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What does Man Utd do with star midfielder after a completed deal fell through?

It is no secret that Paul Pogba wanted to leave Man Utd this summer. But manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has assured the public that Pogba will continue to remain professional. But is this being shown in his performances?

According to reports, want-away Paul Pogba accepted to a move to PSG just says before deadline day. on a deal worth £429,000 per week. However, the move did not materialise due to Barcelona failing to meet the financial demands for Neymar.

Therefore, Paul Pogba has missed out on a £22million per year salary, Champions League football, trophies and a return to his home country.

I’d be upset about that, wouldn’t you?

What will happen with Paul Pogba this season?

During pre-season press conferences, Solskjaer affirmed the public that Pogba would be a Man Utd player next season. And he is, but he’s a very unhappy one.

It appears to be the same-old with Paul Pogba this season. There are moments of pure brilliance, such has his two assists against Chelsea in the 4-0 victory. However, the majority of his game appears to be lethargic and sloppy. Pogba is still giving the ball away in ridiculous situations.

Pogba is likely to be well aware that he is in his last six to ten months with the Manchester club, as most European giants would welcome the Frenchman regardless of his form at Old Trafford.

Should Pogba be off the pace this season, it would be brutally harmful to their already lacklustre midfield, the weakest part of the squad already. On the flip side, his disappointment may well wear off in the coming weeks.

Should the rest of his team step-up, he will have to follow suit. Should the promises of January transfers come to light and Man Utd storm through the second half of the season. Perhaps that is the only way Pogba would consider remaining at Old Trafford.

Man Utd stand strong as they set Pogba January sale price

Paul Pogba’s dream of moving from Man Utd to Real Madrid could finally materialise as soon as January. This will make the upcoming season one of ups and downs for a few reasons…

If you asked me for a price to set on Paul Pogba, you’d have to tip an eight on its side. There is no price that Pogba can depart for which will benefit the future of Manchester United unless every penny of the quoted £179million for his services is reinvested into a brand new midfield.

But bear in mind, when Cristiano Ronaldo departed Man Utd, he was replaced with Gabriel Obertan and Michael Owen… A club with ambition right?!

What will happen to Man Utd if Pogba leaves in January?

Many Man Utd fans fear that the board will fail to invest in the club correctly upon the sale of Paul Pogba. Selling him in January will only allow for three or four weeks to find a suitable replacement, whilst also attempting to sign a further midfielder which the side desperately need already.

With Paul Pogba, Man Utd have the 8th best midfield in the Premier League. Without him, you’d need to look at the Championship to find any comparisons. That is why Paul Pogba cannot be sold unless plans for his replacement are already in place.

But again, bear in mind that the transfers of Harry Maguire and Aaron Wan-Bissaka took more than four weeks to complete, resulting in Man Utd giving in to the initial asking price anyway.

Love or hate Paul Pogba, he is the only outfield player in the squad who could walk into any other European giant’s dressing room.

It is unlikely that Man Utd will replace Pogba with a player of his calibre. If they do, it will be a player who is merely seeking an astronomical wage.

Is Man Utd going round in circles despite the promise of a rebuild? Should it continue, there is no cap to how far down this once great club could plummet to.

What if 32 goals-midfielder had joined Man Utd in the summer?

Man Utd target Bruno Fernandes

Man Utd was linked to several midfielders over summer. Fans were furious on deadline day when no additions to the midfield were made, and foretold the struggles that Man Utd would face…

In Man Utd’s opening fixtures they have suffered one defeat and two draws, winning only one game using counter-attacks. This is worrying as most teams will now know to defend in a compact manner against the Reds. As recent games have shown that they do not have the midfield to pick out a man against a solid defence.

This is where the well-rounded midfielder Bruno Fernandes comes in. Last season, Bruno Fernandes scored 32 and got 18 assists in 53 appearances for Sporting Lisbon, drawing interest from clubs such as Man Utd, Real Madrid, Tottenham and Liverpool.

His form has continued into the current season. Fernandes has scored 2 and assisted 4 in four games in Liga Nos so far. Undoubtedly, he is one of the greatest midfielders in European football. He would have jumped at the chance to join Man Utd and prove himself on a much bigger stage.

Where would Man Utd be with Bruno Fernandes?

Should Bruno Fernandes have joined Man Utd in summer, I wholeheartedly believe that the Reds would have won each of their games so far this season.

On top of that, Paul Pogba having a talented midfielder to play alongside may have gone some way in encouraging him to stick around at Old Trafford. Increasing the chances that he will partake in the rebuild of Man Utd. The opportunities presented to the forward three of James, Martial and Rashford would also increase massively. Let alone the quality of football being displayed.

Overall, bringing in Bruno Fernandes, or any superstar creative midfielder, would have transformed this under-performing Man Utd. As a key ingredient would have been added. But most importantly, of course, it would have made the recent transfer window a lot more interesting.

3 reasons why 15m signing is fast becoming a shrewd bit of business by Man Utd

After arriving from Swansea for only £15million, fans spoke of Daniel James as a substitute player who would merely be ‘one to watch’. Four games into the Premier League and James is the only one people are watching in the Man Utd squad…

Daniel James has 3 goals in 4 Premier League games for the Red Devils, with two of them being stunning strikes that the likes of Marcus Rashford or Raheem Sterling would receive ample amounts of praise for scoring. He also scored a similar goal off the left-hand side for Wales in their 1-0 win over Belarus.

Onwards and upwards

Not only is the young Welshman tucking goals away, but his unmatched pace provides options for Man Utd, which they haven’t had in recent years. As his confidence and skill continue to grow, his final third production of shots and crosses will only increase, adding to the danger of Man Utd’s threat.

A lot to learn in little time

The 21-year-old Welshman will have a tough season ahead of him, though. With Man Utd having a bottom-half of the table midfield, particularly in the absence of Paul Pogba, chances to pick out the winger will be few and far between. This means that we will see the best of him, Rashford and Martial when Man Utd have a strong midfield.

Showing up the others

However, in the meantime, James will be compared to Rashford and Martial who are both earning over £200k per week but offering significantly less to the squad than James is doing. This will increase the criticism for the rest of the lads who are under-performing, giving Solskjaer more of an idea of who is cut out for the job at hand.

For a £15million signing to defy the odds and become the Reds’ most prolific and outstanding player, in a time where they lack quality and threat. This alone makes the little Welsh speed-machine the steal of the season. Or even, the steal of Man Utd’s recent transfer history.

Forget Rice: Two clever alternatives Man Utd should be looking at

Man Utd is looking to cure their midfield crisis. Their sights are set on Declan Rice, who could fetch an asking price of £90million

West Ham Utd’s 20-year-old Declan Rice has been in the spotlight over recent months. He is widely regarded as one of the most promising young English talents. The midfielder has already been called up to England’s first team on four occasions.

Rice was linked to Man Utd during the summer transfer window, along with the likes of Bruno Fernandes, Christian Eriksen and Sean Longstaff. Fans of the Red Devils were well aware of the struggle Man Utd would face this season, coming to light in the opening games as the side struggle immensely with creating opportunities from the midfield.

Man Utd’s board tend only to spend big money with the promise of returns from selling other players. It is likely that the £90million being spent on Declan Rice will be recouped by the £150million plus sale of Paul Pogba in the summer. Leaving only £60million to fill the hole he will leave, amongst the side also needing a further midfielder and a right-winger.

With this in mind, here are two midfield alternatives for Man Utd to pursue. Which will leave more funds to strengthen the rest of the squad…

John McGinn

John McGinn is a 24-year-old Scottish international who made a name for himself after a big season in the Championship with Aston Villa in their recent promotion. The Scotsman dominated the midfield, bagging 6 goals and 10 assists for his side.

In a Man Utd squad, he would work as a box-to-box midfielder who weighs in heavily with creating chances.


Man Utd’s long lost Brazilian hasn’t even found a way onto the bench this season under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The Reds purchased him after consistent fantastic displays of technicality and creativity. Whilst also having an eye for interceptions and defensive awareness.

Should Fred come good for Man Utd, he would be just like a brand new £90million midfielder for the side. With a better defence behind him and the ability to push further forward, we could see the best of Fred should he be given a chance this season. This could also decrease the need to sign 3 new midfielders down to 2 after the departure of Paul Pogba.

Pogba focused at Man Utd…for the time being

Paul Pogba’s brother has been vocal about the World Cup winner’s future at Man Utd but claims that he will be focused on providing quality for his current club.

It is the public domain that Paul Pogba is not happy at Man Utd. Realistically, who can blame him? Pogba deems himself a world-class player and should be competing for league titles and European success.

Instead, he is remaining at Old Trafford for the time being, surrounded by a team of mid-table quality. His brother Mathias Pogba is in agreement, as he told El Chiringuito

“It’s not easy right now, because he has a lot of responsibility in the team.

A lot of big players have left. The only great player is De Gea, the goalkeeper, which means he’s going to have to put a lot of effort into every game.”

Man Utd solely relies on Paul Pogba for creativity in the final third. The issues are as follows; Pogba is being played in a defensive position, nullifying his attacking abilities. Secondly, Pogba has been in awful form so far this season. Although he got two assists against Chelsea, his overall play in that game, and since, has been abysmal.

Although it would be unfair to say the Frenchman is unfocused, it is obvious that he has much more to offer his side.

How bad is Man Utd’s current situation?

Pogba and Anthony Martial are the only outfield players who could walk into other top European clubs. Other squad members would have difficulties landing a gig in the Premier League.

Pogba is under immense pressure this season, but he should approach it by showing what he’s made of to entice other clubs to make a big bid for his services next summer.

Man Utd needs an entire midfield overhaul regardless of Pogba’s future. Unfortunately, based on recent transfer windows, it is plausible that the Frenchman will leave without a proper replacement. This would see Man Utd fall from a top 7 side to a bottom 10 side.

Forget Matic: Man Utd should look at these replacements with Italian giants circling

Man Utd’s current midfield is severely lacking in-depth and quality. With Juventus looking to take Nemanja Matic, it leaves yet another hole to fill…

Matic has been dropped to the bench behind Scott McTominay and Paul Pogba. With Pogba likely to leave in summer, Matic could be following suit.

Whilst the Reds desperately need first team midfielders, such as Bruno Fernandes or Christian Eriksen. They may have to replace a midfielder on the bench too.

Despite recent years indicating that Man Utd have little to no intention of investing in their squad, losing Pogba and Matic will mean that two or three midfielders must be acquired in summer.

Regarding this midfield crisis, here are two midfielders Man Utd should sign regardless of the futures of Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matic.

James Maddison

Man Utd are hopeless in creating chances. James Maddison, on the other hand, is fantastic at it. The Englishman created 100 chances in the Premier League last season, more than any other player.

The 22-year-old attacking midfielder fits the mould of Solskjaer’s ideal transfer target; young, talented and British.

Sergio Busquets

Busquets made a name for himself by shining for Barcelona over the past decade. The 31-year-old would be a like-for-like replacement for Matic as the Spaniard enjoys sitting in front of the back four and guarding them.

A fairly big signing for Man Utd. He would replace Scott McTominay as the number one central defensive midfielder. Despite McTominay showing great professionalism and hard work, the 22 year-old doesn’t quite make the cut for being in a title contending side just yet.

In summer, Man Utd fans were disappointed by not obtaining any new midfielders. The consequences are already beginning to take place. The Reds already need at least one more first-team midfielder. Losing Pogba and Matic means at least three midfielders are needed, and getting them all is very unlikely.

So unfortunately for Man Utd fans, it appears that next season will be similar in terms of their midfield crisis.

Two reasons why Premier League 20y/o is ready for Man Utd move

Man Utd was heavily linked to West Ham midfielder Declan Rice during summer, but to little surprise, it did no materialise. Now, Man Utd are suffering the effects of having an unstructured and poor midfield…

Man Utd’s current midfield sees out of form Paul Pogba out of position in a deeper role, next to the impressive but unproven Scott McTominay. With Jesse Lingard or Juan Mata playing slightly ahead. Although, on paper, this midfield doesn’t seem too bad, on the pitch they appear lost and hopeless. Failing to dominate sides like Crystal Palace and Southampton, leaves fans worried that Man Utd might not even reach a Europa League spot.

Declan Rice responded to Man Utd’s interest by saying “I don’t think the timing is right for me at all. I’ve still got so much to learn”.

The humble 20-year-old seems happy to be at West Ham, but insists “I’ve got the ability to play for a club like that (Man Utd)”. The Man Utd coaching staff are in agreement with this English international player, as they tried to lure the youngster to Old Trafford this summer.

Why didn’t Rice join Man Utd?

As Rice stated, he believed that he has a lot of experience to gain before proving himself on a bigger stage. This could mean that he was under the impression that he wouldn’t gain first-team football.

However, with the current state of Man Utd’s midfield. Having a hard-working box-to-box midfielder like Rice would decrease the number of attacks Man Utd receive, as well as freeing up Paul Pogba to take chances in the final third.

Overall, Rice would perfectly balance the midfield. There would still be a lack of depth and quality, but with him, in the squad from the start of the season, it is easy to believe that the Reds could be on 12 points out of 12 instead of 5 out of 12.

‘The worst thing is that it doesn’t even hurt anymore’ Man Utd fans starting to settle for mediocrity?

After another disappointing result for the Man United fans to swallow yesterday, the early season pressure is already starting to build after only a few games.

It’s crazy to think only a few months ago, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was the man to lead the Red Devils forward into the clubs biggest rebuild. Albeit the Norweigian as certainly ticked off many boxes Man Utd fans wanted ticking with Sanchez, Smalling, Lukaku amongst others being shown the door, investing in youth and strengthening the defence.

However, it’s midfield that is the problem, and something that can not be fixed until the next transfer window – so it’s a case of deal with it.

Again, in the match against Southampton, even after the Saints went down to 10 men, United failed to find that finishing touch despite pushing Pogba forward.

Man United fans are not happy, as the tweets post-match suggest…

However, there are the few that get the rebuild process and are willing to be patient to once again see the Red Devils reign supreme.

Man Utd’s rejection of star striker shows they have finally learnt from past mistakes, agreed?

Manchester United signed Alexis Sanchez making him the highest-paid player in the league in order to keep him away from Manchester City. Perhaps the board have woken up…

As rumours in summer about Paulo Dybala’s potential move to Old Trafford fell through, fans were upset with the lack of attacking options. Especially after losing Romelu Lukaku and now Alexis Sanchez.

However, Daily Mail reports that Ed Woodward considered the Argentine to be another ‘Alexis Sanchez situation’, after demanding a £350,000-per-week wage.

Solskjaer himself has stated that Man Utd are seeking players who will wear the shirt with pride. Not those who use the club as an opportunity to gain a ridiculous wage with little repercussions for under-performing.

Although the Reds have limited options in attacking areas, it is of no falsity that Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood are responding positively to the new manager and want long, successful careers in Manchester.

This gives some consolation after a dreadful transfer window. That Man Utd may be waking up from their passive slumber of allowing the club to fall in to ruin. Any changes to the transfer policies would be positive, as the club have been heavily criticised for failing on that front for many years.

What is the board’s true motive?

However, Man Utd fans are much smarter than Man Utd owners. They rightfully question every move that they make. For example, it’s very unlikely that Bruno Fernandes wouldn’t have jumped at the opportunity to play at Old Trafford, yet he wasn’t signed. Despite being scouted all season.

Therefore, there is room to believe that Man Utd’s board are more concerned about parting with cash.

Similarly, Paul Pogba has publicly voiced his wishes to leave. But he has been kept, possibly for marketing purposes as well as avoiding having to bring in expensive replacements.

Unfortunately for fans, the truth will be revealed in two or three years time. By reflecting on previous transfer windows and how the club has progressed or regressed since Solskjaer took the hot seat.

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