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Oldham Athletic’s 2 key fixtures to jump-start season

Oldham Athletic manager Dino Maamria

Oldham Athletic are having a tough time down at the bottom of League Two. Even though they have drawn more recently, they need to find wins.

In difficult times for a football club like Oldham, focussing on League Two is something that should be a priority. They recently got knocked out of the Leasing.com Trophy but went through in the FA Cup.

Now it is time to try and get some wins in League Two. Oldham is currently 20th on 16 points. The team’s below them aren’t far behind as only 2-3 points separate them.

Fans are getting fed up with their club. They want change in ownership and management but that doesn’t look like it will happen any time soon.

Therefore, the team will just have to work hard to change things around. They need to start attacking early on in games and defending wins so that they can climb to a safer League position.

With that in mind, here are two fixtures coming up for Oldham that they could take advantage of…

Morecambe away

On Boxing Day, Oldham will travel to Morecambe. They are currently bottom of League Two on 13 points.

If Morecambe doesn’t suddenly improve, Oldham will be able to take advantage of them and try to take an early lead.

Oldham can also aim to improve their goal difference in this game. If they can keep their confidence up, they may be able to score a few in this game. However, they will also have to keep on top of their defence.

Oldham Athletic v Scunthorpe

Oldham will also have to play Scunthorpe on New Year’s Day. They are also down at the bottom of League Two.

Scunthorpe currently sits on 15 points and if they are still struggling next month, Oldham could take advantage of this fixture too.

So this means that Oldham could give fans a nice Christmas and New Years present if they collect as many points as possible from these fixtures. However, they also face Salford City at home on the 29th if December.

This is a lot of game time to take on in such a short amount of time. Fitness will become a priority.

How is Wigan Athletic’s Callum Lang getting on at Shrewsbury?

Wigan fans were gutted earlier this season when Callum Lang went on loan to Shrewsbury. The Football Manc Cave takes a look at how he’s getting on.

Callum Lang has slowly become a fan favourite at Wigan. However, earlier the season, some were quite vocal on how they felt about him going out on loan.

The 21 year old went and joined Shrewsbury on loan to gain some more playing experience.

Some fans couldn’t understand why he was being allowed to leave as Wigan have been struggling themeselves.

Others understood that this would benefit Lang’s career. However, the striker is struggling to get appearances.

Current form

The striker has played 5 games so far and scored once in his time at the new club. He has also received 0 yellow or red cards.

Lang has previously been at the likes of Morecambe and Oldham on loan spells. He will now be looking to be better than ever during this loan spell.

Deserves more

Shrewsbury are currently 11th in League One. Lang is a player who will want to help this team build.

He is a product of Wigan’s youth and has worked his way up. Now he deserves more of a shot at Shrewsbury.

Oldham fans react to win ‘Ridiculous. What are people going to moan about now?’

Oldham Athletic had a big weekend as it was their first game with a new manager in charge.

The sacking of Laurent Banide this week came as quite a shock to Oldham fans. It looked like things were beginning to look positive for the Latics as goals were being scored and some points were being won. The only thing was, Oldham were giving their wins away in the final stages of games and this meant fans were becoming frustrated.

However, I didn’t think Banide would get sacked, I thought he would be given some time to fix things. Yesterday was a big one as Oldham faced Morecambe and fans really wanted a win. That’s exactly what they got, a 3-1 success, finally taking all three points.

Here are your reactions…

Examining Oldham Athletic’s 19/20 League 2 Opponents: Mansfield, Morecambe and Newport

Continuing the definitive guide to the 19/20 League Two season for Oldham supporters.

Mansfield Town

Any team that would have Craig Davies in their side can’t be expecting much success which is probably why they missed out on getting into the playoff final last season.

Nickname: The Stags (apparently deer roam the streets of Mansfield)

Sponsor: Little John Long Johns

Star Supporter: Robin Hood

Club Mascot: Vince Venison

Half Time Entertainment: Poaching

Will Oldham Take Over The Town?: Good chance as it’s not too far.

Mad Chairman Score Out Of 10: John Radford. Pretty normal compared to some Chairmen. Appointed his girlfriend Carolyn as chief exec in 2011 who is described as glamorous. 2/10

One to Watch: Andy Cook who has been described as a ‘nightmare‘ to play against!

Style Of Play: Hoofball

Speciality Pie Flavour: Antler

Away End Capacity and Condition: 1800 in a modern stadium

Likely Pre Match Songs: Gregorian chants

End of Season Prediction: 3rd

Morecambe FC

Ending up in the bottom seven of League Two isn’t a good incentive for your players to stick around which is probably why Zac Mills has jumped ship and joined Oldham.

Nickname: The Shrimps

Sponsor: The Tripe Marketing Board

Star Supporter: Eric Morecambe

Club Mascot: Captain Birds Eye

Half Time Entertainment: Seagull Rustling

Will Oldham Take Over The Town?: Good chance as we like a day at the seaside.

Mad Chairman Score Out Of 10: Graham Howse & Rod Taylor ‘Joint’ Chairmen so they can blame each other for the terrible season they’re about to have. 3/10

One to Watch: The Potted Shrimp Seller

Style Of Play: Sea breeze assisted kick and rush

Speciality Pie Flavour: Fish head

Away End Capacity and Condition: 1400 which is good in a boring new stadium build which is bad.

Likely Pre Match Songs: My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

End of Season Prediction: 22nd

Newport County

Newport lost to Tranmere in the 18/19 playoff final but few noticed as Newport really is in the back end of nowhere and subsequently ignored by the rest of the country.

Nickname: The Exiles (from humanity?)

Sponsor: The Welsh Tourist Board (open Tuesday afternoons 12.30 to 12.45)

Star Supporter: Tom Jones

Club Mascot: Something sheep related

Half Time Entertainment: Sheep Dog Trials

Will Oldham Take Over The Town?: No chance

Mad Chairman Score Out Of 10: Gavin Foxall. Fat bloke with glasses 2/10

One to Watch: Shaun the Sheep

Style Of Play: Half decent hopeful punts

Speciality Pie Flavour: Lamb naturally

Away End Capacity and Condition: 580 which is poor but nobody goes there anyway

Likely Pre Match Songs: We’ll Keep A Welcome in the Hillsides

End of Season Prediction: 2nd

Next Week: Northampton, Port Vale and Plymouth

OPINION: Salford City Confirm Released List, Is It The Right Move?

Salford City had a really impressive run last season that helped them in gaining promotion out of the National League and into League Two.

The Ammies have a collective set of owners who can put their money into new players ahead of the new season, with Peter Lim having a 40% share and Phil Neville, Gary Neville, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and David Beckham all holding 10% each. Through Salford’s club website, they revealed the players they would be letting go before the start of their new challenge in league two.

Anthony Dudley, Amine Linganzi, Danny Livesey, Gus Mafuta and Jack Redshaw have all been thanked for their hard work and wished all the best but have been released. Tyler Forbes and Dennis Politic have also returned to their parent clubs as their loan deals are over.

Now football fans are wondering what this means for the players that have been let go, some of the players on the list would be a good investment for other clubs. However, with the money behind Salford FC, the replacements for these players won’t be a problem, they’re already looking and signing ahead of the start of the 2019/20 season.

Chester FC have already answered Danny Livesey’s prayers and snapped the 34-year-old defender up before anyone else has the chance. He will officially be a part of the club on July 1st. He has previously captained Barrow AFC which is probably a reason why Chester have shown interest in the defender again.

With his age showing how much experience he’s had, he could be a perfect player to show leadership qualities, if not for the whole team, at least for the back four at Chester. It’s also been reported that the blues could also offer Anthony Dudley a move to the club. The 22-year-old was on loan with Chester last season and, ended up being the clubs leading scorer when he managed to net 11 goals. This could be a great move for him, as the club do appear to be interested and he has also is understood to be just as interested in a permanent move.

There’s some uncertainty in what will happen with Mafuta, Redshaw and Linganzi as of yet. Personally, I think any club would be silly to not show interest in Mafuta, the 23-year-old midfielder started 22 matches for the Ammies last year. He started his career at Colchester but then moved to Bristol City Academy where he captained the Under 21’s. With Gus only being 23 and already having captain experience, surely another club should have a look at signing him soon.

Amine Linganzi however, only managed to get 4 starts for Salford last season and he’s 29 years old. He’s already been around, having played for Blackburn, Preston and Portsmouth in the past. I think Salford didn’t really have a choice letting the midfielder go, as they can bring in fresh young talent but Linganzi could benefit from maybe a struggling club putting in a deal.

Then there’s Jack Redshaw. He’s got such a good stat record. He managed 17 goals out of 36 matches for Salford and he’s got football orientated family too, his brother is Mark Redshaw and his father is Ray Redshaw, all three being strikers in their career.

If you leave that information as it is, you’d be thinking, why hasn’t anyone put an offer in? But the issue the 28-year-old will have to come to terms with is that he was out of action in Salford’s last season due to an injury in preseason. Fans were gutted but now that he’s been released, he may find it hard to find an alternative club. He has played for Rochdale, Blackpool and Morecambe previous to Salford so a club are sure to see the positives in the striker.

Even though these players will be missed by Salford fans, I hope they all have great offers thrown their way.

Two ‘Ugly’ Players Oldham Need Next Season To Compete in The Physical Side Of League Two

League Two football can never be described as ‘pretty’. There are a number of players capable of producing the odd flash of brilliance but on the whole, League Two is the place finesse goes to die.

It is unsurprising then that League Two champions Lincoln’s approach to the game consists of throwing themselves to the ground at every opportunity, barging the opposition out of the way and having a goalkeeper who can deliver the ball from box to box on a regular basis. This method was ably demonstrated in their recent win at MK Dons.

It would be churlish to suggest that Oldham should adopt a direct game in an effort to escape League Two next season but, one of the ingredients that have been missing lately are players whose only mandate late in a game is to get the ball upfield as far as possible. A four-game sequence saw Latics concede in the 90th minute at home to Crewe, Morecambe and Stevenage and Bury away losing out on a possible six extra points.

As yet it is unknown what the squad will look like after the last game of the season has been played out. However, as far as defenders are concerned and if rumours are correct, skipper Peter Clarke may move on and on-loan Alex Iacovitti will be returning to Nottingham Forest leaving a void in the sort of players we need who can play ‘ugly’ football when it is required.

There are always a good number of players around who will fit that requirement and two that would certainly be suitable and available are:

Mal Benning

Mansfield’s 25 year old left back has also played as a centre back and in midfield for the Stags this season. He has an option of a further one-year extension to his contract which expires in June, but with the club on the verge of a move into League One his direct style may be deemed as useful in League Two but lacking substance in a higher division. He has not produced many goals but managed to find the net direct from a corner against Northampton.

David Wheater

The 32-year-old Bolton captain and defender would be the perfect replacement for Peter Clarke. Strong in the air with good concentration and blocking skills. He is described as being a threat at set pieces and a good player to have if the ball needs clearing quickly. His only weakness appears to be his passing ability.

Given that all of the Bolton players have an uncertain future, Wheater might be persuaded to drop a division given that he would be able to remain living in the area, and presumably has plenty of experience of being part of a squad playing for a club with a controversial owner!

A Stag Doo in Pink Hats, Win a Shed & Cheap Beer – My Best Away Day

I love away days. I love away days all the more when you drop down the leagues.

Go to a Premier League game and you are going to major cities in the main, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff. Slip down a bit and it’s got to be a bit more of an adventure.

I have largely misspent my youth traipsing around grounds to watch teams. I have a passing interest in and have many fond memories of weird and wonderful locations, getting overly familiar with the likes of Scunthorpe, Southend and Sunderland, amongst other British locations that don’t begin with S.

As a brief bit of context, house keeping, while counting myself as a Manchester City and Curzon Ashton fan, I went to university down in Devon, and lived behind St James Park in Exeter. Cheap tickets for students and a bit of a babyface meaning we could get the odd childs ticket led to me and a handful of friends watching the Grecians quite often, and usually lose.

I hadn’t ever watched Exeter play away while I was at University, the prohibitive cost of travelling to grounds, other teams not honouring cheap ticket offers to students and generally being far too lazy to organise anything of the sort prevented us from ever getting round to it. However a decade after leaving our flat behind the ground, myself and an old friend were both at a loose end on a Saturday, and Exeter was playing at Morecambe.

A fairly short hop from Manchester this seemed too good an opportunity to turn down. So off we headed to the Great British seaside on a sunny August afternoon, and it was wonderful.

By some sort of strange coincidence, we managed to turn up on the same day as an airshow of sorts, a military flyover does add to a sense of occasion. Finding several cheap pubs where the rounds will remind you that you aren’t in the Northern Quarter any more, in the very best of ways, with a few local characters, and an inordinate amount of bikers.

The most important part of any away day, or indeed a day for myself, is sniffing out a decent amount of carbohydrates, and the perk of a seaside away day is more chip shops than even I can sample in 5 hour period.

Morecambe’s ground is a short walk from town and there is a pub in the carpark, which doesn’t have a “no away fans” rule.

Exeter fans themselves travel, and travel well. Exeter is ages away from everywhere, there are no near away games so there is a bit of a “may as well” attitude. If it’s going to take you three hours to get to Birmingham, what’s another couple to Lancashire. The turnout was huge, with nearly as many away fans as home fans and the away end in fantastic voice the whole way through with the added bonus of a stag doo (more on them later).

The Grecians utterly outplayed Morecambe, and a few basic errors by the home side, including a goal kick that instead of going upfield was just booted sideways into the stands further added to the atmosphere. Early season optimism, winning, and beautiful weather are an excellent combination for a good day away.

The half time entertainment at this level is always bizarre too and involves the mass embarrassment of school-aged children. Not quite as good as the half time entertainment I once saw where the aim was genuinely to kick a ball into a shed to win a shed, but enough mockery to keep it entertaining, and a pretty reasonably priced bar too.

Then in the second half, with Exeter winning and the game starting to wind down, the ball was kicked out of play and landed at the feet of the stag do (remember them…) and they refused to give the ball back to the players. Cue something I’d never seen before, in both sets of players and a lot of Exeter fans kicking off at some men in pink fluffy cowboy hats to the extent the stewards got involved.

Never change, League Two, never change.

If the list of away grounds you have visited extends to Stamford Bridge, Anfield and Old Trafford then I insist you head off to a ground in the football leagues, you’ll leave with a few stories to tell, and maybe a shed.