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Bolton should line up like this tonight as they search for their first win under Hill

Bolton Wanderers Keith Hill

Keith Hill’s Bolton side are about to face Blackpool tonight. The Football Manc Cave is looking at how the Trotters side should line up.

Before the kick-off at the University of Bolton Stadium tonight at 8 pm, we are looking at which players should get to start in trying to keep Keith Hill’s sides performance strong.

They have proven recently that they’re turning things around and just looking at the transformation in their score sheets each week confirms that. They recently managed a draw with Rochdale in the Football League Trophy, after a 1-1, they only lost on penalties.

Their 1-0 loss to Portsmouth was unfortunate as it only came in the second half after a great performance again. Another frustrating scoreline was when they drew 1-1 with Sunderland, as it looked like they would take all three points until they gave a penalty away. Bolton’s first win is on the cards.

Blackpool is currently 5th in the league and are on 19 points. It’s going to be a hard match for Bolton, however, Blackpool’s most recent form looks like this; 2-1 win against Lincoln, 1-1 draw with Accrington Stanley and won 1-0 against Doncaster. Even though they’re on good form, they’re not scoring loads of goals each week and it’s only small score sheets like 1-0 wins.

This is something Bolton could take advantage of and try to get a point out of it. Here’s how I think Keith Hill should line his team up…

Remi Matthews obviously deserves his place in goal and that won’t change. The defence should line up with Josh Emmanuel on the right, Yoan Zouma and Jack Hobbs in the middle and Adam Chicksen on the left. These four seem to do well together.

Jack Hobbs has had a great season so far and even though Yoan Zouma gave away the penalty against Sunderland. I think starting him is the right thing to do, it will help with his confidence and keep him going mentally.

Bolton’s midfield

In midfield, Liam Bridcutt obviously should go out as Captain in the middle as he’s proving to be a great leader and motivation for the rest of the midfield. Jason Lowe should accompany him with Ali Crawford and Will Buckley and Thibaud Verlinden on each wing.

Keith Hill has been working on fitness within the squad and even though Verlinden is excellent on the ball, he was replaced against Rochdale in the 61st minute by Dennis Politic. This is another sensible decision as the pair are both great additions to the team and should both be given a chance but we don’t want either to get injured.

Bolton attack

Upfront should be Daryl Murphy. He’s a new signing who has been out but now is fit again. He does have some competition now though however as Bolton signed Joe Dodoo this week.

If Keith Hill sticks to his sensible style of planning, he will probably keep him on the bench for his first game with the Whites and only bring him on in the second half but we will see later tonight.

Give them minutes: Bolton must simply give these 2 youngsters the opportunity to shine

Keith Hill has done a brilliant job with this new Bolton squad so far. It’s great to see things getting better at the University of Bolton Stadium.

As a Bolton fan, I am really proud of the young players who had to step up and play for us in difficult times. I couldn’t stress enough when we got new owners, management and new signings how much I wanted these younger players involved in the squad.

One player that I felt was up to playing for us week in, week out was Dennis Politic. I was delighted to see that Keith Hill felt the same and kept him in the starting line up. He has shone for us so far this season.

Then there are other players like Yoan Zouma. I don’t think he’s 100% ready to be in the starting line up although I do think he needs playing time.

However, he gave away a penalty in the last minutes of the game against Sunderland. He shouldn’t take too much criticism for it. It was handball and it literally could have been any player that sloppily got in the way scrambling to defend. More playing time will only build his confidence.

This is why I’ve picked out two more players who would benefit from minutes on the pitch…

Harry Brockbank

This young lad played brilliantly for us in hard times. He even went out as Captain at 20 years old. He was rewarded with a new 2-year deal to sign once the new owners took over.

I am not the only person who thinks he’s going to be a success story. Along with many fans, I think he’s deserving of the North West Football Award for Rising Star Of The Year. if you agree with me that he deserves it, you can vote here.

Adam Senior

The 17-year-old defender got his chance to shine when times were difficult for the Bolton side. He managed to impress in the 0-0 cup draw against Bradford and some even said that he was the best player on the pitch that night. Unfortunately, he missed a penalty which meant Bradford won the shootout and he will probably be quite deflated by that.

However, he shouldn’t be and this is why Keith Hill should keep giving him chances so that he can improve. At 17, he’s got a lot of time to learn and is already making a great impression so it can only get better. He is making it to the bench too so that’s positive.

Other Rising Stars

As well as these two who I would have top of my list if I was Keith Hill, there’s also goalkeeper, Matthew Alexander. Again, only 17 and played some brilliant games for us.

He is having to go on the bench as the second choice to Remi Matthews at the minute because of Ben Alnwick’s injury. However, in cup games, maybe he should be given some playing time and Matthews could have a well-deserved rest.

Ronan Darcy is another player who I would give a chance to because of his determination and hard work.

Bolton fans react after GK opens up on his tough year ‘Great attitude & talented keeper, I’m sure he’ll be a success story as Bolton move forward’

Bolton News reporter, Marc Iles sat and spoke to Bolton goalkeeper, Remi Matthews this week.

The Bolton Wanderers reporter got the chance to actually sit and speak to the goalkeeper who has had an extremely hard year. Matthews has come under the firing line from fans for a while now When you actually look at what he’s been through and the stats in the league, I think you’ll change your mind a little.

Ok the financial crisis stage of the club, Matthews tried to get noticed from other clubs in case Bolton were to go under. He had a move to Norwich fall through, he went 5 months unpaid, had a deal for him to move to Crystal Palace blocked by administrators and to top it off, things on the pitch have been even worse.

After the relegation battle last season, the 25-year-old went through a 5 game spell in which the team conceded 26 goals. This obviously led to criticism. The more shocking numbers that Marc Iles explained was that the goalkeeper has faced, on average, 25 shots per game in his 7 appearances so far this season.

The stats are high

He’s is the leagues highest saving goalkeeper with 30 shots stopped to his name so far this season. The keeper has spoken how this has been the hardest year of his life, with the financial difficulties and then now facing abuse over social media about his performances.

Some fans are very quick to think that this is all the ‘keeper’s fault without watching a game. Don’t get me wrong, I have judged Matthews after watching him sometimes, however, he deserves credit. He’s stuck with us, he’s dealing with the comments he’s getting, but people are disregarding the fact that he’s had more work to do than any other keeper in this league so far this season.

You can see why he collapsed to his knees after keeping a clean sheet against Oxford.

Here are your reactions to this interview…

3 changes Hill should make for Bolton against Oxford tonight

Bolton Wanderers lost 6-1 to Rotherham this weekend and The Football Manc Cave is looking at what Keith Hill could do in order to change things around next week.

Keith Hill has had a very difficult job to walk into. He’s having to take over a club who are on -11 points, have a huge goal difference, the obvious problems behind the scenes that have just been sorted out and a relatively new squad with youngsters and new signings.

I didn’t have high expectations for his first game in charge so when we went 1-0 up, I was shocked. The 6-1 defeat that came after this clearly had me feeling a little different, however, it’s more like the scoreline I expected.

It’s going to take a bit of time for things to start developing as the new team gel together and the manager adapts to his new job, however, here’s a few things he could do next week…

Ronan Darcy

A lot of Bolton fans will have the youngsters who had to play under Phil Parkinson down as legends. These teenagers gave it their all in League One when they were all called to action. Fans have made it pretty clear that they didn’t want these squad members completely dropped, now that new and more experienced players were in the mix.

Keith Hill did listen to this on Saturday in some areas, however, one decision he did make was to start Luke Murphy. In the 62nd minute, Hill subbed him for the youngster, Ronan Darcy. A couple of minutes later, Rotherham scored another goal, although that would be their last.

This for me goes to show that Darcy had an effect on the game and this change was appropriate. Going into the next game, maybe Hill should consider starting Darcy and bringing Murphy on if things go wrong.

Jason Lowe

Keith Hill made a very bold and brave decision by benching Jason Lowe this weekend. A lot of fans were quite happy about this because they believed other players should be taking his place.

He’s been going out as Captain in Bolton’s opening campaign for the season and this is why this change was a big one. However, opinions soon changed when the man Hill replaced him with, James Weir clearly couldn’t handle the pressure of the game and was subbed off in the 39th minute.

Things weren’t working and Jason Lowe replaced Weir at this point. Things didn’t exactly improve but at this stage, maybe the experience is needed in that area.


When you watch the highlights of the game, all you can see is yellow shirts chasing the ball or chasing the player who has broken into the attacking half. It was all a bit scrambled at that back and unorganised.

The scoreline clearly shows that. Keith Hill needs to work closely with his team to sort this issue out. In my opinion, Yoan Zouma should be given a chance. He might be a younger player, however, he’s become a fan favourite and does offer a threat at the back.

A lot of fans, including myself, are getting a little tired of watching all these goals creep past Remi Matthews, so it would be nice to see Ben Alnwick back in action.

Two more little notes that I think Keith Hill should consider is keeping Liam Bridcutt as our Captain. He put on a good display and fans were impressed by him.

One more thing is keeping Dennis Politic in the starting line up. He is a player that I have continued to put in my prediction of the starting line up, even with new options. He will turn into a heavily wanted player by other clubs, so let’s get the most out of him before he decides to leave us.

Keith Hill keeps Bolton fans in suspense over starting 11 against Rotherham, here’s how they should line up…

The Football Manc Cave is looking at how the newly bought Bolton Wanderers should line up this weekend.

Just like many other Bolton fans, I’ve been guessing at the starting line up that Keith Hill will put out against Rotherham on his first game in charge. Everything has been kept quite secret from the fans, and the anticipation is great. It’s like our season is just starting because we’ve got a new manager, new players and this weekends game will be exciting for fans.

We don’t even know the squad numbers of the new players yet so this will also be interesting. Fans know that Hill has a variety of new options to throw in the mix at Rotherham. However, fans are united in saying that the youngsters who kept playing for us throughout difficult times, should not be forgotten or left out of the squad.

I had a guess at what team Keith Hill would put out as soon as the new signings were announced. However, it’s recently been revealed that Joe Bunney, our new loanee left-back, has been involved in a car accident that has required us to look at other options for left-back.

So here’s my predicted 11…

New signing, Josh Emmanuel should be given a shot at right back to see how he copes, if things are going wrong, youngster Harry Brockbank can come on to pick up the pieces. Liam Edwards should go back into the central defence and help out fan favourite Yoan Zouma. The left-back position could be filled in by Joe White. However, Keith Hill might have a plan B that we don’t know about.

Dennis Politic

Luke Murphy and Jason Lowe remain experienced in the middle and supported by Ali Crawford on the left-wing, Thibaud Verlinden on the right and the very talented Dennis Politic who should be in the squad supporting the wingers and striker. Liam Bridcutt will more than likely be on the bench and can be brought on if needed.

Daryl Murphy is down as one to watch this weekend, most think he will be starting for the Wanderers and be alone up front. I agree and hope that we’ve been working hard on the training ground to be able to attack.

Whichever team Hill goes with, we need to earn points and get that goal difference down. However, it is just nice to be able to talk about and watch football again!

It’s all change at Bolton with this starting 11 going forward

The Football Manc Cave is looking at how Bolton Wanderers should line up now that they’ve had a host new signings and the youngsters can have a rest.

I am the first to say that changing an entire team around can be extremely dangerous to teams because players need time to gel together. However, Bolton has had it hard these first few months of the season and now that they have 9 new signings, it will be great to see them in action.

Keith Hill will be able to start afresh with new options and he’ll be able to make sure all the youngsters, who’re efforts will never be forgotten, can have some resting time to stay away from injury. So here is how I think we should line up in our next game…

I’ve picked quite a few new signings here because we need to explore our options. Personally, I have enjoyed seeing our young goalkeeper, Luke Hutchinson play, however, he does need rest and Remi Matthews will no doubt be called back into action.

Our starting point needs to be our defence with the goals we have been conceding. Although now that we have some more experienced options in all positions, it should be easier for our time to last 90 minutes and not get as tired. Yoan Zouma has become a fan favourite and should be kept in the squad. Harry Brockbank has also been outstanding, along with Adam Senior, but as I said, these kids need a rest.

This is where new signings, Joe Bunney and Josh Emmanuel come into play.

Midfield area

Jason Lowe will no doubt be back to Captain the Bolton squad along with Luke Murphy. Although I think Dennis Politic may be put on the bench and brought on later in games for the next few weeks while the youngsters rest. I do think he should be a regular in the team, even though we have new options. His efforts have been brilliant.

New signings Ali Crawford and Thibaud Verlinden should be used to fill spaces that the youngsters have been playing in. I just hope that we don’t over phase ourselves with newbies because it’s the first week with them in the squad.

And finally, new signing, Daryl Murphy should go alone upfront. While we need to try to be defensive at first, it would be great to see goals too. Fans wanted Murphy in the squad and we’re really happy when he was confirmed.

I hope that whatever squad Keith Hill picks, that it works out. Even though playing teenagers haven’t been the best and most appropriate start to the season. At least we’ve now prepared these youngsters in case we need them at any point, and I’m sure their efforts in recent weeks will be rewarded with more appearances as the season goes on.

‘So proud of Bolton Wanderers today. Youngsters wore the shirt with pride, and what can you say about our support. Fantastic’

Bolton Wanderers started their campaign in league one by losing 2-0 to Wycombe. The Football Manc Cave takes a look at your views.

Bolton were definitely the underdogs in the game as they were expected to lose with their current circumstances. No owners until the very last minute, a last-second mock-up kit and a team of youngsters with only a few seniors returning due to payment issues.

As a Bolton fan myself, I’m surprised. I thought they’d have lost the game about 3 or 4-0 and the inexperienced players managed to keep it a draw until half time. The fans were also the 12th man on the pitch with the noise they were making. Going forward, I’m excited to see these players progress under the take over circumstances and as Bolton get back on top.

Here’s what you thought…

‘I’m not hopeful for the rest of the season although I certainly am proud of the players’ Bolton Wanderers finally start the season

Bolton Wanderers lost 2-0 to Wycombe Wanderers on their opening fixture in League One.

I’ve been reporting on Bolton all summer, and the financial problems that made them a doubt for even starting this season. We obviously had no owners and have been trying to get that sorted all summer. We’ve had players that haven’t been paid in months who have had no other option other than to walk away from the club. This put us in massive doubts to even start the season. News broke that a take over was due to happen and we had to wait over three weeks to hear any developments.

Players ended up going on strike and we even lost some of our most valued senior squad members like David Wheater. It was also revealed that Josh Magennis had refused to travel for the game because of all the payment issues. Despite rumours that the team had been paid the morning of this match. So naturally, going into this game, we were the underdogs.

Starting Line Up

The squad consisted of Remi Matthews, Jason Lowe who captained the inexperienced team, Luke Murphy, Erhun Oztumer, James Weir, Harry Brockbank, Dennis Politic, Liam Edwards, Yoan Zouma, Josh Earl and Eddie Brown. With only one friendly played in pre-season due to strikes, this side would have needed to pull off a miracle to win.

As well as the team being a problem, the kit was also facing issues. We didn’t have the money to partner with anyone to have a kit designed. The day before this game, it was revealed that we would have a Hummel kit going forward and that Bolton would have ongoing discussions with them to provide the kit for the rest of the season. For the time being, coping with just one kit was the plan.

As we got to Wycombe, this news that our kit could possibly cause problems was announced. Apparently, there was a cause for concern that our kit clashed with Wycombe’s home kit.

So as well as the team consisting of youngsters and players who hadn’t had much of a pre-season campaign, our only kit may have clashed with our opponents.


Fortunately, the game went ahead with the players in the kit they planned on playing in. Bolton fans sold out their end of the ground and were as loud as ever in supporting these men. The players and management even acknowledged their support and thanked them.

Checking the score at half time was something I was dreading. I expected about 2-0 at that point. To everyone’s surprise, these lads had managed to get to the halfway mark with a draw, 0-0.

Unfortunately, their efforts were ended in the second half as we lost 2-0. However, these lads should be so proud. They went into this game expected to do a lot worse. Bolton fans I have spoken to have had nothing but good things to say about this squad. They might have lost but what they’ve accomplished as a team in the hardest time the clubs faced is inspiring.

I’m not hopeful for the rest of the season although I certainly am proud of the players that have had to step up and also, credit to Phil Parkinson for keeping these lads going even though they’ve all been going through the worst times.

Are ‘Vulture’s’ Norwich City right to take advantage of Bolton Wanderers’ crisis?

Bolton youngster, Dennis Politic may be about to become the clubs next departure according to Alan Nixon.

The journalist tweeted how Norwich City are going to exploit the troubles at Bolton by signing the 19-year old for free.

The Romanian player is a product of Bolton’s youth. He’s been a part of their Under 18’s squad and Under 23’s. The midfielder went on loan to Salford City last season and impressed, as he scored twice in eleven games. Unfortunately, a shoulder injury prevented him from being a part of the Ammies play off final and promotion at Wembley.

Politic hasn’t yet been a part of Bolton’s senior squad. However, my guess is that this season he would have been a part of the first team, now that he’s had experience somewhere else. Now it looks like he could depart the club and it wouldn’t surprise me if he did. At least if he left Bolton, he’d be going to a club that would definitely be able to offer him football and his wages.

Bolton upset

The part of the rumour that is causing most upset is the fact that the 19-year-old could go for free. Some Bolton fans have accused Norwich of being ‘vultures’ in trying to pray on such a vulnerable and troubled club.

However, fans have been divided on the subject. As most haven’t realised that Bolton Wanderers still owe Norwich City for the transfers of Yanic Wildschut and Remi Matthews. Norwich fans have already worked out that them getting the player for free will come as payment for the debt Bolton are in with them.

As much as I think the youngster would have been a key part to the team next season. If Bolton can sort out their problems, this negotiation with Norwich may settle a debt that we still can’t afford. It’s not the answer and there’s still a lot of work to do, but at least the Canaries can move on from being back and forth with the Trotters over money.

As for Politic, this will be a good move for him. He deserves a chance at another club as the winger has worked hard to prove himself. Going to Salford was a big move for him, even if it was just a loan spell. He got the chance to play football for the club, which he didn’t get a chance to do with Bolton’s senior squad. It’s just a shame that it has had to come to this for Bolton if the rumours are true.