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Another Day, Another Crazy ‘Supposed’ Takeover… This Time Stockport County

Twitter is the place for a joke and if you want a laugh, it’s worth visiting this account. 

There’s a Twitter user named “@NonLeagueITK” who keeps putting out football “news” that has clearly come from dreamland. The other day, I reported that this exact same Twitter account had said that Curzon Ashton would get a new owner, today it’s Stockport’s turn.

This is the tweet they have put out:

No one seems to know where this information is coming from, I think someone clearly has too much time on their hands. However, the best thing about these tweets is the football fans replies. The Curzon Ashton fans were brilliant, their own team page even commented on their made up rumour, and now the Stockport fans have given their humorous response.

Humour aside, some fans don’t want the twitter account to be encouraged and are getting sick of the posts. I just hope this account either gives up or starts giving us real news!

Transfer Rumours: Stockport County chasing highly-rated Warrington midfielder

Named as one of the best players in non-league football, it’s no wonder that clubs are now looking at Warrington’s Ben Garrity, but who is he? 

The 21-year-old is a midfielder, who’s had a brilliant season with The Yellows and been a very effective partner on the field to Rob Evans. Now it is rumoured that Stockport County are interested in signing him.

For Stockport fans looking for some background on him, he comes very highly recommended, especially by Warrington’s midfielder, Evans. In a 2018 interview, he spoke about his teammate and said that he has the potential to play at a very high level.

Garrity was plucked from local league football in Liverpool and has now scored twice last season. He has been excellent in Warrington’s campaign to perform well last season, and Rob Evans has explained how the pair have been an effective duo. He also admires how the 21-year-old has stepped up to the task and got the job done. He now has plenty of time on his side to climb the footballing pyramid. 

In a most recent interview with The Yellows’ manager, Paul Carden, he has said that he expects “vultures to circle” around his side in regards to other clubs coming after his lads. Carden also expected Ben to be one of the highest in demand and it looks like he wasn’t wrong.

So now we wait to see whether the rumour is true and if so, what deal will be made? 

Rumoured Chinese takeover will make Curzon Ashton the Man City of the Non-League…or not

Just another false piece of information coming in from twitter regarding a class of 92 style takeover of Curzon Ashton?

One hopeful or attention seeking twitter account has put this out to Curzon Ashton fans:

Now I’m not saying it’s complete nonsense. Maybe they’ve got mixed up or are believing other people’s gossip and let’s be honest, stranger things have happened in football. However, Curzon Ashton fans have picked up on the tweet and have replied humorously with things such as, “it’s not April 1st.” As the fans continued to mock the tweet, the clubs official twitter page responded.

Paul Jolley, Curzon Ashton’s club director spoke to the Football Manc Cave on the matter “I can honestly say none what so ever. Someone with too much time on their hands, I think … or they know something we don’t!”

So we are all pretty sure now that this information is, in fact, all just rumours and completely made up. Either way, there are worse things that could have been made up about a team!

I’m just glad the fans and club officials can see the funny side.

2 Stockport Players that should be looking to move on this summer

The Hatters secured promotion back to the National League this season after winning the North National League title. 

Now that Stockport have a new season to go into, they’ll be looking to do well and keep themselves in their new league. Then hopefully move up the leagues from there. If they want to make a positive impact on their National League run, they’ll have to look into their team. Maybe try to sign or get players loaned that can play in the league.

To make a little room, Jim Gannon could look at these two players as options to loan or completely get rid of…

Connor Dimaio

The 23-year-old midfielder has been with Stockport since 2018. He’s managed 17 appearances and got 3 goals on his record but in 2019, Dimaio was loaned to Ashton United where he made 12 appearances.

He’s on a 2-year contract with Stockport and the club have confirmed that he’s still one of their own, after coming back from his loan spell. It could go one of two ways for the midfielder, he could come back to the Hatters inspired and motivated to get starts and do well, or he could have bad games and not get the starts.

I think he should maybe keep his options open to go elsewhere before Gannon considers his options. 

Elliot Osborne

Another midfielder who started off as just being on loan to the club but then permanently signed for the Stockport in 2018. When the 23-year-old was on loan with Gannon’s team, he impressed after making 5 appearances and bagging a goal.

However when he signed officially, in 24 appearances he only managed one other goal. Maybe Osborne was an exciting prospect at the time and now he could do with some more games somewhere else. 

Wrexham would be silly not to try sign Salford City’s Danny Lloyd – agree?

Salford City fans were excited by a tweet yesterday, that suggested Danny Lloyd has gained interest from Wrexham. 

The tweet basically explained that Wrexham have enquires about the midfielder. With all parties interested, however, the 27-year old’s wages may be too high for Wrexham to pay. 

Lloyd was with Stockport in the 2016/17 season and he finished as the clubs top goal scorer. He managed 29 goals and 19 assists that saw him earn a place in the team of the season. When his contract was up, Peterborough pounced on him and he appeared 37 times for the club, managing 13 goals before he joined Salford on a three-year deal. The midfielder has made 35 appearances for the club and managed 3 goals, and if Wrexham manages to pull off the transfer, he could be a crucial part to their team. 

Wrexham have gone from strength to strength in the National League. They finished 10th out of 24 teams in 2017/18 and an impressive 4th in 2018/19. I hope that the deal can be negotiated as Lloyd would be a great attacking midfielder for the club. It’s been proven he can also help them in the goals department too. Fans think it is unlikely, however, stranger things have happened. 

Stockport County Looking at 3 Reinforcements Ahead Of National League Football

At the end of the 2012/13 season, things weren’t looking great for Stockport as they were relegated to the Conference North League. Skip to 2019 and they will be back playing National League football next season. 

With this being said, the Hatters are possibly going to be needing a few fresh legs on the team in order to remain playing in the league they’ve just been promoted to.

There are only rumours at this point but it’s getting fans talking…

Sean Newton

It was a Twitter source that leaked a possible move for Newton. The current York City centre back May have caught Stockport’s eye again. The 30-year-old was on loan with the Hatters in 2012 where he made 43 appearances in the 2012/13 season when the defender then signed for Lincoln in 2013. He’s been with Notts County and Wrexham since and most recently joined York in 2017. He managed 17 goals in 90 appearances for the club. 

Jamie Stott

Once again, Stockport are looking to put a bid in for Stott after he spent a loan period with the Hatters last season. The defender is currently at Oldham Athletic, although he has been on loan to different clubs since 2016. It’s looking like Stockport were impressed by his efforts and would like him to help with their National League campaign.

James Ball

Finally, the 23-year-old midfielder is rumoured to be released from his contract at Stevenage FC. It may be so that he can sign for the Hatters ahead of their new season. Ball started his career with Bolton before signing for Northwich Victoria, and then he signed for Stockport. He had a good run, made 74 appearances and bagged 14 goals. He spent last year with Stevenage but only managed 18 appearances suggesting that the midfielder could be looking to return to Stockport. 

‘Chester Managers Would Be Mad To Go To Bury’ Chester Fans React To Bosses Linked With Bury FC

Chester joint-managers Anthony Johnson and Bernard Morley are being linked with the vacant managerial position at Bury after, Ryan Lowe departed the club to join Plymouth.

The pair are well regarded after winning promotion from the Vanarama National League North with Salford City, although left the club immediately afterwards. Their first season at Chester saw them finish in ninth place.

Johnson is a lifelong Bury fan, and despite The Shakers having a number of problems off the field, including a winding-up order, it does provide a leap through the EFL for the managerial pair. If the club’s financial issues could be resolved, Bury could challenge next season in League One. Will that opportunity turn the heads of Johnson and Morley?

Let’s see what Chester fans think…

Is Curzon Ashton’s Mark Bradshaw Focus On Youth The Right Step In The National League North

More signings are set to walk through the door at Curzon Ashton and so far this window, it has been set out very clearly that the club is taking a new approach and are focusing on younger players.

This strategy can have positive and negatives effects on a club depending on how well the club handle it. After finishing just above the relegation positions last year, I’m sure that Curzon will be hoping this influx of new exciting talent will propel them up the National League North table and into a more comfortable finish next campaign.

Curzon has already signed a number of players this transfer window, meaning it could be a brand new team that appears next season and that unpredictability could definitely work in their favour.

Last year the clubs under 18’s won the quadruple, an amazing feat. With this influx of new young players and, academy players being moved up to the first team, it appears that the future of Curzon is very bright. I just hope their plans for long term success don’t affect them in the short term.

The famous quote “you don’t win anything with kids” was disproved by Sir Alex Ferguson early in his management career with Manchester United, and everyone at Curzon will be hoping they can do it too.

With youth though often comes inexperience and immaturity, therefore the management at Curzon will have to keep an eye on this and keep players together and as a squad ever more so if results don’t go their way. If they can defeat this, then the potential in the team being assembled is scary and they could be in for a very successful few seasons.

Why Are Fans Shifting From Premier League to Non-League Football?

The National League attendance figures for the 2018-19 season have been released and, what a sight it is for fans of the game outside the Football League.

As more and more fans of ‘The Beautiful Game’ grow sick and tired of the disconnect between professional players, earning more in a week than what some people do in multiple years and themselves. It seems that more of this disgruntled lot are turning their attention to their local clubs, many of which I’m sure will be surprised at the standard on the show.

More and more fans are becoming annoyed at being treat like a number on a piece of paper, as opposed to an actual person, and can you blame them? Once most of these people go to a non-league game, it’s a fair bet that a number of them will end up frequently attending these games due to the feeling around the place.

The family atmosphere is something in Non-League you just don’t get in the Premier League, you feel like you really are part of something and you can genuinely see the rewards for any input you put into the club. Whether that be financial or volunteer hours, your hard earned time and money don’t just disappear never to be seen again.

The main reason I think that Non-League attendances are growing isn’t anything that the clubs below the football league are doing especially, it’s more what the Premier League clubs aren’t doing, they aren’t looking after the support that follows them week in week out.

OPINION: Pre Season at Non-League​ Level Has Changed Over The Years

Following a tweet, by Altrincham FC striker Jordan Hulme we thought we’d look at the facts and give our opinion as to whether preseason in Non-League football has changed.

Because of many factors yes Non-League preseason and Non-League football, in general, has changed over the years. I agree with Hulme the days of players just going on the booze for a month are gone but probably for the better.

In the last few years Non-League football has taken great strides in becoming more professional and more advanced than it had previously been, the standard of Non-League is constantly improving as the game at that level gets more and more interest and funding.

We see players like Vardy and Smalling who climbed there way from Non-League to the Football League, and personally I don’t think this would have been possible had Non-League not been improving constantly. Would any professional club have cared if Vardy had been playing Sunday league at the age he broke into the upper parts of Non-League…I don’t think so.

I understand why some players have issues with this, one of the reasons that some people play Non-League is that its less of a commitment. You don’t have to train daily, go to the gym and monitor their diet. In the modern version of Non-League, though that commitment is there, you can’t go off in your summer months on a total bender, purely because the other players won’t be and you will be steps behind.

I’m sure a lot of Non-League players would love a return to the old ways, however, in the state that the game is in at the present time, its just not possible because players and clubs will be left behind.

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