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‘Man City can get out of that group with their B team’ Confidence is high following ‘easy’ draw

The UEFA Champions League group stage has been announced, and football fans on Twitter have a lot to say about Man City’s group after the official draw…

Man City have been drawn into Group C, comprised of themselves, Shakhtar Donetsk, Dinamo Zagreb and Atalanta. Guardiola is looking to be the first manager to ever win the Champions League for Man City this season. With this group, Twitter feels they’re already off to a good start…

But some are going as far as to say that Man City have a habit of getting ‘easy’ groups…

It is a popular opinion on Twitter that Man City seem to get an as easy ride in the Champions League. Last season, Man City’s knockout stages were Schalke and Tottenham and would have faced Ajax in the semi-finals had the Guardiola beaten Pochettino.

However, the side are eager to make their mark on the Champions League, and could have to beat the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and Bayern Munich along the way…

It appears that even if Man City do win the trophy, but have an easy ride getting there, people would be outraged. Citizens will have to beat a team or two of the highest quality to gain the approval of the rest of Europe.

Thumping Win Shows Man City’s Champions League Credentials

I imagine many City fans were fairly optimistic of a win in Tuesday nights Champions League fixture, Schalke are in freefall, having conceded more than three goals in every game since the 16th of February, and now facing a potential relegation battle. However, I don’t think anyone was expecting the scoreline they ended up with.

After an initially frustrating half an hour, City finally got the breakthrough they needed with a confident and composed penalty from Aguero. The floodgates then opened, with Sane fantastic against his old club, Sterling continuing his fantastic run of form, Jesus benefitting from both a sharp strike and a bit of poor goalkeeping and City darling, Phil Foden showing composure well beyond his years to become one of the youngest ever English players to score in a Champions League game.

Overall putting seven past the West German side, equalling the record for the knockout stages in the Champions League.

Schalke looked like lower league opposition, not a Champions League side at all.

Schalke are probably not the side everyone is worried about at the moment, but this was a real statement from City. Showing that the old guard are good as ever, the younger players are improving at a rapid rate and they are doing this without the likes Kevin De Bruyne, who, I feel City in previous seasons have been slightly overly dependent on. The starting line up with him back in the squad is probably even more a troubling prospect for opposition teams.

A few of the bigger teams have dropped out at an unexpectedly early stage this year, which perhaps means the freight train which is Manchester City in full flow will be harder to stop. This is Manchester City’s best chance in reaching the final, well, ever, they are looking sharp, ruthless and utterly intimidating. If the sort of sharp shooting, robust defending and assured goalkeeping we saw last night can become the norm, City could well be going all the way.

Man City Will Hope Sterling Can Continue His Hat-Trick Form Against Schalke Tonight

The Great British weather might be cold and wet, but Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling is in red hot form.

The 24 year old has been on an incredible curve of improvement of late. A few seasons ago, while his blistering pace was always impressive, his finishing and decisiveness was sometimes lacking. However, as with a number of members of this squad, Pep Guardiola has shown the ability to improve already very good players, and the patience required to do so

This fixture last time round saw 5 goals, however it was overshadowed by the serious injury to a City fan. However I have heard reports that he is no longer in a medically induced coma and is responsive, so hopefully his recovery continues to go well.

Manchester City have the class to see of Schalke, and a lot of eyes I imagine will be on Stirling.

He showed how clinical his finishing has become on Saturday evening against Watford, where he was responsible for all of City’s goals. He also scored the winner against Shalke on the reverse leg of this fixture, despite them playing 5 at the back.

Hopefully with confidence knowing that he is in good form and that he is capable of putting goals past Fahrmann, combined with Manchester City’s overall confidence from going back to top of the domestic league, and knowing they won the away fixture should hopefully prove a good game for both Manchester City and Stirling himself.

Stirling is on the cusp of becoming something of a Manchester City legend and, helping City to a good run in the Champions League will only serve to strengthen his reputation as such.