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Two Heavyweights Go The Distance and Man City Find One More KO Punch Over Liverpool

It’s been an incredible battle at the top of the table this season in the Premier League, with Manchester City and Liverpool going toe to toe for most of 2019.

Liverpool looked to put some distance between them and Peps men over Christmas, but the relentlessness of Manchester City meant that a hares breath separated the two teams on the final day.

I imagine several fans were nervous, and this was not helped by Liverpool getting an early goal or Brighton going ahead. Had we blown it…Had we heck.

If there is one man you want to get a ball to in front of goal it’s Sergio Aguero, and he scored a cool goal to get City level. Some shocking defending from Brighton helped Laporte pop with an excellent header, followed by a strike from Mahrez that was arguably his best moment of the season. A free kick Beckham would have been proud of saw City win, not only a game against a struggling side as expected but the League title.

The game as a whole was something of a metaphor for their whole season, going behind and leaving it nerve-wrackingly late to land the win.

All season city have been fantastic, less a few odd results losing to Crystal Palace and Newcastle. When they have got going they have been like a freight train, frankly unstoppable. Embodied again in the game against Brighton when they scored four in a show of strength and quality.

Perhaps the most incredible thing about a team winning the league with 98 points, and winning 14 games in a row is the manager doesn’t believe this team is “done.” Guardiola is a relentless perfectionist and thinks there is room for improvement in this side, which arguably on their day are the best in Europe. Perhaps fielding the best players in the world, in the likes of De Bruyne, Arguero and the player he improved beyond recognition, Sterling.

With this in mind City’s domination looks set to continue indefinitely, and it’s hard to see how the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and Man United can catch up.

A thrilling end to a thrilling season, and the excitement keeps building for what’s to come.

Man City fans, is this season and back-to-back titles your best yet?

Man City Will Hope Sterling Can Continue His Hat-Trick Form Against Schalke Tonight

The Great British weather might be cold and wet, but Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling is in red hot form.

The 24 year old has been on an incredible curve of improvement of late. A few seasons ago, while his blistering pace was always impressive, his finishing and decisiveness was sometimes lacking. However, as with a number of members of this squad, Pep Guardiola has shown the ability to improve already very good players, and the patience required to do so

This fixture last time round saw 5 goals, however it was overshadowed by the serious injury to a City fan. However I have heard reports that he is no longer in a medically induced coma and is responsive, so hopefully his recovery continues to go well.

Manchester City have the class to see of Schalke, and a lot of eyes I imagine will be on Stirling.

He showed how clinical his finishing has become on Saturday evening against Watford, where he was responsible for all of City’s goals. He also scored the winner against Shalke on the reverse leg of this fixture, despite them playing 5 at the back.

Hopefully with confidence knowing that he is in good form and that he is capable of putting goals past Fahrmann, combined with Manchester City’s overall confidence from going back to top of the domestic league, and knowing they won the away fixture should hopefully prove a good game for both Manchester City and Stirling himself.

Stirling is on the cusp of becoming something of a Manchester City legend and, helping City to a good run in the Champions League will only serve to strengthen his reputation as such.