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Here’s Two Reason’s Why Oldham Athletic Fan’s Should Be Excited By The Thierry Henry Backed Binade

The Latics have been without a manager since Paul Scholes left back in March but they may have found their answer in Laurent Banide. 

Oldham fans found out yesterday that the Frenchman has signed a one year deal with the club, following Pete Wild’s temporary stint and this could be exciting if the 51-year-old can work his magic. Thierry Henry has previously backed Banide stating that he was one of the most influential coaches in his playing career. This has got to be promising for Oldham and their fans.

Henry’s backing aside, what else can he bring to the club? 


Laurent has spent the last decade managing various clubs in the Middle East. Just a few include Monaco, Al-Nast, Al-Dhafra and Al Orobah. It’s not just managing that he’s been a part of, he’s also been a big part of a lot of clubs coaching staff and with him playing such a big part, he’s now been managing since 1990.

The long list of clubs year after year may be a worry that he hasn’t been able to stay at a club for a long period of time, although if he does well in this deal, he could be tempted to stay with Oldham. 

Chairman’s Backing 

Once the deal was done, Oldham chairman, Abdallah Lemsagam said he was delighted to welcome the Frenchman and, that he was looking forward to working with him in the 2019/20 campaign. He believes he has chosen the right man to take his club forward, and if he can deliver this would mean more money to invest in players and transfers, better results and hopefully climbing the league. 

RUMOUR MILL: Sol Campbell To Oldham, A Serious Consideration or Just Another Long Shot?

According to current odds, Sol Campbell is favourite to become the next Oldham manager after the postseason exit of Peter Wild.

There appears to be no solid proof that he’s even interested, however, it has still been reported in the local press which in turn gives those looking for clues added signs that it is true.

This is in spite of his declaration, that he intends to still be around at Macclesfield when next season commences but has ‘limited patience’ with off-field goings-on affecting his squad. Presumably, he would be expected to ignore the Oldham off the pitch sideshow if he made the move to Boundary Park.

On paper, Campbell would be an ideal candidate for the job. Not because he has vast experience at managing a lower level side but because he defied all odds to keep Macclesfield in League Two and, has witnessed at first hand a club in steep decline.

It has to be accepted that Campbell did an excellent job in keeping the Silkmen in this division, given that the odds were stacked against him. The point Macclesfield gained on the last day of the season was enough to keep them up, but the unpaid players nearly boycotted the game as a protest. Given the importance of the fixture however, they recanted and managed to get the result they needed.

If merely being able to keep a side in the lowest division is looked upon as a success, then Campbell may well become Abdallah Lemsagam’s fifth managerial appointment since he arrived. Oldham must surely be looking to improve on last seasons league position, given that two of the clubs who came down with us have managed to return to League One at the first time of asking.

The list of possible managers includes many who have failed at this level and, Campbell still has a great deal to do to prove that he is capable of steering a side to promotion. Given that the Oldham job is supposedly looked on as a poisoned chalice, Sol may well think he is better off at a club without a Chairman, with players threatening strike action and facing a winding-up order in the High Court.

If that is anywhere near the truth, the club is indeed locked in a downward spiral that few managers would be keen to try and reverse.

Three Things Lemsagam Can Do To Win Back The Oldham Athletic Fans Trust

Oldham are going through yet another period in their history that no one will want to be reminded of in years to come. Some may say that all we will have is memories in a few years time but, there is always room for a positive outlook.

While I acknowledge that we are at our lowest football league position for many years, we have been very close to extinction in the past but at present that is not something that we are facing.

What we are facing is having a managerless club with an owner who is viewed largely with suspicion and, a playing squad that in its present form would be lucky to come second in a two horse race never mind challenge for promotion next season. Given that the 18/19 season is over, there is only one person whose actions can have any effect on the current problems and that is owner Abdallah Lemsagam.

I cannot possibly believe that someone would take over a club, pump money into it then attempt to destroy it, especially if they didn’t own the ground. Rather than try and paper over the criticisms of Lemsagam, I believe there are at least three things he could do to try and pacify those who believe everything they read on social media.

He might then be taken a little more seriously…


This is certainly not AL’s strongest point and has no doubt led to the string of allegations. One of the latest was that he wanted to close the club’s Academy so that Peter Wild didn’t have a job to fall back on.

This news was apparently met with incredulity when put to him by the Trust, and the club succinctly put that story where it belonged by announcing the new Academy intake of ten players. Far better would be a monthly update on any plans that he has for the future of the club.

Leave the choice of playing staff to those who know something about it.

One of the players who has just departed was Urko Vera. It is highly unlikely that stand in coach Peter Wild knew a great deal about Vera and that he was looking for a club. As it turned out, Vera was less than useless and should have been a sign to Lemsagam that signing players should be left to the professionals.


At present, there are an awful lot of Latics fans who would like to see the back of AL. Many have vowed not to renew season tickets or step foot in Boundary Park again unless he leaves. A winning start to next season would cure that of course, but if AL is out of his depth he should do the right thing and walk away.

However, that would leave the door open for somebody with perhaps even less credibility to walk in, and we would be back to square one.

Surely nobody wants that.

Pete Wild’s Time at Oldham Athletic is One To Remember for Three Reasons

When you find yourself writing about a departing coach/manager for the third time in a season there can be a fair assumption that the wheels haven’t just come off at Boundary Park, they are rolling down the hill destroying everything in their path.

Peter Wild was a name a lot of people weren’t familiar with when he stepped into departing Frank Bunn’s shoes, following the 6-0 thrashing by Carlisle on Boxing Day. It was suggested at the time that Wild was only given the role, as there were very few people left who were available after the sackings/resignations of a good number of the backroom staff.

He was and still is I might add, regarded as a ‘decent bloke’ with Latics coursing through his veins, with time and patience to pose for photos and share a pint with fans. He could have been forgiven for being completely out of his depth, having only had experience at the youth team level but he undoubtedly knew the players well and quickly applied himself to the task in hand.

There are perhaps more factors people could come up with but for the present, Wild’s short tenure will be remembered for three key reasons:

Fulham 1 Oldham 2 FA Cup 3rd rd

There are young supporters at Oldham who have been starved of any sort of memories that they can pass on to their children. Latics win at Fulham had all the ingredients of an ‘I was there’ game and not only did it receive nationwide coverage for the manner in which Athletic played, it included footage of our manager doing a mad Dad dance on the touchline.

I’m convinced that Frank Bunn couldn’t have got that sort of performance out of the players, and the day didn’t just belong to Lang, Surridge, Iversen and the 4000 Latics fans, it belonged to Wild as well.

Six game Unbeaten Run

When Scholes jumped ship following the defeat at Lincoln, very few people expected us to still have a chance of making the playoffs. Scholes had turned Wild’s tenacious side, into one that looked lost and rolled over easily when things weren’t going well.

Despite that, Wild’s side embarked on a six-game unbeaten run with three wins a row to start with. Promotion hopefuls Tranmere on a seven-win sequence were made to look ordinary, as Latics cruised past them. Mansfield, also aiming for a top three place found Athletic in no mood to roll over, with the six-game run became four wins and two draws with the exact same players that Scholes had at his disposal.

Loyalty is a dirty word

There is very little loyalty in football. Players can kiss their club badges one day then sign for their most hated rivals the next. Anyone who shows even the slightest amount of loyalty is destined to find themselves without a job at short notice if their face no longer fits. Unlike Scholes, we are told Wild approached owner Abdallah Lemsagam about leaving because he wanted to spend some time away from football for personal reasons.

As that is the only official reason given at present we can either accept that or, believe the unsubstantiated assortment of rumours on social media. Whatever the true story is, at present the news is yet again focused on the circus that is Boundary Park but opinion is united in agreeing that Peter Wild is certainly not the ringleader.

Oldham Athletic’s Peter Clarke and George Edmundson Sweep Awards Up, and Deservedly So

When both players were injured at Newport County, it is hardly surprising that Latics went on to lose the game and then let in five against Northampton when the duo were again missing for the final game of the season.

Oldham Athletic’s Awards Dinner was dominated by Peter Clarke (Trust Oldham Player of the Season, Supporter’s Player of the Season and Goal of the Season) and George Edmundson (Oldham Athletic Community Trust Player of the Season and Players’ Player of the Season) and rightly so. Both player’s contributions to this season have been immensely important and cannot be ignored.

Peter Clarke’s contract expires at the end of this season and depending on where you read it, he is not expected to remain at Boundary Park because he wants a move or the club have no intention of offering him a contract. Peter Wild who obviously knows Clarke well said “Pete has made a phenomenal impact on the club, leads as a role model on and off the pitch, any young player in the game looking to get into the game or establish themselves in the game should look no further than Peter Clarke, he’s the ultimate role model for this football club and many players across the country.”

Clarke hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, or not being as sharp as is capable of and to lose such a player would be a grave mistake indeed. Given that he has played most of the games this season, he should be given the chance to lead the line again next season.

George Edmondson still has 12 months left on his contract but it hasn’t stopped club’s from keeping an eye on him. Sunderland, Stoke and Preston have all been reported as showing interest and, if they come up with a big enough carrot, cash strapped Latics are unlikely to be able to resist it. The fact that he was the players choice as Player of the Year, shows that the 21-year-old has a bright future.

Two Managers Oldham Should Be Looking at in The Summer

It is often argued that Managers are only three defeats away from being threatened with the sack, and in the mad world that is Oldham Athletic, that is usually true.

Stand in coach Peter Wild ended the season with three defeats and although nobody is calling for his head, it is pretty clear that Athletic will, once again be in the market for a new manager this summer. Speculation was rife after Frank Bunn was sacked with numerous names being thrown into the ring – none of which came even remotely close to being appointed.

However, the list of the unknown and undeserving will no doubt be soon drawn up and it is perhaps, therefore, time to dust off some of those names that were being touted after Bunn left and see if their competence is still valid. It has been agreed on many occasions that there is a need for a manager with previous experience to be put in charge, rather than an ex-player or a rookie manager looking to get on the first rungs of the ladder.

Bearing that in mind, it is perhaps wise to ignore some of the people who are currently out of work who failed miserably in their last posts. Such an appointment would tip already nervous Oldham fans over the abyss into madness.

Two managers who might suit the job and shouldn’t cause too many palpitations are…

Phil Brown

In Hull, when you mention Phil Brown to the average City supporter, they get very misty-eyed about the four years he spent with them between 2006-10 leading them into the Premier League. Brown is currently the head coach of Indian Super League outfit FC Pune City, but the length of his contract there is unknown. He has a great deal of experience and might be persuaded to return to the UK.

Gary Caldwell

Currently, manager of Partick Thistle, Caldwell had a spell with Wigan and a less successful period with Chesterfield. He appears to have a no-nonsense approach to the game which was demonstrated when in the lead up to his side’s critical last-day showdown with Queen of the South. Where both teams were playing to avoid the relegation play-off position, Caldwell’s assistant Brian Kerr took to the private team WhatsApp group to ask the Thistle players to submit their own starting XIs for the match anonymously.

That message subsequently found its way into the public domain, leaving Caldwell furious with the culprit, understood to be striker Ally Roy. Roy wasn’t on the bus to Dumfries that afternoon, and Caldwell was keen to emphasise that he alone would bear responsibility for selecting a side from those who travelled with him!

If nothing else, Gary Caldwell would put paid to any stories about Abdallah Lemsagam picking the side.

Oldham’s Season is Stumbling to an End, But What Can Wild Learn From Their Newport Defeat?

It is very easy for fans to cast aside an end of season defeat when there is very little to play for.

However, for the coach and players, the penultimate game of the season can prove to be a valuable lesson in both understanding why the squad haven’t achieved more and what they need to do to improve.

Tuesday nights defeat at Newport was almost inevitable, given that Latics had already failed at the hurdle of needing to win their last three games. The players can be forgiven for having their attention on a beach in Marbella, rather than the drab surroundings of South Wales. With Newport still able to make it into the top seven, the game was always going to be keenly contested.

What Athletic’s players were probably not prepared for was the physical onslaught wreaked on them by a Newport side desperate not to lose.

Both captain Peter Clarke and George Edmundson had to leave the field with injuries, following Newport’s attempts to barge into our players at every opportunity. It highlighted a problem we have had with other sides this season who are intent on imposing their physical strength on the game, once they have decided whether the referee will let them get away with it or not.

Athletic have won a good number of games this season with confident, passing football but they need to also learn that playing ‘ugly’ in the manner of MK Dons, Lincoln and Newport also gets you results and although it isn’t a pretty sight, it is sadly part of the formula for escaping League Two in the right direction.

For Peter Wild, the lesson learned needs to be to expect spoiler tactics and aerial bombardments as part of League Two life and to adjust his team accordingly. Latics fans wouldn’t want to see our players crumble into a heap at the sight of an opposition players shadow, but imposing ourselves on the game right from the kick off might be a valuable lesson.

Oldham Suffer First Defeat, But Has Wild Done Enough To Deserve The Job?

Winning the last three league games was always going to be a big ask for Peter Wild and his squad, especially as two of those games were away from home and a fair distance from Boundary Park. However, it doesn’t matter how far or near games are, they have to be overcome and although Latics lost for the first time in six games the performances since the defeat at Lincoln have been well worth the entrance money.

As there have been no additions to the squad or players returning from lengthy injury absence, the credit for the 14 points from six games must go to Peter Wild and the effect he has had on the squad.

There has been no great change in tactics but Wild obviously recognises the limitations of the squad and has managed to adjust accordingly. Given that the players know Wild well and appear to be content with his style of coaching, the idea of anyone else taking over the reins at present would be an unpopular decision.

Many believe that if the club hadn’t got themselves involved in the Paul Scholes debacle, we might be preparing for the playoffs instead of missing out on them by the skin of our teeth. The six points from seven games under Scholes may long be looked at as a wasted opportunity.

Consequently, giving Wild the job on a full time basis must be looked at as a serious option, and that decision should be made before the end of the season to put a halt to any uncertainty and to give the players who will still be with the club and the supporters some much needed normality.

With two games still to play, Wild will be looking to get Athletic into the best league position possible and has hinted that some players who haven’t been featured this season may see themselves in the starting line up. One of those is midfielder Chinedu Uche who was on the bench at Exeter and, is another youngster who Latics are hoping to push into the first team.

There is unlikely to be a large following from Oldham at Newport on Tuesday night given that our slim chance of reaching the playoffs has ended, but it is a game that the South Wales club really need to win to put them in a strong position going into the final weekend of the season. Peter Wild may wonder what his future holds at Boundary Park but he won’t let it get in the way of seeking three points.

Wild Will Look to Edge Closer To The Playoffs By Closing The Gap To Exeter With a Win

Mathematics may not be everybody’s favourite subject but, even those of us who struggle with simple equations will feel confident in explaining the formula Oldham need to book their place in the playoffs. There is little doubt that Peter Wild will have also pressed home the simple fact to the players, that if Latics win their last three games they will finish the season in seventh place and those around them can do what they like as it won’t make the slightest difference.

With 10 of the top 12 teams playing each other this Saturday, the final week of the season could not have been set up more dramatically. With only Forest Green Rovers showing better form than Athletic in the league over the last 6 games, the visit of a club breathing down their necks is probably the last thing Exeter City need at the moment.

The South West club have hit poor form with only one win in the last six and will be well aware that Oldham have seen off Mansfield, Tranmere and Colchester recently and are experiencing a great run of confidence under Peter Wild which they will be looking to continue.

Wild knows the scale of what he is asking his players to do and he rightly pointed out the nervousness of the Mansfield side on Easter Monday and how the same pressure could affect Exeter. He also made reference to the 92/93 season when Latics had to win their last three games to stay in the Premier League which he experienced from the terraces, and although a lot of water has passed under the bridge from those days, the analogy will not be lost on a good number of the supporters still keeping the faith 26 years later.

It is plain to see that the Athletic players are perfectly capable of beating any of the clubs in League Two, they have just needed the right motivation and confidence. Peter Wild has managed to instill the will to win in the squad which has brought them to the brink of an extended season via the playoffs, and has been praised from various sources for his positive approach.

Needless to say, all the supporters coaches embarking on the long trip to Exeter have sold out and Wild once again paid tribute to the club’s vociferous fans who have been a feature of games up and down the country this season. With an estimated 500+ planning to brave the motorway traffic, their part in the proceedings will be just as important as the performance on the pitch.

Oldham’s Pete Wild Is Three Games Away From Achieving The Impossible

There has been much discussion as to how Pete Wild has managed to steer Oldham to within three games of the playoffs with exactly the same squad as Paul Scholes. According to Scholes the problems stemmed from unhappiness in the dressing room concerning team selection interference from Abdallah Lemsagan, and arguments between players but such a malaise doesn’t get fixed overnight. I’m not entirely sure what Scholes expected to find at Oldham but whatever it was, his protestations have been roundly ignored by Latics fans, who now find themselves checking that they are free on the date of the League Two playoff final – just in case.

The simple explanation for the situation Athletic find themselves in, is that Scholes was completely unsuited for the job and Wild very definitely is. Scholes can use his appearances on TV to winge about showers not working at the club, but simple facts will show that he has been upstaged by someone who was coaching kids on a bumpy pitch not that long ago.

Six games ago following defeat at Lincoln, Latics faced an uncertain future with the departure of Scholes and the chances of making the playoffs disappearing swiftly. Wild might well have been forgiven for turning down the opportunity to manage the team again given the supposed behind the scenes issues but he is obviously made of sterner stuff.

Thankfully, he once more took up the reins and results haven’t just improved, they have exceeded all expectations. Draws against Swindon and Cheltenham who were in the hunt for points as well, coupled with a string of three consecutive wins and the latest result against Mansfield, have hoisted Latics into a commanding position despite being in twelfth place in the table.

The key ingredient in Oldham’s end of season plan is their game in hand at Newport on April 30th. There is no longer a need for calculators and spreadsheets as the simple equation is that if Latics win their last three games they will make 7th place. It will require an Herculean effort of course which will give the club their best second half of season finish for over 20 years, however, if Peter Wild can do it, the town better think about an end of season party to match the one Joe Royle got after steering Latics to Wembley nearly 30 years ago.

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