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Salford City fans optimistic following point ‘Not that far of promotion places’

Salford CIty boss Graham Alexander

Despite an own goal giving Port Vale the lead, Salford City managed to get a point this weekend. The Football Manc Cave takes a look at your reactions.

Salford City hasn’t been doing too bad in League Two. This weekend saw them face Port Vale away.

Graham Alexander’s side managed to keep it level until half time. However, Cameron Burgess managed to put the ball in the back of his own net in the 55th minute of the game.

Fans were thankful that Tom Elliot saved the day for Salford City when he managed to equalise in the 75th minute.

The players thought they were unfortunate not to grab a winner. However, this has put Salford 11th in League Two.

Here are your reactions…

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Salford City fans happy for back-to-back wins – ‘Probably best they’ve played this season’

Salford City fans were left happy this weekend as their side made it 2 wins in a row. The Football Manc Cave looks at your reactions.

After a 3-0 win over Walsall last week, there were high hopes for another 3 points this week.

Graham Alexander’s side managed a 1-0 win at the Peninsula stadium over Cambridge United. It was Adam Rooney who managed to get himself on the score sheet after 77 minutes of play. They also managed a clean sheet yet again.

However, the Ammies managed to keep it that way. Now it has taken them up to 14th in League Two which should keep fans happy. Especially if good performances keep coming.

Here are your thoughts…

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Do Salford City need to do anything in the remaining transfer window weeks

With only a couple of weeks left in the transfer window for leave one and two, The Football Manc Cave is looking at what Salford City can do.

If they manage to make any more signings in these next two weeks then it can only be a bonus to the squad. In my opinion, after seeing them twice in pre-season, I don’t think any new signings in any area is a priority. They’ve signed some great players who just need a little more work.

At the end of the day, Salford only got promoted at the end of last season and there were naturally average expectations for their standard of football in a new league. They had some tough pre-season games like Middlesbrough and Woking which saw some newbies like Richie Towell and Oscar Threlkeld in action.

They’ve done pretty well in League Two so far and they’ve found players that have helped them reach the standards required in this new league. They won their opening league fixture at home against Stevenage and managed a draw recently against Port Vale, 1-1. Considering they’re new to League Two, this is a good start.

Fitting the jigsaw pieces

It’s not new signings that they need to be looking at, they just need to find places for their new signings and see which position best suits their players. Ritchie Towell was amazing in pre-season. He creates chances, finds the back of the net sometimes and fights for every ball. From what I saw in the friendly games, it seems Salford can create chances very well, they just struggle to pass in the box from time to time, this can be because of greed a lot of the time.

When they are on top form, they play brilliantly and the chances they create usually end up in the back of the net. The squad just need to keep in the back of their mind that they have moved up a league and they don’t want to end up going back down.

Salford City’s strong start shows they’re not here to make up numbers

Salford City got off to a great start in League Two as they managed to beat Stevenage 2-0 at home.

I got to see Salford’s pre-season games and it’s safe to say that fans didn’t get to see the best out of their team. There was some good football and stand out players, however a lot of losses, this made people wonder how they would perform in the league. This game was also going to be on Sky so the added pressure was something that people thought might throw them off. They surprised in their first home game of the season after being the stronger side and managing to bag a win.

First Half

The Ammies didn’t only get off to a great start in the league but a strong start in this game too. A couple of minutes in, they managed to win a corner. Newbie Ritchie Towell stuck out as he went in for every challenge and tried to put the pressure on.

Stevenage also tried to apply the pressure but Salford’s defence was just too tight for them. It only took 17 minutes for Salford’s Rooney to hit the bar. It was at this point when they became the favourites as chance after chance meant a goal would soon come.

26 minutes in, Stevenage did manage to get the ball in the back of the net only for it to be ruled offside and Salford to respond in the best way. After a series of passes and the Ammies trying to show they meant business, Wiseman brilliantly controlled the ball and hit a long pass which managed to reach Mani Dierseruvwe and he scored Salford’s first-ever league goal.

At the 32 minute mark, Dierseruvwe nearly put Salford 2-0 up after another great bit of play from Towell. Salford managed to keep their lead until half time. At this point, the second half could have gone one of two ways. Either Salford would have come back out feeling inspired after the first half or Stevenage would have been told to work harder and Salford could have slipped in standards.

Second Half

Coming out and showing they wanted the win, Salford clearly had a half time team talk that made them motivated to win even more. Just after the whistle went, Wiseman nearly assisted Salford’s second as he crossed it into the box and it just missed Towell and Dierseruvwe.

It was only the second minute of the second half when Mani Dierseruvwe finally got rewarded for his efforts and put the Ammies 2-0 up. This came from a clever free-kick headed down by Piergianni which couldn’t be blocked by the Stevenage players in the box and Mani Dierseruvwe bagged his second.

55 minutes in and nearly a third for Mani again after Towell managed to push forward and find the striker, only for his shot to be put wide. Salford kept on this same pressure until the end of the game.

In the 77th minute, Richie Towell’s time was up as he was subbed. Even though he created most of the Ammies chances and looked really promising for the rest of the season, he had managed to get a yellow card in the first half so taking him off was probably sensible as he does go on for every ball.

Ten minutes later and Mani Dierseruvwe was also taken off. He only had two minutes of normal time to get a hat trick but was still taken off. This may have been just to waste time. Oscar Threlkeld made his debut for the club when he replaced the goal scorer.

The Ammies managed to win 2-0 after five minutes of injury time. It was a great performance for them and fans were left feeling very happy and excited for the rest of the season. I am also glad that Oscar Threlkeld and Ritchie Towell got to make appearances as I wrote an article this week on why the pair should be given a chance in Salford’s first game of the season. The very promising performance has set high standards not only for Salford but for all League two teams.

Two players that must appear for Salford City today

Salford City’s opening fixture in League two will see them face Stevenage and The Football Manc Cave have picked out two players who should feature in the game.

I was at two of Salford City’s pre-season matches and got a good idea on who will be stand out players for them as they go into League Two. The promotion will be hard as a whole new league will prove difficult. However, new signings this summer have brought fresh and energetic legs into the mix. With that in mind, here are two of those players who should make an appearance this weekend…

Ritchie Towell

The 28-year-old played in both games that I got to see this summer and he stood out for me. The midfielder has pace and will run players down the middle. He will create chances and score. I saw him find the back of the net in their friendly against Woking and he really deserved the goal. Despite only signing for the Ammies this summer, he seems to have blended in perfectly and will be a stand out player this season.

Being a part of the squad today whether it be starting, or bringing him on in the second half will see a burst of energy on the pitch that should drive the whole team forward.

Oscar Threlkeld

Threlkeld is a product of Bolton’s youth and has spent the majority of his career at Plymouth Argyle. He joined Salford this summer and again, I got to see him in action. If he isn’t started against Stevenage then he should definitely be brought on at some point, especially if the Ammies are behind or struggling. In both games, he tried to run down the wings to create crosses that would hopefully lead to goals if he gets a chance in the league.

The 25-year-old is another player who seems to have gelled well with his new teammates, and will contribute towards a successful season for Salford.

The final touches: What Graham Alexander should be getting right in Salford City training this week, agree?

Salford City’s biggest ever season is just around the corner. And here is what we hope Graham Alexander is doing in training.

Salford City was promoted to the National League at the end of 2018. One season later, they were promoted to the EFL League Two, the highest tier of football the club has found themselves in since their formation in 1940.

Alexander has lost his last two games of pre-season. Suffering a 3-1 defeat to Woking and a 3-1 defeat to Middlesbrough. Despite being friendlies, there is cause for concern for Salford City.


They have shown weaknesses in defence, particularly when defending set-pieces. Therefore, defensive strategies against the dead ball need to be drilled into the side going into their new season and throughout. This will prevent the majorities of goals that Salford concede.


New signing Richie Towell has been a stand-out player for Salford City in pre-season. Against Woking, I had the pleasure of seeing the link-up between himself and Danny Lloyd, where the two confidently turned midfield possession into a quick attack.

This fairly new partnership needs to develop quickly. There have been glimpses of the service they can off the Salford attack, but rigorous training and a set method of attack can give the lads a routine to follow and perfect.


Alexander cannot expect the same run of success as recent years as they step into their biggest challenge yet. His team need to be ready for a high-intensity season, with 46 league games and a potential cup run, or two.

Salford needs fitness and depth in order to cope with the demands of the EFL. If the squad can remain fit, work on aerial dominance in defence, and find a suitable style for Lloyd and Towell to run the game, we could see Salford City soar high in League Two next season.

Salford City still to fit the jigsaw pieces together following defeat

Salford City’s pre-season campaign got underway last night as they went up against National League side, Woking.

In what looked like a game that was about to be called off due to the weather causing the pitch to be partially flooded, the Ammies were definitely tested.

Preseason friendlies are put in place to warm players up, get everyone back into the swing of things and show to the management and coaching staff which players deserve a chance in league football. This game gave fans a chance to see Salford’s summer signings, Richie Towell, Oscar Threlkeld, Joey Jones and Dan Jones in action.

Upon arrival at the Peninsula Stadium, the grounds staff were working hard to clear the pitch in order for the game to go ahead. Fans were told that refunds would be available if the friendly couldn’t go ahead. Finally, confirmation was given that the match would go ahead, only 45 minutes later than planned and kick-off finally got underway at 8.15pm.

Three minutes was all fans had to wait to see a chance created for Salford, as a cross from Tom Walker tried to find Threlkeld and Jake Beesley, unfortunately, either failed to make a connection. Nearly ten minutes later, Danny Lloyd nearly finds the back of the net twice and narrowly misses again. It was a promising start for Graham Alexander’s side.

Woking started to get back into the game slowly and had their first chance after 16 minutes. After a series of back and forth, Woking’s Ben Gerring hammers in the opening goal of the match as Chris Neal fails to clear the ball.

It was in the 26th minute when the Ammies managed to get back into the game as new signing, Richie Towell got his shot to shimmy past a defender and land in the top right of the net. This was the Salford fans wanted to see. Shortly after, another newbie, Joey Jones ended up in a nasty clash. Resulting in him having to leave the pitch and go straight down the tunnel for assistance.

There was then some delightful skill from Towell who seemed to have a good game. He managed to get past three players and find Beesley, who’s shot was, unfortunately, rebounded off the keeper to find Adam Rooney but the ball is smothered by the keeper again.

Going into the second half

Woking made it extremely hard for the Ammies to get forward and it was more like a game of headers and volleys in the first half. Half time came around and it was time for Graham Alexander to make a few changes. There was a player on trial last night who’s efforts came to an end as he was substituted for Danny Whitehead.

This didn’t make too much of a difference however as the 52nd minute came around, and Dave Tarpey of Woking managed to take the ball around Neal in a one on one engagement and find the back of the net putting Salford 2-1 down.

A couple more pushes from the Ammies came after the goal and in the 58th minute, a handball from Woking resulted in a free-kick that Richie Towell stepped up to take. The shot went too high and missed which annoyed a few fans who could clearly see Oscar Threlkeld stood on the edge of the box, unmarked, completely clear and onside who was ignored.

Mark Shelton replaced Towell and almost ten minutes later in a moment of desperation, Graham Alexander took off, Nathan Pond, Threlkeld, Walker, Beesley, Rooney, Dan Jones and Danny Lloyd. They were replaced with Wiseman, Touray, Hogan, Dieseruvwe, Rodney, Gaffney and Doyle. These players managed to create the odd bursts of energy although Woking’s efforts kept them away from goal as Paul Hodges slotted the ball past Neal for a third.

Salford still need some fine-tuning

It was a disappointing night for the Ammies. A lot of fans walked out early, probably to shelter from the rain. Even though Alexander’s side suffered a 3-1 loss, this is only preseason and a chance to try different things. Having three new signings in a starting line up is always a risk as you can’t predict how they’re going to perform together.

Hopefully, Tuesday night’s friendly against Middlesbrough will see Salford’s team look a little tighter. There were some really good bursts of football in the match. I think the team just needs to be put together a little bit better now that management has an idea of what’s working.

Salford City’s midfield against Woking should look like this tonight – agree?

Salford City will face Woking again in a pre-season friendly tonight. The Football Manc Cave take a look at what their possible midfield line could look like after their summer signings aim to please.

Alan Dowson’s side will visit the Peninsula Stadium in Salford City’s first home friendly. The clubs faced each other last year and Salford managed a 1-0 win. In order to achieve the same this year, the Ammies will need to put out a good team.

They’ve got a list of options for their midfield positions and here’s who I think should be given a chance against Woking presuming the formation leaves them in need of four players.

Oscar Threlkeld

The defensive midfielder only signed for Salford over the summer and the pre-season games will give him the perfect opportunity to show his worth. He’s known as a defender profoundly although he has played in a defensive midfield position comfortably before and is listed on Salford’s website as a midfielder. This could give Graham Alexander a perfect opportunity to play him in both positions and shift him around to see where he sits best.

Mark Shelton

Shelton suffered last season with an injury which put him out for four months. He got over this and came back fighting. The midfielder was then a part of the team that saw Salford promoted at the end of the season. He should now get an opportunity to try and prove himself in pre-season, and it’ll give him a chance to keep his fitness up.

Joey Jones

I would let all my new signings take a start in a friendly to see how they cope or, at least bring them on at some point. Jones only joined the Ammies this summer just like Threlkeld. He has also played for Woking in the past which will be interesting to see him go up against his old teammates.

Richie Towell

Finally, another new signing. This might sound like a risky line-up but as I said, new signings should be given a chance in pre-season friendlies as it gives everyone an idea of how they will perform. It also gives them a chance to impress. It was Towell’s birthday this week so a start would be a great present for the midfielder. He’s already been seen in training and a friend that has already taken place, so he could get another chance to shine on a Friday.

Revolving door: Salford City’s 2 in, 2 out before their first transfer window shuts

Salford has a huge season ahead of them in the EFL League Two, what business can they can do to make sure this season is as good as their last?

EFL stated that “League One and League Two Clubs will have until 5pm on Monday 2 September, 2019, due to August 31 falling on a Saturday.”

Salford City have seen players such as James Jones, Kieran Glynn and Joshua Askew leave the club on season-long loans, which is a positive move in securing their future as their younger players can gain experience.

However, it is crucial that these young players rejoin a Salford City that has at least remained in the EFL League Two, if not asserted dominance on it in their first season in the EFL in their entire history as a club.

In order for Salford City to succeed next season, business must be done.

Here are two players they should consider to strengthen their squad for the upcoming season…

Paul McCallum

National League golden boot winner Paul McCallum is a 25-year-old striker who plays for Eastleigh. He bagged 27 goals last season, a goal every 134 minutes. With Salford City having 31-year-old prolific striker Adam Rooney in the squad, who achieved 22 league goals last season, this duo could be capable of bagging well over 30 goals for the club when combined together in League Two. Rooney is contracted until 2021, meaning that McCallum can soak up experience from the Irishman before he departs during McCallum’s peak at 27 years old.

Shaun Brisley

With days left on his contract, Brisley looks set to depart from recently relegated Notts County, and Salford could sign this 29-year-old centre-back for free. He has accumulated over 200 appearances at League 2, over 45 at League One and over 35 at Championship level. Playing for 7 different EFL clubs, his experience of the competition could prove vital to Salford’s survival in their upcoming campaign.

However, if players are coming in, perhaps some have to make way. Here are two players who should be shown the door at Salford City…

Rory Gaffney

Salford should bring in a super striker who can bag over 20 goals for the side in EFL League Two. Despite gaining 12 goals and 6 assists for his team in the National League last season, the 29-year-old is arguably taking up a spot and a wage that could be given to a younger and more prolific talent such as Paul McCallum.

Chris Neal

Without a doubt, Neal was a great acquisition for Salford City last season, he has over 200 games experience in the EFL with over 50 clean sheets. However, the 33-year-old is only contracted until 2021, and it is pivotal that Salford City look to the future and bring in a fresher and more prospective goalkeeper to learn from Neal and potentially share game time with him in some games for the upcoming season and even snub Neal of his number one spot during the season after. Neal shouldn’t be sold this summer, but the ultimate goalkeeping spot for Salford City will remain undecided until a player who will serve between the sticks for over 5 years can come into the side.

Dan Jones Joins Salford City & He Brings With Him 2 Essential Traits

The big news last night is National League Play-Off winners from last season Salford City, have signed Dan Jones from Cumbrian side Barrow.

The full-back originally from County Durham has spent much of his career between League Two and The National League. Playing for clubs such as Hartlepool United, Grimsby and has had spells at Fylde and Gateshead on loan.

Last season at Barrow is the first time that Jones has ever been a first team starter, starting 45 games in two seasons at the club, also chipping in with three goals during his spell at the Bluebirds. It was this form that saw Jones called up for his one and only ever England C call up, which saw him feature in a 3-2 win over Wales in March 2018.

With his move to League Two side Salford, his reward for his form over the last two years. 24-year-old Jones is set to have his second crack at the Football League after his release from boyhood club Hartlepool United in his younger days. Therefore ahead of his move, we took a look at two things Dan Jones will bring to the Ammies ahead of their maiden Football League campaign…


The 6 foot Jones is capable of playing across the back four, with his size he is more than capable of making the move to centre half, should the occasion occur. The left-footer is strong in the air and defensively sound, something rare in full backs these days, meaning that Dan will provide some much-needed versatility at Salford essential for the long slog of League Two.


Despite not nailing down a first team starter role prior to the last two seasons, Jones has shown at Barrow just how good he is given a run of games. He very rarely puts a foot wrong and despite not being spectacular will be a reliable 7 out of 10 nearly every game.

The type of player that every team needs.

Photo Credit: Salford City

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