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Man City Women will be looking to bounce back by dropping these 2 players

Nick Cushing has got some serious work to do with Man City Women. Their form has been poor recently and with that in mind, here’s two players who should be dropped.

It was an amazing start to Man City’s season in all competitions. Things looked to be going great.

However, things have changed since then. They lost to Man United in the FA Cup. Then they lost to Arsenal. To top it off, they lost to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League this week.

Things have been quite disappointing. A lot of fans think that Nick Cushing has done all he can with the club. That is why this is a hard pick because maybe it is the management that needs a shake up.

That aside, here’s two players who need to be on the bench instead of in the starting line up against Birmingham…

Ellen White

Don’t get me wrong, White is one of my favourite players. I have been waiting to see her in a Man City shirt for a long time.

However, she has only just returned from injury. The rest of the team have gelled. Maybe she would benefit from being on the bench and being brought on to change things up.

Georgia Stanway

Another player who has only just returned from injury. When she is at her best, she never stops and is a threat on the pitch.

Although, she could benefit from being broight back into the squad slowly instead of being thrown in at the deep end.

3 lessons Man City Women will have learnt

Last night, Man City women played Atletico Madrid in the Champions League. Unfortunately, they lost 2-1 and here are three things they would have learned from the game.

Man City really wanted to do well in the competition this year.

Nick Cushing had also spoken about how much he wanted his team to do well in the competition. So my guess is that there will be a lot of upset in the Man City camp today.

However, they have to take some lessons away from the game and here’s three that I have come up with…

Too little too late

Man City went 2-0 down and desperately needed an equaliser. It was only at the last stages of the game that the formation was changed and they pushed an attack.

Pauline Bremer scored to get one back but it wasn’t enough. Imagine if the changes had have come earlier. Maybe the result would have been different.

For a team that wanted it so much, it certainly seemed like there was no backup plan until it was too late.


Aoife Mannion is currently out. Since then, Man City’s defence has been a bit unsettled.

This was obvious last night as Steph Houghton even scored an own goal. Some work needs to be done at the back going forward.

Nick Cushing

Some fans are now claiming that Cushing has taken Man City as far as he could.

Fans are also saying that the squad have a lot more to give than what Nick can guide them to do. Is it time for him to go?

Man City women need these 2 stars to perform tonight

Nick Cushing’s Man City women will travel to Atletico Madrid tonight. This is the second leg of the Champions League round.

At the start of this season, Man City were doing brilliantly. They were winning in all competitions.

Nick Cushing recently admitted that he wanted to try and win the Champions League this season.

Since then things have gone a little bit wrong for the blues.

They drew with Atletico Madrid, 1-1 at home. However they get another chance to play them tonight.

They don’t get a chance to replay the cup and League fixtures though. They lost 2-0 to Man United recently in the women’s Super League FA Cup. Keira Walsh was also sent off in that game.

They also lost 1-0 to Arsenal in the league. Tonight they will be looking to pick themselves up and with that in mind here’s two players who need to to stand out…

Georgia Stanway

Georgia is a very dangerous player. However she was injured earlier in the season and missed a few games for Man City.

Now that she’s back and fully fit she will be looking to impress tonight to make sure Man City win.

Ellie Roebuck

The Man City goalkeeper has been a standout performer so far this season.

I saw Roebuck in action against Man United this season. She exceeded my expectations and will be looking to keep Man City in the Champions League tonight.

2 things we learnt from Man City Women’s draw with Atletico Madrid

Man City women faced Atlético Madrid on Wednesday night in their next round of the Champions League. The game ended 1-1. Who goes through to the next stage will now be decided in an away leg.

Nick Cushing’s side started off really well and went 1-0 up. However, they ended up conceding in the second half and couldn’t find a winner.

It wasn’t the typical blues performance that fans were used to. Man City are top of the Women’s Super League. They’ve done well in all competitions and even won their first Champions League clash, 7-1.

Now they will have to wait to see their fate in the competition because the draw won’t give them any ease in the next round.

However, there are a few reasons to why Man City may have under-performed. The Champions League is adding another game onto their weekly schedule. It’s probably tiring them out.

They also have a few players like Georgia Stanway out injured. Also, Atlético are are a brilliant side.

Here’s two things that fans learned from the performance…

Ellie Roebuck

Ellie Roebuck has been filling in as the first choice keeper at Man City. In the first game of the season against Man United, I witnessed her make some amazing saves.

Although, I didn’t know if she would be consistent. However, she has proven me wrong. Last night, she was one talking point from a lot of people.

If it wasn’t for her, Man City could have conceded a few more. She is world-class.


Sorry to be negative here but Nick Cushing said after the match that his side seemed to lose concentration.

I’ve watched the highlights and I have to agree. It looked like they were so focussed on the fact they had scored that they forgot they needed to keep it that way.

Like I said earlier, they have an extra fixture to fulfil in their schedule so tiredness will come. However, if they want to succeed in the Champions League this season, they will have to keep it going for the full 90 minutes.

Man City women make it 4/4 – ‘Another day…….another win and clean sheet’

Nick Cushing’s Man City women have had a fantastic start to the season. This weekend saw them take on Birmingham and The Football Manc Cave looks at your reactions.

Even though the Manchester side was looking for a win, it was also an emotional day for Man City’s Aoife Mannion. Birmingham is the side that she departed in order to join the blues.

That didn’t stand in the team’s way, however, as Keira Walsh opened the score sheet up early on. Man City managed to keep on top until half time.

Tessa Wullaert soon made it 2-0 after the two sides came back on the pitch. One of Man City’s newer signings, Lee Geum-Min then came on as a substitute and made it 3-0 to the blues.

This now puts Nick Cushing’s side 1st in the Women’s Super League as they haven’t dropped a point yet. It looks like the mission for Man City to take the title this year is well and truly on and working.

Here are your reactions…

Twitter Reacts:

Man City women need to play these 2 to start the campaign with a win

Man City Women have a huge game on their hands this weekend and The Football Manc Cave are picking out two players who will make all the difference.

On Saturday, the opening game of the Women’s Super League will take place for Manchester City. The blues will be on a mission to win the league this season after competing with Arsenal for so long. The news of the opening fixtures broke way back at the beginning of the summer and it was revealed that Man City would host Man United.

The reds were only promoted at the end of last season and will be immediately going into one of the hardest games they’ll face and to add even more pressure, it will be at the Etihad Stadium. This will generate a huge audience who will be cheering on both teams in what will be a great derby. My prediction is that Man City will win, I’ve just not decided on the scoreline yet. Something I have decided on is two Man City players who have to play in this game in order to make sure they get all three points.

Steph Houghton

Probably the most obvious pick, I know. However, her World Cup campaign impressed me and many other fans so much. I can’t wait to see her in action on Saturday, not only for her defensive skill, determination, ambition and clearances but also for her leadership skills.

If anyone can keep her team calm and composed, it’s her. Even though it’s being televised, is at a huge stadium and has a lot of pressure riding on it, I think Steph will treat the game like any other and keep all her teammates calm and collected.

Ellen White

Another player who everyone was impressed by in the World Cup. If she plays on Saturday and manages to score, the fans will go wild. I know I will. She only joined Manchester City over the summer and she is my favourite Women’s footballer so, like many others, I had to see her in action this weekend. It will be interesting to see how she’s developed and gelled together with her new teammates over the summer. Hopefully, she will be able to find the back of the net at least once to set the standard for strikers in the WSL and to set the tone for Man City’s League campaign.

Two players to look out for this season for Man City Women

Nick Cushing’s Man City Women’s side should be out on a mission to win the Women’s Super League this season. The Football Manc Cave have picked out two players that should play a pivotal role in fulfilling that dream.

If you follow the Women’s Super League, you’ll know that Man City normally go head to head with Arsenal for the top spot. I along with many Man City fans are hoping that the women part of the squad who featured for the Lionesses this summer will be hungry enough to take that title.

Out of all the teams in the league, Man City women will more than likely benefit the most when it comes to fans, as a large number of the team made history with the viewing figures reaching record-breaking numbers this summer. This is definitely going to bring in more fans and with that in mind, here are two players that will stand out for Man City this season…

Ellen White

A stand out player in France and an absolutely fantastic player in general. I can’t wait to see her in action at the Etihad on the opening game of the season, as I’m sure she will be a huge part of the Blues squad this season.

The striker has only signed for Man City this summer from Birmingham City. There’s no doubt in my mind that she will deliver for Nick Cushing’s and the team as she will blend right in with the girls who played in the World Cup. Her efforts will also see Man City either win the title or get extremely close to again.

Steph Houghton

The defender has captained Man City and the Lionesses for quite some time, only now she will gain a huge interest from fans as she played a massive part of the Lionesses World Cup campaign.

I think it’s safe to say that the hearts of the nation went out to her this summer as she had to make a statement following the semi-final loss. The nation was behind the whole team but Steph is a brilliant leader who strives for the best. This is why I think she will have an amazing season as she will be motivated to put the World Cup behind her and deliver for the Blues instead.

Two players to look out for this season for Man Utd Women

The Football Manc Cave are picking out two Man United Women who should stand out to fans this season.

It’s clear that the Women’s World Cup this year has had a huge influence on women’s football as a whole. There are so many more fans of the sport now and young aspiring women who have been inspired to follow their dreams. Not only has it influenced the fans, but it’s also influenced officials as Man United vs Man City women, which is the first game of the season for the Manchester rivals, will be held at the Etihad Stadium.

Now that people’s interest has grown on the women’s game, fans will keep up with transfer news more and the players in general. With this in mind, here are two players who you should look out for in Casey Stoney’s squad…

Jackie Groenen

The Dutch midfielder had a great World Cup campaign and has decided to join the Manchester side after gaining interest. She’s 24 years old and has previously played for Chelsea, so she has a little bit of experience in the Women’s Super League which is what this newly promoted Man United team need.

She featured in all seven games for the Netherlands out in France this summer and showed exactly what she’s worth. You may remember her name from when she scored the winner against Sweden in the semi-final. She has recently given an interview with her views on the season ahead that you can read here. She will be out to prove herself to the other English clubs, and to her teammates so keep an eye on her this coming season.

Abbie McManus

Another player who only signed for the reds this summer. She has been with Man City for years and now says she’s in the “right colour” after signing for Man United. She was also included in Phil Neville’s side when the Lionesses competed in the World Cup. The 26-year-old also did an interview upon her arrival with the club, saying she’s excited to be playing in a historic derby between the two Manchester sides.

I could have picked many players for this article, however, I’ve gone with two new signings who will be able to show experience in the Super League.

Man City Women: 2 strengths, 2 weakness that will see them win the league

Manchester City will hopefully win the Women’s Super League this season. Nick Cushings has been busy this transfer window which determines his hunger for the title.

The Blues managed a 2nd place finish last season behind Arsenal. A lot of his players have been out in France over the summer taking part in the World Cup and have now returned hopefully with the ambition do impress.

The Football Manc Cave looks at 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses that will have an impact on their 2019/20 campaign which will hopefully see them win the league.

Strength 1: Ellen White

I personally am so excited to see Ellen White in a Man City shirt this coming season. She was brilliant in the World Cup and even managed to bag third place in the golden boot race, which arguably she should have had a higher total after VAR ruled a few of her goals out.

She will more than likely be hungry to be successful as she goes up against her ex-club, Birmingham City. She will also be on the same team as her England teammates and be aiming to win something this season.

Strength 2: World Cup

All teams in men’s and women’s football have pre-season friendlies only Manchester City have practically had all summer to warm up. Keeper Karen Bardsley, defender Steph Houghton, midfielder Jill Scott and striker Ellen White are just a handful of the players who Phil Neville took to France this summer.

They all looked really promising as they played great football and only failed at the semi-final hurdle which again, was a great fight. As well as this giving a lot of Nick Cushing’s side the chance to bond, it also should give the players a need for a win. This hopefully will be the League.

Weakness 1: Arsenal

Last season saw Arsenal win the Super League with 54 points. Man City finished 2nd with 47 points. It’s clear to see that Arsenal will more than likely be Cushings’ biggest competition but hopefully, his team will be hungry and motivated enough to get a few more points this year in order to try and catch up with the Gunners. With Man United now in the same league, they’ll be hoping to take all 6 points possible from their rivals which could be crucial.

Weakness 2: World Cup

Now, this was obviously a factor I chose to go in the strengths of this article, and I do believe it will have some positive impact on the club going into their new campaign. However, I also think it will leave some of the players feeling deflated as they have suffered semi-final losses before and this time was no different.

Even though new fans and bigger crowds should convince the likes of Steph Houghton and Jill Scott that their World Cup efforts were widely appreciated. I can imagine that it’s still hard to get over losing to the USA.

Manchester City fans will have to hope Nick Cushings can convince his players to give it their all and push for the title.

3 key dates for Man City Women that could play a part in their push for the title

Now that full fixtures have been released for the Women’s Super League, The Football Manc Cave are picking out 3 dates that should be key for Man City Women.

Nick Cushing’s side managed to finish 2nd behind Arsenal Women last season. They’ll be out to win the title this campaign. With the signings over the summer such as Ellen White and Aoife Mannion, it’s clear to see that they are hoping to go one better by winning the league.

Now that all the players are back from the World Cup, I’ve picked out 3 dates to look out for next season…

Manchester United WomenSeptember 7th

Manchester United at home. And by home, we mean at the Etihad Stadium. I was hoping that these fixtures would be treated just like the men’s, as a big derby that deserved being watched. I’m so happy that Man City have made this happen, and I hope that Man United will host their game against their rivals at Old Trafford. This will be a great match as Manchester United women who were promoted to the WSL at the end of last season, we will see how they cope. It will also be interested to see both team captains, Steph Houghton and Alex Greenwood go against each other rather than being a part of the same team.

Arsenal Women – February 2nd

Arsenal at home. As the Manchester City were fighting with the Gunners for the title spot last season, this will surely be an exciting game of football. Both dates that they meet each other will be great games. I’ve only picked their home game as a key date, as fans will love to see the two teams go head to head. Man City should have a better chance of getting some points from Arsenal on home soil.

Brighton Women – May 16th

The last match of the season. A key date for most teams, as it will more than likely determine their league position. In this case, Man City could have to win against Brighton women in order to take the Super League title from Arsenal if they can have a promising season once again.

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