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Toothless Oldham Athletic performance adds to the fans woes – ‘Every week seems to bring a new low’

Oldham Athletic manager Dino Maamria

Oldham Athletic’s latest defeat has infuriated the remaining Boundary Park faithful and left the club teetering near the foot of the table.

The win by Macclesfield at Boundary Park yesterday was especially frustrating for the Oldham fans, as the side looked devoid of ideas and spent much of the game chasing shadows.

Macclesfield on the other hand, despite their off the pitch problems, looked organised and were rarely troubled by Oldham. Who had their first shot on goal just before the half time whistle.

Maouche was once again the target for the fans ire and his substitution signalled ironic cheers from the terraces. Manager Dino Maamria must now look long and hard at his team selections and tactics if he is going to remain in his post.

For the long-suffering Oldham fans, each game adds to their stress. Despite the fact that there is only one relegation place this season, Latics fans would rather not be agonising about it so early in the season.

A 3-point plan for Oldham Athletic to make the playoffs

The Latics will have a new manager, new signings and new teams to play against next season but what can they do to secure themselves a playoff position or even just finish higher in the league?

After their 14th position league finish, Oldham decided to give Laurent Banide a chance at managing the team ahead of next season. He was only appointed this month and the 51-year old received a lot of backlash from Oldham fans. It seems that Latics fans don’t think he will do much to improve their league chances. However, they have just announced a few signings and there’s still a while before the summer is over so what can Oldham do to either secure a playoff spot or finish higher than 14th?

Treat Every Game As A “Key Date”

When League Two fixtures were released last week, Oldham picked out newly promoted Salford as one of their ‘key dates,’ along with Bradford and Macclesfield. Personally, I think all the players and management should be going out with the attitude as every game is a key date because the intentions are to win every game. Go out with those kinds of attitudes and you will have better results.

Trust New Signing’s

Zak Mills and Gary Woods have both recently been announced as new signings before the season starts for Oldham. I’m positive that there will be more signings and contract extensions before the start to the new season but I hope these new additions will put as much into training as they would into a game, get starts in matches and hopefully deliver for Oldham when given the chance.


Oldham fans were very quick to judge Laurent Banide, although I think he needs to be given the chance by the club, team and fans. If you don’t give him the opportunity to deliver before he’s even started, you’re setting yourselves up for failure. If he turns out to be everything that Oldham was NOT looking for then fine but until that happens, let’s see how he manages.

RUMOUR MILL: Sol Campbell To Oldham, A Serious Consideration or Just Another Long Shot?

According to current odds, Sol Campbell is favourite to become the next Oldham manager after the postseason exit of Peter Wild.

There appears to be no solid proof that he’s even interested, however, it has still been reported in the local press which in turn gives those looking for clues added signs that it is true.

This is in spite of his declaration, that he intends to still be around at Macclesfield when next season commences but has ‘limited patience’ with off-field goings-on affecting his squad. Presumably, he would be expected to ignore the Oldham off the pitch sideshow if he made the move to Boundary Park.

On paper, Campbell would be an ideal candidate for the job. Not because he has vast experience at managing a lower level side but because he defied all odds to keep Macclesfield in League Two and, has witnessed at first hand a club in steep decline.

It has to be accepted that Campbell did an excellent job in keeping the Silkmen in this division, given that the odds were stacked against him. The point Macclesfield gained on the last day of the season was enough to keep them up, but the unpaid players nearly boycotted the game as a protest. Given the importance of the fixture however, they recanted and managed to get the result they needed.

If merely being able to keep a side in the lowest division is looked upon as a success, then Campbell may well become Abdallah Lemsagam’s fifth managerial appointment since he arrived. Oldham must surely be looking to improve on last seasons league position, given that two of the clubs who came down with us have managed to return to League One at the first time of asking.

The list of possible managers includes many who have failed at this level and, Campbell still has a great deal to do to prove that he is capable of steering a side to promotion. Given that the Oldham job is supposedly looked on as a poisoned chalice, Sol may well think he is better off at a club without a Chairman, with players threatening strike action and facing a winding-up order in the High Court.

If that is anywhere near the truth, the club is indeed locked in a downward spiral that few managers would be keen to try and reverse.

The Tales Of Being a Ground-Hopper

I was bought up a dyed in the wool Manchester City fan, through thick and thin, from relegations to centurions, however, I also consider myself a Curzon Ashton fan, and have family ties to Sunderland AFC and Scunthorpe United. I have had a lot of ELF and non-league away days.

The main joys of the leagues are the eccentricities of the places and the grounds you visit. Luton, walking through a terraced house to get to the away end. Yorks bathroom facilities overlooking peoples gardens, the Stadium of light and its sweetshop-cum-nightclub as you walk from town to the ground, and so many more.

I have lost so many hours to researching the likes of North Ferriby, Grimsby and Morecambe. I have got inordinately lost trying to find Bower Fold. “I know all of Tameside like the back of my hand” I once proudly proclaimed. It turned out I do not.

I’ve said it before and I will reiterate, you will go to so many more interesting places once you drop out of the Premier League. I don’t want to spend £60 on a Pendolino to go to watch Chelsea. I will however happily wonder “where on earth is this place” looking at a teams name, and waste close to an entire weekend traipsing over there, probably with a slight existential crisis stuck in motorway traffic along the way. Don’t add up how much you spend on petrol and trains on these excursions. You could probably book yourself an all-inclusive break somewhere significantly more desirable than Nottingham.

You can have some great days out without leaving the home comforts of the Greater Manchester area too. Broadhurst park has a remarkable atmosphere for football of that level, attracting thousands to every game, and singing the whole game through. Stockport County, as you would expect from a team with their history, have a huge ground, tucked away down a terraced street, and adverts in the toilets stating if you buy a funeral with a local provider you get a free county shirt.

Salford City, perched on the top of a hill in Kersal with its sloping pitch and rapid development is worth going to now before they inevitably need to relocate. Oldham’s ground remains quite literally the coldest place I have ever been to, and Macclesfield’s ground (stretching the boundaries of Greater Manchester here, but it’s about a tenner on the train) is as old as time and utter beauty.

Sure you don’t have Aguero playing for Bury and Rashford kicking about for Altrincham, but there is a charm of following your team away in the leagues and National League, you might find yourself wondering if you will die of exposure stuck in stationary traffic on the A1 but also you will see the same die-hard faces every week, you’ll go to some hilariously cheap pubs, you’ll get unforgivably lost in Middlesborough, and go to a lot of seaside towns.

Make a resolution to go to a game or two away this season, you won’t regret it.