to the Premier League.

However, he is now 31 years old. There will be a time when a replacement will be required. Recruiting now wouldn’t be a bad idea.

While 22-year-old Inter Milan Star, Martinez is a great option, he also has a hefty release clause in his contract.

Although, if the transfer was to go ahead, here’s a little more about the centre forward…


The Argentine is a comfortable centre forward with a great work ethic. He’s already being compared to Sergio.

He’s only experienced as a centre forward but it’s the most effective position for him. The early stages of this season have seen him score two goals and provide one assist already.


There’s a big age difference when you think about experience and style of play. However, Guardiola has spoken to Aguero in the past about his work rate and desire to pass the ball.

Martinez has proven that he wouldn’t have a problem with that. To add to this comparison, WhoScored.com have Aguero’s shot per game rate at 3.8%.

While Martinez comes in at 3.6%. That’s very close especially with age and experience considered. Overall, Aguero has a total average of 7.74% and Martinez has a rating of 7.01%. THERE’S not that much of a difference.

Is Trevor Sinclair right about Man City’s 24y/o?

Trevor Sinclair has claimed that Raheem Sterling is ‘already up there’ with Ronaldo and Messi. At only 24-years-old, how long will it be until he surpasses them?

Football fans of all loyalties will admit that Raheem Sterling is one of the best talents available right now. If those football fans are English, they have the privilege of supporting him in a white shirt on the international stage.

Sterling has scored six goals and gotten four assists in the four UEFA Euro Qualifier games so far. Which is not only a testament to England rapid improvement over recent years but also to the talent of the individual.

The winger seems to have developed a keen eye for goal. Looking to rival teammate Sergio Aguero on the Premier League goals tally, even resulting in a spat or two over who takes the penalties.

Upping his game

Sterling is currently on five goals, whilst Aguero tops the table on seven, in less game-time. Sterling rivalling himself against one of Europe’s best goal scorers demonstrates what kind of challenge Sterling is up for.

Many players have this sort of talent, and many others have this sort of appetite and attitude. However, when an individual excels in both their physical ability and their mentality, the concoction results in the type of players we hear about growing up. Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Messi, Iniesta, Van Persie etc.

Sterling is well on his way to becoming a player of that ilk, for he has not already. Performing on a domestic and national stage it pivotal to becoming one of the world’s greatest players, and he certainly does both.

Perhaps a good run or two in the Champions League, plus the retirement of Messi and Ronaldo, will be enough for the World to accept that Raheem Sterling is one of the best players in the game.

Man City’s stand out player in the opening month of the Premier League, agree?

In a Man City squad filled with depth and quality, picking out the one-star man could be tricky. However, with the calibre of performance that this player is giving the club, the choice is much more simple than expected…

Man City currently sit at second place in the Premier League table, a feeling they are not accustomed to. Liverpool currently stands atop the league, having won every game so far. Man City’s 2-2 draw at the Etihad Stadium against Tottenham Hotspur is was separates them from the Champions League winners.

However, one player, in particular, looks well on his way to clinching his side a third consecutive Premier League title.

Raheem Sterling

Sterling, who left Liverpool for Man City in 2015, has been in the shadow of striker Sergio Aguero who regularly scores the most goals for Man City in the Premier League amongst other competitions. The Argentine won the golden boot in the 2014/15 season.

As Gabriel Jesus edges his way into first-team football as Aguero edges towards 32 years old this season, it appears that Raheem Sterling is stepping up his game as he wants to be Man City’s number one goal scorer.

In the 17/18 Premier League season, Sterling scored 18 and assisted 15 in 33 games. Last season (18/19) the Jamaican-born Englishman scored 17 and assisted 12 in 34 games.

As it stands in the current season, Sterling has 5 goals and 0 assists in 4 games. But Aguero has 6 goals and 1 assist in 4 games.

Sterling and Aguero have been seen to bicker over penalty-taking rights as he looks to out-do his teammate in the goal-scoring department.

His determination to be the face of Manchester City has to lead to some fantastic performances and even better goals. His fight for the golden boot against his own teammate will likely go to the brink should both players remain injury-free.

Man City’s star forward hung out to dry by Pep

Guardiola blames long-serving Man City star for the two points dropped against Spurs.

Despite Sergio Aguero putting his team 2-1 ahead against Tottenham Hotspur, Guardiola was more concerned with his positioning during the two Spurs goals.

Guardiola has favoured Gabriel Jesus so far this season. Featuring him in the Community Shield where Aguero did not and starting him on the opening day against West Ham.

Aguero’s first start of the 19/20 season came in the 2-2 draw against Spurs that saw himself and his manager have a verbal altercation after being subbed off for Jesus. Guardiola then went on to blame the lost points on their prolific Argentinian striker.

Gabriel Jesus had a last-minute goal cancelled due to a VAR decision. Laporte appeared to use a hand during the build-up of the play. Had Jesus’ goal stood, both he and Aguero would be two for two in the Premier League. Jesus could feature much more heavily after showing evidence that he can match Aguero, and after Guardiola has publicly blamed the Argentine for the draw.

Gabriel Jesus or Sergio Aguero?

Last season, Gabriel Jesus scored 21 goals and got 6 assists in 47 appearances for the club. These are the statistics for a very good striker. But Sergio Aguero is better than very good. Aguero got 32 goals and 10 assists in 46 appearances.

Aguero, at 31, is still pivotal to Man City’s success. A fall out between himself and the manager could result in him being featured much less often this season. This would potentially result in the Blues losing 20 goals in all competitions this season.

However, with the determination of Jesus to overtake Aguero and Raheem Sterling becoming a very prolific finisher, the goals they lose from Aguero could be made up by their other talents.

The team selection in the near future will reveal the severity of Guardiola’s argument with Aguero and his displeasure with his positioning.

2 players need to step up to see Man City ease past Spurs

From one big Manchester/London game to another, Man City face Tottenham Hotspur at the Etihad in the toughest Premier League game so far.

Spurs famously knocked Man City out of the Champions League last season. Can they imitate the same kind of confidence to cause a huge upset in the race for the Premier League title?

The Premier League this season has become very complex, and ponders many questions… Will Man City run away with it? Will Liverpool slip and will Spurs step up? Who will exceed out of Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd?

Answers may begin to appear very early in the season, as Spurs face Man City at the Etihad in the second game of the Premier League.


Tottenham is now the most highly rated London team as their rivals begin to slip into the realms of the race for fourth place. Spurs’ ultimate goal should now be to win the Premier League. Manager Pochettino is well aware that his squad should not have let 3rd place slip last season. Spurs can comfortably make top 4, so all that’s worth playing for is the Premier League trophy.

This could bring out a very confident, direct and competitive Tottenham Hotspur against Man City.

Pochettino could set up in a defensive and compact manner. Seeing the likes of Ndombele and Sissoko to match David Silva and Kevin De Bruyne.

The killer for Spurs will be the direct, counter-attacking threat. However, without Son Heung-min in the side, Lucas Moura will have to be the legs for the forward line.

Man City

Asserting their dominance with a big win over Spurs could be the turning point already, where the Citizens run away with title once again. With Man Utd crushing Chelsea 4-0 at Old Trafford, matching their neighbours by obliterating a better London side.

Furthermore, beating the third-best team in the league easily, as they beat everyone else would really put a dampener on the spirits of the league.

With Sane injured, we may see Mahrez step in his place after impressing against West Ham. But having the option between him and Bernardo Silva can’t hurt their chances of success.

It is likely that Pep Guardiola will favour Gabriel Jesus over Sergio Aguero once again. But it appears Raheem Sterling is taking the reigns on the goal-scoring front, so the South Americans have to step their game up too.

Man City are the best-drilled and most confident team in the league, as well as being the most talented. But if a fully focused and motivated Tottenham Hotspur turn up to fight, they could throw a spanner in the works for Man City’s third consecutive Premier League trophy.

Does Raheem Sterling want to be Man City’s main striker?

Man City’s 5-0 victory over West Ham saw Sterling get a hattrick on an opening day. By the looks of it, there’s plenty more to see from him…

Guardiola himself has said that being a striker would be an incredible position for Sterling. Understandable, seeing as he has scored a minimum of a goal per game since the beginning of Man City’s pre-season tour.

Gabriel Jesus is beginning to see more game time as Sergio Aguero reaches the latter stages of his career at 34 years old. But it looks as though Sterling is the one keen on filling the Argentine’s boots in becoming Man City’s goal scorer.

Upon Man City receiving a penalty against West Ham, Sterling and Aguero had to debate who took it.

This demonstrates how highly Sterling believes his impact is on the squad, to challenge a figure like Aguero. His behavior, motivation, and determination show a player itching to be in thoughts of the manager, for some reason or other.

In this case, it appears that Sterling wants to be the main man at Manchester City.

The English international has been pivotal to Man City’s recent back-to-back Premier League title. Finishing second top goal scorer in both seasons, with a total of 48 goals across the two, he will be looking to take up a notch this season.

What will be different about his game this season?

Many forget that he is only 24-years of age, and it is common for wingers to develop into magnificent strikers. Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi to name a few.

Come Christmas-time and Raheem Sterling is miles ahead of Aguero and Jesus on goals will we see him become the main man up front? What would come of Jesus and who would play on the wing instead?

Sterling has become increasingly clinical in front of goal over recent months and seasons. It is evident that he wants to score goals in and around the box for Manchester City.

We could see Guardiola give him these opportunities this season should he continue bagging goals in this fashion. Let’s just hope he can do it for England.

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