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2 Real Madrid players Man Utd should go for instead of Kroos

Paul Pogba’s move to Real Madrid could result in a player moving the other way. But who can Man Utd go for to replace the midfielder?

Real Madrid made attempts to sign Paul Pogba in summer, but the Reds managed to keep hold of their prized midfielder for one more season.

With Man Utd’s current midfield lacking in both depth and quality, they already need to sign one or two midfielders without the loss of Paul Pogba. With the loss of Pogba, that adds yet another item to the shopping list for Man Utd, who have several positions already that need more depth.

According to reports, Real Madrid are considering using the 29-year-old German midfielder Toni Kroos in their attempt to sign Pogba for a lower price than what Man Utd originally set for their star man.

However, there are 2 players Man Utd could use more than Toni Kroos and should be offered by Real Madrid in a swap plus cash deal for Paul Pogba…


27-year-old Brazilian international Casemiro has been a successful defensive midfielder with the Spanish giants since moving from Sao Paulo in 2013. Spending six years in Madrid will have given Casemiro the talent, fitness and pedigree to slot nicely in front of Solskjaer’s back four and play a pivotal role in transitioning from defence to attack.

Gareth Bale

Man Utd was rumoured to be considering a loan deal for Bale in summer. The Welshman has been out of favour in Madrid despite proving his class on multiple occasions. A recent example is being taken off in the 3-0 defeat to PSG although he was their best player on the night.

Bale’s astronomical wages could be a difficulty in the process, but Man Utd certainly need quality in their side and will have to spend big to get it.

Man Utd must get one of these 3 midfielders in January following released funds

Man Utd fixed their defence in summer, with two fantastic transfers. But after the departure of Ander Herrera with no replacement, their midfield is looking like the bane of their bid for top four. If Man Utd want any chance of Champions League football next season, they must sign one of these three midfielders in January…

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s promise to rebuild the squad looked like a smokescreen due to the state of the squad after the summer transfer window. But after offloading many “non-fan favourites” to Italian clubs, things looked on the up once again. Now, reports are suggesting that Solskjaer and Woodward have met to discuss the reinvestment of the £75million sale of Romelu Lukaku to Inter Milan.

Perhaps the Man Utd board are beginning to take the club’s legacy seriously.

With funds available in January, and Man Utd in dire need of a new midfield, Solskjaer should target one of the following midfielders, if not all of them…

James Maddison

Man Utd might have to look over at their sixth place competitors Leicester City once again. Having already signed Harry Maguire from the club in summer.

Their attacking midfielder James Maddison created more chances than any other player in the Premier League last season. Which is exactly what Man Utd are lacking quality in.

Furthermore, the 22-year-old fits in with Solskjaer’s requirements of being young, hungry and clued up on English football.

Luka Modric

Man Utd has no commanding midfielders. The 34-year old’s contract is up come to the end of the season and can replace Nemanja Matic as the experienced talent to run the midfield.

Despite being a senior player, and not exactly fit the mould of a typical Solskjaer target. Having one of the world’s best midfielders to help out for 18 months whilst the manager perfects the squad can cause little to no harm.

Florentino Luis

Man Utd scouts have been enjoying the watch of Benfica’s defensive midfield maestro Florentino Luis. Having a competent defensive midfielder is crucial to this Man Utd side as Paul Pogba and Scott McTominay does not excel under the pressure of this role.

Having a natural, young talent guarding the back four, will allow Pogba and McTominay to flourish in their preferred positions of an advanced box-to-box midfielder.

Man Utd stand strong as they set Pogba January sale price

Paul Pogba’s dream of moving from Man Utd to Real Madrid could finally materialise as soon as January. This will make the upcoming season one of ups and downs for a few reasons…

If you asked me for a price to set on Paul Pogba, you’d have to tip an eight on its side. There is no price that Pogba can depart for which will benefit the future of Manchester United unless every penny of the quoted £179million for his services is reinvested into a brand new midfield.

But bear in mind, when Cristiano Ronaldo departed Man Utd, he was replaced with Gabriel Obertan and Michael Owen… A club with ambition right?!

What will happen to Man Utd if Pogba leaves in January?

Many Man Utd fans fear that the board will fail to invest in the club correctly upon the sale of Paul Pogba. Selling him in January will only allow for three or four weeks to find a suitable replacement, whilst also attempting to sign a further midfielder which the side desperately need already.

With Paul Pogba, Man Utd have the 8th best midfield in the Premier League. Without him, you’d need to look at the Championship to find any comparisons. That is why Paul Pogba cannot be sold unless plans for his replacement are already in place.

But again, bear in mind that the transfers of Harry Maguire and Aaron Wan-Bissaka took more than four weeks to complete, resulting in Man Utd giving in to the initial asking price anyway.

Love or hate Paul Pogba, he is the only outfield player in the squad who could walk into any other European giant’s dressing room.

It is unlikely that Man Utd will replace Pogba with a player of his calibre. If they do, it will be a player who is merely seeking an astronomical wage.

Is Man Utd going round in circles despite the promise of a rebuild? Should it continue, there is no cap to how far down this once great club could plummet to.

What if 32 goals-midfielder had joined Man Utd in the summer?

Man Utd was linked to several midfielders over summer. Fans were furious on deadline day when no additions to the midfield were made, and foretold the struggles that Man Utd would face…

In Man Utd’s opening fixtures they have suffered one defeat and two draws, winning only one game using counter-attacks. This is worrying as most teams will now know to defend in a compact manner against the Reds. As recent games have shown that they do not have the midfield to pick out a man against a solid defence.

This is where the well-rounded midfielder Bruno Fernandes comes in. Last season, Bruno Fernandes scored 32 and got 18 assists in 53 appearances for Sporting Lisbon, drawing interest from clubs such as Man Utd, Real Madrid, Tottenham and Liverpool.

His form has continued into the current season. Fernandes has scored 2 and assisted 4 in four games in Liga Nos so far. Undoubtedly, he is one of the greatest midfielders in European football. He would have jumped at the chance to join Man Utd and prove himself on a much bigger stage.

Where would Man Utd be with Bruno Fernandes?

Should Bruno Fernandes have joined Man Utd in summer, I wholeheartedly believe that the Reds would have won each of their games so far this season.

On top of that, Paul Pogba having a talented midfielder to play alongside may have gone some way in encouraging him to stick around at Old Trafford. Increasing the chances that he will partake in the rebuild of Man Utd. The opportunities presented to the forward three of James, Martial and Rashford would also increase massively. Let alone the quality of football being displayed.

Overall, bringing in Bruno Fernandes, or any superstar creative midfielder, would have transformed this under-performing Man Utd. As a key ingredient would have been added. But most importantly, of course, it would have made the recent transfer window a lot more interesting.

Forget Bailly: Man Utd should look at these 2 replacements with Italian giants circling

Solskjaer has opted to promote 21-year-old Axel Tuanzebe to the bench after Eric Bailly’s pre-season injury. However, should an injury occur to Harry Maguire or Victor Lindelof, there will be a lot of pressure on the youngster who is unproven in handling such circumstances…

Upon Bailly’s return, it is assumed that he will make it back to the bench as Man Utd’s third-choice centre-back. However, the Ivorian defender has reportedly been of interest to the Italians Juventus.

Should Bailly opt to leave the club to fulfil a similar role in Serie A, Man Utd need to look at replacements. Although Solskjaer enjoys relying on his youth, it is not enough defensive firepower to achieve a top-four finish.

With this in mind, Solskjaer should be looking for a replacement defender who can step-in for Maguire or Lindelof in games that Axel Tuanzebe might not cope with.

Here are two defenders who would be good options to replace Bailly…

Sergio Ramos

Ramos will be 34 years old next summer. He will soon see much less game time in his career, particularly at national level.

This could inspire the seasoned professional to make a big-money move for the remaining years of his career. With his contract expiring in 2021, his fee could be considerably less than what Bailly with fetch from Juventus.

Having Ramos as a rotational defender for one or two seasons whilst Tuanzebe gains experience would cover a potential weakness in the line-up. Furthermore, his fiery nature, experience and leadership qualities are exactly what this Man Utd side needs.

Leonardo Bonucci

In the same vein, Bonucci, 32, is a seasoned professional who might accept rotational football for a large wage to fulfil a similar role Ramos could, a temporary fix whilst prospect Tuanzebe becomes ready to make an impact.

With Juventus looking to make a large number of transfers, they may be willing to part with this world-class defender in exchange for Eric Bailly.

90m Man Utd star looking to see out his contract and leave for free

It is no secret that the financial and footballing decisions at Man Utd have been below par in recent years. Man Utd needs to learn from the past and let Pogba go at the end of the season…

According to a report from Marca, Paul Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola has ensured Man Utd that the Frenchman will not to renew his contract ending in June 2021 and that the US owners demand close to 200 million euros.

Ander Herrera recently departed Man Utd to PSG, for absolutely free. Herrera was a fan favourite at the club, being the second-best midfielder. His work-rate, passion and skill left him being sought after by Europe’s top clubs. They would surely have still seen an interest if they had to spend some cash for him. Transfermarkt suggests that the Spaniard’s current value stands at £22.5million. Had he left for even £15million, that could have gone some way to improve the squad for the current season

David De Gea finds himself in a similar situation. Being offered a new contract of £350,000 per week, it appears the great goalie is stalling in order to see whether Man Utd have a shot at Champions League football next season. Should they fail, De Gea’s weekly wage would decrease from £350,000 to £263,000.

With his one year extension triggered in summer, David De Gea could leave for free after this season. Should he be sold instead, he would most definitely bring in a world-record fee for a goalkeeper.

Why should Pogba be granted a move?

Pogba’s price falls the longer he reaches the end of his contract, in June 2021. With public knowledge that the Frenchman wants to leave, it gives Real Madrid the upper-hand in forcing a lower fee. Should they not find agreement and Pogba honours the full length of his contract, the Reds would be losing out on well over £100million.

Should the US owners have wanted at least £150million, he should have been some this summer. With only one year left after this season, the desperation to sell will drive a lower bargain for Zidane’s Madrid, his favoured destination.

Should Man Utd had the appropriate football staff to conduct such transfer negotiations, Pogba could have been sold for £150million this summer and had those funds turned into a brand new midfield for Solskjaer, solving almost every problem they currently have on the pitch.

Man Utd midfielder is destined to clash with managers, claims the man who discovered him

Franck Sale, Le Havre’s chief recruiter, discovered Paul Pogba when he was only 12 years old. He has claimed that if Pogba moves to Real Madrid, he could encounter the same issues he has at Man Utd.

Franck Sale told Optus Sport “If Paul has a coach with a strong personality around him, in time there will be a clash somewhere.”  Sale is firm in his opinion of Paul Pogba, that he is a very strong-minded character who will find a way to get what he wants out of his career. It is clear that the Frenchman is itching to join Zidane’s Real Madrid, but Sale believes that “If tomorrow he goes to a big club like a Real Madrid, he’ll still have his conflicts, even with Zizou [Zidane].”

This is worrying for Paul Pogba’s career, whether it be confidence or arrogance, clashing with managers never tends to go down well. For neither the club, the player and the team’s results.

Is Pogba bad for Man Utd?

Jose Mourinho, however harsh it may be, described Paul Pogba as a ‘virus’. Regarding Sale’s comments, it may be the case that Jose had a point in his accusation.

If Pogba can’t follow the instructions of the world’s greatest managers such as Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson, expecting him to perform for the inexperienced Ole Gunnar Solskjaer almost seems laughable.

With Zidane being highly regarded in France, though, we could finally find a manager that Pogba will give the utmost respect to.

This season with Man Utd will give fans a real insight into Pogba’s determination to help the Reds get back to the top. Should he leave and have his large fee re-invested into a brand new midfield and Man Utd vastly improve, questions have to be asked of Paul Pogba’s influence in the dressing room.

A player should never be above the manager, nor the club. This seems to be the case with Paul Pogba, whether it be the fault of his own or not. Maybe a Man Utd without Pogba wouldn’t be so bad after all, as long as his quality is replaced by someone of similar ability.

On the other hand, Pogba is Man Utd’s only world-class midfielder. Without him this season, the club could easily sink down to a mid-table position. Staying another year for the club would be a large testament to his character and professionalism, and is definitely respectable.

2 positives and 2 negatives for Man Utd should Pogba leave

European football clubs still have until September to sign players. Could we see Man Utd lose Paul Pogba in the coming weeks? And how on Earth would Solskjaer cope with even less midfield quality?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has appraised Paul Pogba even before joining as a manager. He said he would aim to build a squad around the midfielder, but have these plans changed after Pogba’s plans changed?

There is no doubt that, should Pogba stay this season, Solskjaer will be building and aiming high with his team in order to gain the approval of the Frenchman.

Should Man Utd come away with silverware, a top-four finish and the feeling of a positive future, Paul Pogba may well decide to commit to the club.

But preparing for the worst is always the best option. Man Utd needs to learn how to survive without Pogba or a replacement.

Here are the pros and cons of Paul Pogba leaving (this month).


Man Utd and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer have stressed the fact that they have no interest in players who are not ready to commit to the club. By dismissing Paul Pogba, it would be a huge statement about what type of character they want in the squad.

Youth development

Losing a senior player without a replacement inline offers little progression for the club except for the involvement of youth. By losing Paul Pogba, there would be space for players ranging from Fred and Pereira to James Garner to step up to the plate.

Goodbye top four

Man Utd would have nowhere near enough quality to finish top four without Paul Pogba. Against Chelsea, the Blues could have easily scored one or two goals on a different day. Paul Pogba was heavily involved with two goals with fantastic assists, meaning that the Reds may well have come away without three points had Pogba been absent.

Angry fans

The fan base would be furious. As at least £150million will go into the owner’s wallet until the next disappointing transfer window. Having failed to secure a midfielder in summer, fans would feel as though they had been robbed blind should Pogba leave in the current transfer window.

2 positives and 2 negatives to Paul Pogba staying for Man Utd

Solskjaer has been confident throughout the transfer window that Paul Pogba will remain with Man Utd this season. However, reports suggest that the Frenchman is still eager to move to Real Madrid.

Paul Pogba still wants to leave Man Utd despite their drastic change in style which resulted in the emphatic 4-0 win over Chelsea, according to La Liga outlet Marca.

Man Utd is undefeated so far since the beginning of pre-season. They also got off to a great start by thumping Chelsea. Unfortunately for Man Utd, it seems this may not be enough to keep Pogba in the side, long term.

Other European leagues have until September to sign players, meaning that Pogba could still go to Real Madrid in the coming weeks. However, it appears likely that the World Cup winner will remain at the club for another season. Here are the pros and cons of keeping him…

World Class

Man Utd’s world-class talents include David De Gea, Paul Pogba and the painfully out of form Alexis Sanchez. Pogba’s class proves permanent in games like Chelsea at Old Trafford where he looks sloppy and out of form but pulls off two incredible assists against a top-four rival.


Paul Pogba offers much more than just class on the field. The midfielder is closely knitted with the likes of Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard, Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood. Having a group of friends playing football together will perpetuate the positive mindset instilled by Solskjaer over recent weeks.


Wanting to leave

We have seen a lacklustre Paul Pogba when he was dissatisfied with the previous manager Jose Mourinho. There is a potential for Paul Pogba to kick up a fuss and play at 50% due to not getting the move he wants. This toxicity and lack of effort could totally unravel this Man Utd side.


The Man Utd board and coaching staff have claimed that they have no time for players who don’t want to be part of the club. Which explains why so many signings fell through this summer. However, Paul Pogba himself doesn’t want to play for Manchester United. So were the board untruthful or does Paul Pogba get special treatment?

Domino effect: Man Utd, Spurs, Juventus and Barcelona eye up crazy transfer day window finish

One transfer could result in another as all the top teams are eyeing similar talents, on what should be a crazy transfer deadline day.

The top teams in Europe are in a crazy transfer mess as of right now. One signing of specific players could ignite a chain of transfers between the European giants.

The Football Manc Cave brings you the story of the one the craziest transfer windows ever, it goes something like this…

Spurs, Coutinho, Lo Celso and Bruno Fernandes

It’s been all over the news that Sporting Lisbon’s golden boy Bruno Fernandes has been seeking a move to the Premier League, most likely to be Man Utd. However, Spurs are now linked to him, Barcelona’s Coutinho and Lo Celso to play in the attacking midfield roles. Should they bring in any of these midfielders, it could result in one of their own moving to a rival club…

Man Utd, Barcelona and Eriksen

Should Eriksen be replaced be Bruno Fernandes, who is rumoured to have been a target of Solskjaer’s, Man Utd may well be forced to sign their wantaway midfielder Christian Eriksen for a phenomenal fee. However, should the likes of Coutinho or Lo Celso move, Man Utd would still have an option of Bruno Fernandes.

But with the heavy price placed on Eriksen for other Premier League clubs of £130million, a move to La Liga looks more likely, as Barcelona could snatch him for less than £50million.


Real Madrid and Pogba

Real Madrid attempted a £27.6million bid plus James Rodriguez for the French World Cup winner, which was rejected by Man Utd. But it demonstrates how desperate manager Zinedine Zidane is for his signature. Should Paul Pogba make his current manager Solskjaer look silly and leave the club this summer, Man Utd would then need to bring two midfielders into their side.

Juventus and Lukaku… and Dyala too

Juventus have been keen to sign Romelu Lukaku this summer, making a bid involving their Argentine Paulo Dybala. This fell through due to complications over wages. But Juventus are still keen on bringing the forward in despite telling Dybala he was surplus to requirements. This could leave the Argentine desperate for a move away, and Tottenham Hotspur has reportedly bid £64.4million for him.

Dybala to Tottenham would allow Juventus to afford Romelu Lukaku, however, this deal looks off due to Inter Milan stumping up some serious cash for the Belgian. This would leave Solskjaer desperate to bring in a striker.

However, should Pogba move to Real Madrid, Man Utd would have to look at Bruno Fernandes as well as Eriksen, who may have his price lowered due to Tottenham desperate to recoup funds from the Dybala move.

It’s a whirlwind of a transfer window, and all will be revealed on deadline day.

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