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If Rochdale start with these two and they’ll easily blow Bolton Wanderers’ youngsters away

Bolton Wanderers could be in for it after drawing Rochdale in the Carabao Cup…

The Wanderers have managed to scrape a team together by promoting youth players to regular first-team football.

Bolton sits in 23rd place after two games in League One, on -11 points. Just below is Bury is on -12, still waiting to kick off their campaign.

The shoehorned together squad of Bolton Wanderers have achieved a draw after a loss in the season so far. Rochdale have a draw and a win and proudly find themselves in 5th position on 4 points.

The two teams will face one another in the Carabao Cup at Spotland Stadium, making it all the more difficult for Bolton. Despite this, Bolton fans have been praised this season for showing immense support to their crumbling football club. Spurring their team on could inspire an upset. However, should Rochdale start either of these, it seems unlikely…

Ian Henderson

The 34-year-old striker bagged his 110th goal in League One after his double against Tranmere Rovers in a 3-2 victory. The quality he brings to the attacking play seems far beyond anything the Bolton Wanderers lineup could deal with.

Henderson has never had quite as much luck in front of goal in the Carabao Cup compared to the leagues. But towards the final stages of his career in a promising Rochdale side, we could see them go full throttle in the competition this year.

Aaron Morley

The 19-year-old midfielder has been entrusted so far this season and managed to bag himself his first goal against Doncaster, which sealed the point for his side. A game against a struggling Bolton in the Carabao Cup would be a perfect opportunity for the youngster to perform under pressure, but also allow him to build on the confidence of his goal.

Should Morley rise to the occasion, Bolton will be punished.

Two League One free agent Rochdale should be looking at – Agree?

Rochdale could improve their squad ahead of the 19/20 EFL League One campaign, for free!

Rochdale will be looking to progress from last season’s position, where they finished 16th in League One. The Dale narrowly escaped relegation by four points in the congested bottom half of the table.

Manager Brian Barry-Murphy will be well aware of the faults and strengths of his squad. Rochdale fans are due a successful and competitive league run, and next season could be the one.

In an inflated market, purchasing players can be a difficult task. Especially for lower league clubs.

In comes the concept of free transfers, players who have let their contract run down in hopes to seek a new challenge, and here are two that could solve Rochdale’s problems.

Lee Cattermole

Cattermole has been with Sunderland for the past 10 years. This summer, his loyalty to the club came to end as his contract ran out. The 31-year-old defensive midfielder saw Premier League, Championship and League One action with the North-East club.

In the 18/19 League One season, Rochdale conceded the most amount of goals in the campaign, at 87. The introduction of Cattermole would provide an experienced and solid midfielder who’s priority is the defence.

His knowledge of the game, partnered with leadership qualities, could see Rochdale’s defence become much more organised. The vocal Englishman would sit ahead of them, ultimately resulting in a more solid structure and fewer goals will be conceded.

Grant Ward

Currently injured, but set to be available in August. Grant Ward is a 24-year-old wide midfielder who has 134 games worth of experience at Championship level. With 10 goals and 18 assists in the competition.

Should Ward have a season of full fitness in a league slightly less quality than he is used to, he can provide Rochdale with the spark they need to turn defence into attack.

By bringing in defensive-minded leader Lee Cattermole, and a hungry to prove himself, Grant Ward, the balance of Rochdale could be massively improved come the start of the EFL League One campaign.

2 things Pyke will bring to Rochdale this season

We believe here at the Football Manc Cave, that the return of the forward Rekeil Pyke to Rochdale for a season-long loan could be the difference for Rochdale next season.

Pyke had an unfortunate loan spell at Rochdale last season having picked up an injury in the early days of his time at Spotland Stadium. However, after receiving treatment from his parent club Huddersfield Town, the forward made a return to The Dale. He featured in their last four games of the season, in which Rochdale won three of the four games, allowing them to survive what would have been a detrimental relegation to League Two.

The 21-year-old is a product of Huddersfield’s youth, joining them at the age of 11. Since receiving his professional contract in 2015, Pyke has been loaned out to Wrexham, Colchester, Port Vale, and most recently Rochdale. Where he is now spending another season on loan until July 2020.

Pyke only has 5 goals to his name, which came during his loan spell at Wrexham in the National League, in his 54 game-long careers so far.

However, Rochdale fans should be excited with the return of Pyke. Here are two reasons why…

Big future

Huddersfield Town was recently a Premier League side, they’ll be hoping to regain that status after next season in the Championship. Having been a part of their ranks since age 11. He has been given opportunities to grow on loan, it is clear that this big club has high hopes for the youngster. They clearly see potential in him to be a part of a successful Championship squad or, a squad that can challenge to remain in the Premier League.

Pyke is still waiting for a breakthrough season, to justify the faith put in him by his parent club. With a full injury-free season in League One, we could begin to see the future star shine.

Crucial squad member

In a troublesome and scary end to the season for The Dale, many were on the fence as to whether Rochdale would remain in the third tier of English football. But after injuries and being dropped into a relegation battle, Pyke helped his team win three of their four last games in the season. Which saw the club create a distance between themselves and the relegation zone. His ability to perform under pressure at 21 years of age could be a sign of how crucial he can be to the squad.

POLL: Who will finish highest in League One: Bolton Wanderers, Bury or Rochdale?

These three Greater Manchester sides want their club to progress and improve on last season, both on the pitch and in the wallet.

Last season, Bolton were relegated from the Championship amid financial discrepancies, leaving players and fans in the gutter. In a similar financial situation, however, Bury did the opposite and managed to get promoted into League One. And in the middle of the road, we have Rochdale, who finished 16th in League One at the end of the 18/19 season.

Regardless of your loyalties, let’s be realistic. Here are your three contestants…

Bolton Wanderers

Bolton are technically the most superior club of the three, after being relegated from the Championship, a league that neither Bury nor Rochdale has ever competed in, in it’s current format.

However, Bolton are suffering from incredibly restraining financial issues which could harm the club going into League One. This may result in players leaving the club and players unable to join. Leaving them weaker than the they were last season, in a very competitive league, many Bolton fans are concerned about their chances of getting back to the Championship.


Similarly to Bolton, Bury fans wonder whether they will even have a team to put out in August. However, despite their financial woes, they managed to breeze into the league above after a fantastic season in League Two. Bury have entered League One multiple times and could be considered a ‘yo-yo’ club as they bounce around the two leagues regularly, without ever managing to leave a dominance in League One. However, of the three teams, Bury has the best run of form and should be the most optimistic of the three clubs going into the new season.


Rochdale fans were not surprised by yet another bog-standard season for the club. However, they recently received £300,000 from Norwich City for the services of 17-year-old Daniel Adshead. This could mean one of two things, the club is looking to do business, invest and improve. Or, they are losing out on young talent that could harm the future of the side. How Rochdale spend their money this year could dictate the foreseeable future of the club.

Who will finish highest in League One

  • Bolton (57%, 116 Votes)
  • Rochdale (31%, 63 Votes)
  • Bury (12%, 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 203

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Adapt and solidify is the key to Rochdale’s season, agree?

Rochdale started last season pretty poorly but managed to beat relegation, so what will they need to do for the 2019/20 campaign?

The Dale finished 15th out of 24 teams in League One last season after a poor start and a lot of losses. The team, staff and fans will all be hoping for a better year of football, a stronger team and a higher league finish.

They managed to stay in League One however after finding their feet as a team again towards the very end of the season following Brain Barry Murphy’s appointment with the last stretch of the season to go, so what can they do to have a more successful season next campaign?

Adapt to Change of Manager

Keith Hill was Rochdale’s manager at the start of the 2018/19 football year and fans were getting annoyed with the poor results, heavy conceding of goals and the general disappointment. Brian Barry-Murphy took over the club towards the end of last season and the Rochdale team already seem more promising.

If Murphy had have come in sooner, maybe Rochdale would have had a higher finish in the league. However, he has done a brilliant job of keeping them up so I hope he can do well for them in the months to come.

Goal Difference

In January, Dale fans were fed up of seeing their team concede 4 to 5 goals a game. It’s clear to see that since a new manager has taken over, they’ve managed to control that. Although next season, they will have to keep their goal difference to a reasonable number if they want to succeed.

‘Yesss gonna smash the whites former Prem team… buzzin!!’ Some Rochdale fans are confident of a win over Bolton Wanderers in the Carabao Cup

Fans voice their opinions on Twitter after the Carabao Cup fixture release that sees Rochdale face Bolton Wanderers at home.

Bolton fans are very confident that their team can beat Rochdale in the first round of the Carabao cup. Which is unsurprising as the teams have met on three occasions prior in the Carabao cup (or equivalent) with the Wanderers emerging victorious on each occasion.

However, some Bolton fans fear they won’t even have 11 men to put out on the pitch amid their financial woes.

Not many Rochdale fans have been vocal about their stance on the draw, suggesting a lack of confidence in the side. However, one particular Rochdale fan is all for the challenge.

Both Rochdale and Bolton will face each other in League One next season after Bolton’s recent relegation from the Championship.

This local derby is sure to be fuelled by passion and aggression in what should be an interesting tie between the Greater Manchester sides on August 12th 2019, taking place at Rochdale’s ground Spotland Stadium.

‘Not a trip to one of the promoted clubs please, Bounce factor’ Rochdale fans are not overly happy about the fixtures

The long-awaited EFL League One fixtures are in, and Rochdale’s first game is away against the newly promoted Tranmere Rovers.

With Rochdale having an unimpressive few seasons and finishing only sixteenth in the EFL League One table last season. It is important to note the oppositions view on facing The Dale.

It seems as though the newly promoted Tranmere Rovers are excited about their first game of the EFL League One, and some fans believe it will be a comfortable start to the season.

Rochdale fans don’t seem too excited about the new season ahead of them, being disappointed by a lack of signings. Many fear the future of the club after the release of the fixture list.

One Twitter user may have cursed Rochdale by pleading for a non-recently promoted club to face them on their first day. However, it turns out that they will indeed be facing Tranmere Rovers, who will come into their new league on a high.

Unfortunately for The Dale, it appears as though many opposition fans are looking forward to games against Rochdale, whereas Rochdale fans themselves aren’t entirely confident in their side.

Rochdale’s first game will be away at Tranmere Rovers on Saturday the 3rd of August 2019.

Would AFC Wimbledon’s striker be a good fit for Rochdale

AFC Wimbledon have told James Hanson that he is not part of their future plans. However, according to League Two transfer rumours Rochdale has other ideas about the 31-year-old striker.

James Hanson, 31, and his League One club AFC Wimbledon have come to the mutual agreement to bring his contract to a close, with 12 months remaining on his contract.

Now being a free agent, Rochdale have expressed a keen interest in the experienced striker, who has well over 300 games in League Two and League One. Accumulating over 80 goals and 35 assists during his experience in both leagues.

Rochdale will be looking to improve on their 2018/19 EFL League One season which saw them finish 16th place, scoring 54 goals and conceding 87. This left Dale with the worst goal difference in the league, demonstrating how desperately the club need to bolster both the attack and the defence. If they are successful in improving the squad with a qualified goal scorer like James Hanson and reliable defence, we could see Rochdale finish much higher in the table next season.

A rundown of the contenders for the vacant Bury job

After Ryan Lowe decided to leave Bury for Plymouth Argyle last week, a variety of names have been swirling around for who might succeed him as manager.

Whoever does replace fans favourite Lowe will have a tough challenge on their hands. With the club back in court on the 19th June, the latest man to take over the managerial reigns could be one in administration, with that being a fairly positive outcome as well.

So which employed or unemployed coach will put pen to paper on a contract leaving them in charge of the League One side?

Keith Hill

A recent fans poll saw that 68% of fans would like to see the former Rochdale manager lead the club out of their biggest financial crisis to date. Having taken close rivals Dale to promotion twice, in 2010 and 2014, on a low budget. Many believe he would be the man to consolidate the Shakers position in England’s third tier.

What’s more, Hill is ‘not afraid’ to try his hand at taking on the challenge that is Bury FC. His most recent season at Rochdale would suggest a look in a different direction with regards to management, however. He was sacked in March at Spotland with the club on the verge of relegation. Their best form occurred when he left.

Ryan Kidd

Arguably the one the fans would want to see take over from Lowe. Head of the academy, Kidd will know just what pain fans, staff and players will have gone through over the past few months as the Shakers went for promotion.

One of previous chairman Stewart Day’s best decisions was to make Lowe permanent manager, after the previous relegation from League One. A decision of this type wouldn’t be far out of place in the current climate. Will any other coach know how bad the financial situation at Bury compared to Kidd?

David Flitcroft

A former manager at Gigg Lane, the Flitcroft era was as dramatic as they come. On a big budget, he guided Bury to promotion in his first full season in charge four years ago.

But truth be told he was never a big hit with the fans, and the majority were glad to see the back of him after a horrific run of results in League One.

Since leaving Greater Manchester, a season at Mansfield ended in failure. After spending a large part of last season in the automatic promotion places, the Stags fell short missing out on promotion with the playoffs. One of the leading candidates with bookmakers but surely a long shot for the full-time manager slot again.

The 2 Rochdale wonderkids who should be given more game time next season

Rochdale finished their 2018/19 campaign in League one at 15th place, but who can manager Brian Barry-Murphy rely on to better their next season?

There’s a couple of young players that Rochdale may benefit from seeing in their pre-season squad to see how they cope. Ramsbottom, Blackburn and Bradford are just three teams on the list of friendly’s before their league matches start, and here are two teenagers I think should get a look in…

Bradley Wade

The 17-year-old keeper is very young to be getting started in the first team, but every player must start somewhere. Wade has been a product of Rochdale’s youth and has been with the club since he was 15. He’s been on the bench a few times although it would be good to see him in the first team at some point, just to see how he manages. It’s always nice to see a keeper breakthrough the ranks and given the right guidance, could be a great back up for a few seasons.

Daniel Adshead

Another 17-year old who has come through Rochdale’s youth teams. He was 14 when he started training with the first team, which is impressive. He’s also played for England’s under 18’s 3 times.

In September 2017 he also became the clubs youngest ever player to start for the club in an EFL Trophy game, Adshead was only 16 at the time. I think he’d benefit from some more starts but could be a great midfielder for Rochdale. 

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