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If Man United want to get 40.5m rated assist king midfielder, Woodward will have to dig deep in his pockets

Brendan Rodgers is well aware that the top clubs of England have a big enough draw to lure his superstar midfielder away from Leicester City.

It doesn’t take the biggest brains in football to see that there is a crucial deficiency in the Man Utd squad. Their recent performances have been very up and down. Showing great team spirit, determination and moments of individual genius. But these three qualities are that of a newly promoted side who are on a bounce, not the qualities of a once-great side trying to reclaim their crown.

Luckily for Man Utd fans, the introduction of two top-quality midfielders and one top quality forward could be the missing piece to this young but hopeful squad.

Solskjaer’s transfer parameters have been to seek out young, hungry and predominantly British talent. This may be an attempt to re-establish the old-school Man Utd, where every player who steps out onto the pitch is living their dream. Not dreaming of a move to Real Madrid, Barcelona or Juventus.

James Maddison has reportedly been on Solskjaer’s radar for some months now and could be launching a heavy bid for his services in January.

There is little doubt that had Maddison joined the Reds is Summer, their problems would have decreased massively, and dropped points may have easily been won.

This is because Man Utd completely lack creativity in the final third. Pogba is by far the most creative midfielder but gets played in a deep position where his attacks are few and far between.

Having an attacking midfielder of Maddison’s calibre would transform this terribly irritating Man Utd side into a side who create chances for fun. It is evident that the system and structure can provide attacking football, but the personnel to do it isn’t quite there.

Man Utd have to try their best to capture Benfica’s highly-rated 20y/o

Benfica’s 20-year-old midfielder Florentino Luis is attracting the tops clubs of Europe, including both Man Utd and Man City…

If Man Utd can challenge Man City in anything (these days), it’s transfers. Man Utd has had scouts in Benfica watching the defensive midfielder amongst other talents in the club.

After Man City signed Rodri, it appears that the interest from the Citizens has dwindled down. Whilst Man Utd are suffering significant consequences of not signing a midfielder, which could genuinely result in the side finishing outside the top 8 in the Premier League.

The good news, though, is that Man Utd have the ball in their court to pursue this defensive maestro.

So, what’s so good about Luis?

Particularly in the modern game, having a defensive midfielder is crucial. There are tactically aware, ball-playing, sensible defensive midfielders, such as Rodri and Nemanja Matic. Or there are advanced, skilful and able to initiate a build-in play like Chelsea’s Kante. There are even aerial duelling, strong and commanding maestro such as Yaya Toure.

With Luis, he seems to embody all of these qualities. Man Utd desperately needs a strong, defensive and well-rounded defensive midfielder to both guard the back four and find suitable passes to initiate an attack.

In my opinion, the best defensive midfield option for Man Utd to pursue is Leicester City’s Wilfried Ndidi. However, with Leicester City looking to overtake the Red Devils as the weakest side in the top 6, as well as losing Harry Maguire to them, it seems very unlikely.

This is why going all out for Luis is necessary, despite his price potentially being around £100million. As of right now, every top 6 side, plus Wolves and Leicester, have better midfields than Man Utd, a side looking to reach the top four. Without improving this key area, they are getting nowhere near.

What if 32 goals-midfielder had joined Man Utd in the summer?

Man Utd target Bruno Fernandes

Man Utd was linked to several midfielders over summer. Fans were furious on deadline day when no additions to the midfield were made, and foretold the struggles that Man Utd would face…

In Man Utd’s opening fixtures they have suffered one defeat and two draws, winning only one game using counter-attacks. This is worrying as most teams will now know to defend in a compact manner against the Reds. As recent games have shown that they do not have the midfield to pick out a man against a solid defence.

This is where the well-rounded midfielder Bruno Fernandes comes in. Last season, Bruno Fernandes scored 32 and got 18 assists in 53 appearances for Sporting Lisbon, drawing interest from clubs such as Man Utd, Real Madrid, Tottenham and Liverpool.

His form has continued into the current season. Fernandes has scored 2 and assisted 4 in four games in Liga Nos so far. Undoubtedly, he is one of the greatest midfielders in European football. He would have jumped at the chance to join Man Utd and prove himself on a much bigger stage.

Where would Man Utd be with Bruno Fernandes?

Should Bruno Fernandes have joined Man Utd in summer, I wholeheartedly believe that the Reds would have won each of their games so far this season.

On top of that, Paul Pogba having a talented midfielder to play alongside may have gone some way in encouraging him to stick around at Old Trafford. Increasing the chances that he will partake in the rebuild of Man Utd. The opportunities presented to the forward three of James, Martial and Rashford would also increase massively. Let alone the quality of football being displayed.

Overall, bringing in Bruno Fernandes, or any superstar creative midfielder, would have transformed this under-performing Man Utd. As a key ingredient would have been added. But most importantly, of course, it would have made the recent transfer window a lot more interesting.

2 reasons why Man Utd have to get this Premier League proven midfielder in January

Man Utd has had a terrible start to the season, with all of their issues revolving around a lack of quality in the middle of the park. A problem that should have been fixed in summer may now be fixed in January as Man Utd are lining up a second attempt to sign Christian Eriksen from Tottenham Hotspur.

After Solskjaer’s emphatic 4-0 victory at Old Trafford, results have gone downhill. The Reds have failed to win a single game in the three games since.

Man Utd’s win over Chelsea came from the naivety of the London side, as they piled on pressure which gave Solskjaer’s side several opportunities to utilise their one and only asset; counter-attacks.

Afterwards, they faced Wolves, Crystal Palace and Southampton. All teams that defend in a compact manner, giving very little space behind them. This has been a bane to the Reds, as they only picked up 2 points in 3 games when facing this style of the place.

This is where the Danish 27-year-old midfielder comes into the equation. By signing him in January (despite it being obvious that the club needed a midfielder in the summer transfer window) Christian Eriksen will bring these two qualities to Man Utd which could entirely change their fortunes…

Premier League proven

Since joining Spurs from Ajax in 2013, Eriksen has featured in 210 Premier League games, contributing 50 goals and 64 assists. This gives Eriksen a consistent average creating a goal in at least every other game.

Man Utd needs this kind of consistency in their side. Their current strongest midfield consists of the hit-or-miss Paul Pogba, the unproven Scott McTominay and Fred, who has failed to make an impact since joining although moments of brilliance are noticed.

Final third creativity

As mentioned, Man Utd are hopeless in creating chances for their number nine Anthony Martial. Eriksen is technically gifted enough to provide countless opportunities for the very clinical Frenchman, who will surely score goals when given the right service.

There have been numerous occasions this season where the likes of Marcus Rashford, Daniel James and Anthony Martial have made dangerous runs, but the current midfield don’t have what it takes to supply.

Eriksen, or any creative midfielder, would make a huge impact on this side. Man Utd has aspirations to reach top four. So attaining a Premier League star seems to be the sensible option.

The most worrying aspect for Man Utd is that they may slip so far down by January that no one wants to join them.