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Sané’s replacement: 22 year old La Liga star identified

According to Sky Sports News, Bayern Munich are still interested in Leroy Sané. Man City have now had to look at a replacement.

Man City faced a big blow at the beginning of the season when Leroy Sané was injured.

There were also rumours about Bayern Munich being interested in the Man City player.

Despite him being injured, these rumours have never really gone away.

Now it seems to be a question of not if but when. If Sané wants to go to Bayern Munich he may have to continue his rehab with them if he makes a winter transfer.

However, if he chooses to wait until the summer he could be back to being fully fit.

Sky Sports have now reported that Man City are supposed to be looking at Mikel Oyarzabal from Real Sociedad.

Current situation

Mikel Oyarzabal currently has a contract with Real Sociedad until 2024. It doesn’t look like Sociedad want to lose their man.

However if Man City are willing to pay the£67.5 million release clause, they may think again.


The 22-year old has scored 28 goals in the last two Seasons at Real Sociedad.

He also shone over the summer in the Under-21 European Championships for Spain. He has worked his way up through the Sociedad Academy and been consistent in performing ever since.

Man City name their price for star forward

The Sun have reported that Man City will demand £100 million for Gabriel Jesus. This is Pep Guardiola’s plan to warn off Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich have apparently shown their interest in Man City forward, Gabriel Jesus.

Jesus has a contract with Man City that is long-term and he only signed it last year.

He has also only started four games at the Etihad Stadium this season. Man City fans of also branded him a little greedy.

However, Bayern Munich continue to show interest in the striker.

Leroy Sané

Bayern Munich’s interest in Jesus comes after they were reportedly interested in Leroy Sané.

Unfortunately, Leroy Sané was injured early on this season and isn’t fit again until February.

Pep Guardiola

In order to warn Bayern Munich away from the Man City striker, Pep Guardiola will be looking for four times the asking price for his player.

This is because Pep Guardiola views Jesus as the long-term successor to club record goalscorer, Sergio Aguero.

Man City should best consider selling these 2 in January

Guardiola is fortunate enough to have one of the best squads in European football. To such an extent, that it could be time to let some of their brilliant players walk out of the door…

Manchester City has to make way for some of the young talents they have coming through. Losing the likes of Leroy Sane, Phil Foden and promising academy prospects to big European clubs can only slow down their progression.

With this in mind, here are two players that Guardiola could lose without harming the squad. As there are replacements who would benefit from their game time…

Ilkay Gundogan

Gundogan, 28, recently signed a contract which will take him to 2023 at the Etihad. However, should Guardiola opt against loaning out Phil Foden, the only respectable alternative is to give the youngster first-team football?

Despite Gundogan being a fantastic option as a rotational midfielder, he could be stealing game time away from the Man City youth talent.

Although David Silva is in his final season with Man City, it is probable that the Citizens will replace the Spaniard superstar with a like-for-like talent from a top European club.

Riyad Mahrez

Mahrez, 28, will turn 29 upon the return of the injured Leroy Sane. Who is considering a move to Germany due to a lack of a starting eleven football.

After coming from Leicester, Mahrez himself hasn’t seen an awful lot of game time. And at his age, he could be looking at a move away to ensure a lot of football in the final five years of his career at full fitness.

This would benefit Sane with more game time, ultimately benefiting Man City by having a happy and content world-class winger.

What’s Man City’s real motive behind Sane’s new contract offer

It could be until February that we see the Man City’s German wonder, Leroy Sane, kicking a ball about once again. But what kit will he be wearing?

Bayern Munich has reportedly maintained an interest in Leroy Sane despite the stubbornness of Man City in the transfer window. As well as the German’s unfortunate injury.

Man City are now attempting to seal a deal for a new contract with Sane. As Bayern Munich are ready to launch a bid for the winger as early as January.

Man City cannot afford to lose Leroy Sane for free…

The most obvious reasoning for Man City to renew his contract is to entice a higher bid from Bayern Munich, as the Citizens expect upwards of £130million for his services. Sane’s contract expires in summer 2021. Being only 23-year-old, he could easily see out his contract for a further year and join up with the German giants on a free transfer, usually resulting in astronomical wages for the individual.

Furthermore, with 28-year-old Mahrez being hit-or-miss when it comes to being selected on the team sheet. Alongside Bernardo Silva offering even more quality when selected for the midfield opposed to the wing, there is room for a young winger to step up and clinch the spot.

The future of Man City could have a forward three of Sterling and Sane as inverted wingers whilst Gabriel Jesus sits up top as a number 9, which sounds utterly terrifying. Not to mention having Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva and Rodri as the midfield three behind them. And that alone is a reason to get the German’s name on the dotted line.

It may be an extension of Sane’s services. Or it may be a ploy to attract more funds from Bayern Munich for his replacement. Either way, failing to get Leroy Sane to sign a new deal can only harm the progression of Man City.

Could this one tactical change for Man City be a stroke of genius for Pep?

The Manchester Evening News has suggested that the injury headache Pep Guardiola is facing at Man City, might be a chance for him to use a tactic he used at Barcelona. The Football Manc Cave is taking a closer look.

Things have gone from bad to worse at the Etihad this season. First Leroy Sané, now Aymeric Laporte. Both are out with injuries and Pep needs a backup plan. The article that the MEN have published are suggesting that the Man City boss will not give youngsters, Eric Garcia or Taylor Harwood-Bellis a chance to fill the defensive space.

So what will Guardiola do?

Something that I’ve been suggesting for a while. Using Fernandinho. The Brazilian is relatively new to the position, but he coped well when he had to replace Laporte against Brighton.

However, ‘genius’ Pep Guardiola has had his player training in that position since the summer. He clearly had to think about his options with his defence needing the most work out of his talented squad, and it’s something that the man in charge is used to doing.

Training players in multiple positions so that he’s always got cover. He’s brilliant at spotting when a player should be suited in another position, and this is why his squad is so good. A lot of his players can just drop to another position and look just as comfortable as they did originally.

In a way, it was perfect timing when Rodri signed for City. Allowing Fernandinho to be placed into a different position and it’s worked in his favour now, even if it’s in unfortunate events. Javier Mascherano had to make a similar transition under Pep Guardiola’s management, and now 34-year-old Fernandinho will be doing the same. This is why Pep Guardiola has a title-winning side.

Which Liverpool players would walk into Man City’s first 11 

TalkSport is well known for fan call-ins and The Football Manc Cave are responding to what a Liverpool fan has stated.

A Liverpool fan has told TalkSport that he thinks Roberto Firmino is the best striker in the Premier League and not only that, he has gone as far to say that he would rank him higher than Sergio Aguero and Harry Kane. Going one step further, the fan also claimed that Firmino could ‘walk straight into the Man City squad.’

This has obviously sparked conversation amongst football fans and triggered some laughs from the radio hosts.

Now I’m going to give my opinion on the Liverpool fans suggestion…


Personally, I think he would need to spend a lot of time on the training ground with the Man City squad in order to fully understand how hard Pep Guardiola’s teamwork. There’s a chance he could blend in with the blues and perform well, however, I think most will agree that he should stay put for now.

If you look at his stats though, they’re quite impressive. Leroy Sané is currently out of the Man City squad and let’s just imagine for a minute if Firmino was to fill that gap, here’s how the two compare according to WhoScored.com.

Firmino: An overall rating of 7.72. A Premier League rating of 8.17, an overall pass success rate of 78.3. He’s achieved this at the age of 27 and is versatile as he can play as a striker or in midfield.

Leroy Sané: An overall rating of 6.34, a pass success rate of 74.1 and is a successful winger. He’s achieved these stats at the age of 23 years old and he’s not had the chance to make appearances in the Premier League. This was supposed to be his year for it, only he suffered the knee injury that put him out. His statistics can only get better with more playing time and as he gets older.

So going with the theme of ‘which Liverpool player could just walk straight into the Man City team?’

Virgil Van Dijk

For me, he would fit in perfectly at Man City. I know it’s going to take a lot to get him at the Etihad. His wages will now be high and his fees. He could easily go to big clubs abroad with how good he is and after his time at Liverpool comes to a close, he will probably wait on offers to come flooding in.

He would fit in with the work ethic required under Pep Guardiola and into the defensive line that City need to work on with the current injury to Laporte and Kompany leaving. Here’s how he compares according to WhoScores again.

Overall Rating: 7.30

Premier League Rating: 7.40

Overall Pass Success Rate: 88.5%

Forget Sane: Here’s 2 players Man City should look at if Sane leaves in January

Yesterday, I brought you an article that revealed the main reason why Bayern Munich didn’t go through with signing Leroy Sané over the summer.

This was because his wages were too high, not because of his injury and now it’s rumoured that they might be looking to sign the winger again soon. The Football Manc Cave are looking at two players who will fill his boots at the Etihad.

Man City fans were dealt a big blow when they were told Leroy Sané would be out with a knee injury and would have to undergo surgery. He had a brilliant pre-season for City and his future was in question. Bayern Munich was meant to be interested but the transfer never went ahead. Many presumed this was because of said injury, however, it has now come to light that this was because of his wages and fees that were a little too high.

Today, The Sun has revealed that despite his knee injury, Bayern is looking to go for the winger again in the new year. It’s obvious that Pep Guardiola will not want his man to go for anything short of what he’s worth. There’s a £145 million price tag on Sané that the German side are hoping will be reduced in light of his injury. However, we will have to wait and see what happens with the player in time and while we do, let’s take a look at two players who could take Sané’s spot in case he did depart the Etihad…

First of all, WhoScored.com have rated Sané with a total of 6.34 overall and he has a pass rate of 74.1 at the age of 23. This gives you an idea of how he compares to the options I’ve picked as possible replacements.

Wilfried Zaha

A sensible option. He’s already used to the standard of football he will have to play and used to the league. He might not compare from a fan perspective but he did want to leave Crystal Palace over the summer and he could get a second shot at that in the new year.

To compare the players, WhoScored.com rate him at 6.74 overall with a pass success rate of 82.7% at the age of 26. Pep Guardiola might want to take a huge fee for Sané and then go for a cheaper option as Zaha is is valued at £40.5 Million, although Man City don’t have a problem with money.

Joao Felix

He’s been compared to Ronaldo in the past and he’s still only young. The 19-year-old is currently at Atlético Madrid, and he was another player who’s name was thrown around in the transfer window news because a lot of clubs showed interest.

WhoScored.com rate him at 6.79 overall and has a pass rate of 72.9%. At his age, he can only improve and a move to the Etihad will only bring out his best. He would have to adapt to the league and Pep Guardiola’s training and tactics but it would be a huge move in the right direction to make a name for himself in his career.

2 defenders Man City should be looking at to step-in for recovering Laporte, agree?

The Football Manc Cave are looking at who could step up to replace Aymeric Laporte, after he’s sustained an injury that will see him out for 4-5 months.

As if things weren’t already going to the plan at the back for Man City with Vincent Kompany leaving and injuries affecting the team in other parts like Leroy Sané, things just got worse after Laporte is now recovering after his injury that he picked up against Brighton. He has undergone surgery that will now need time to heal.

Although Man City’s official statement didn’t give an exact time frame, fans have put out their guesses that it will be between 4-5 months. This means that other defensive options will have to be looked at while he recovers…


Let’s say that Guardiola decides not to look outside of his already talented and capable squad. He’s the first obvious choice that comes to mind because he replaced the injured defender last weekend. Not only this but Fernandinho has said in the past that he’s ready to get back into the squad, and into Pep Guardiola’s good books by dropping into a defensive position.

This unfortunate event gives Fernandinho a chance to try and show the Man City boss exactly what he’s capable of and that he is ready for a challenge. Rodri is also that piece of the puzzle that fills the hole in midfield so Pep Guardiola has answers.

Ibrahima Konate

Like a lot of other football fans are saying, ‘Man City could just buy a replacement with the money they have.’ Well, that’s true, although I’d rather Guardiola have his development players a chance, like Taylor Harwood-Bellis. However, I’ve decided to pick out a defender from another club in case scouts are on the lookout.

He’s impressed greatly in the Bundesliga after joining RB Leipzig and he’s only 20 years old. He’s been a key player in the league and helped book his team a place in the Champions League, after becoming the lowest conceding side.

The one reason why Sané’s still a Man City player

According to Manchester Evening News, Leroy Sané’s possible move to Bayern Munich in the summer didn’t fall through because of his knee injury. The Football Manc Cave take a closer look at their reasoning.

Sané was a player who’s future at Man City was questioned all over the summer. He had made a big impact on a Pep Guardiola’s side in pre-season and generated interest from clubs all over Europe. One club was Bayern Munich, however, that deal fell through.

The winger suffered a knee injury just before the start of the season which was a huge blow, and people believed that this is one factor to why he stayed at Man City. The Manchester Evening News have now revealed that the actual reason that the move fell through was because of the player’s high wage demands.

High price tag, high wage demands

He already had a price tag of around £137-£145 million on him, so high wages on top of that are definitely going to cause a club to take a second look at whether he’s a sensible option or not. The German transfer market only closed this week and fans were speculating in case the player decided to still make a move for Bayern and continue to heal and recover with them.

It was only when the clubs sporting director spoke on the matter and confirmed that the real reason was due to financial issues. Another theory that has been brought up is that Sané was using Bayern Munich to make City up their money, and then he could get the best out of the deal. Some also think he was trying to see who would offer more money to him.

Now it’s just a matter of time to see how he recovers from his knee operation but it is said that Bayern Munich could look to renegotiate a deal with him in the new year. This will all obviously depend on whether he is fit again, although his contract at Man City has less than two years left on it so a move may be on the cards either way, just not right now.

Can these two players cost Man City a third title?

Man City and Guardiola have dominated the league for the past three years, and little has been done to stop them. However, could these two injuries be the undoing of a third consecutive Premier League title for the Citizens?

Manchester City will have to survive without Leroy Sane and Aymeric Laporte for a big portion of the campaign. The Blues are known to have a squad filled with depth and quality, but it is enough to keep them at the top? In a season where Guardiola will be aiming to put Man City on the map with success in European football, these injuries can do nothing but harm their chances.

How will injuries to Leroy Sane and Aymeric Laporte affect Man City this season?

Aymeric Laporte played a large part of Man City’s trophy wins last season, as the side only conceded 23 goals in the Premier League. John Stones has already suffered a minor injury at the beginning of this season, relying on him week-in week-out could result in aggravation and see their choices of defenders dwindle down even further.

Leroy Sane was used as a super-sub last season. He has scored 10 goals in each of his last two Premier League campaigns, with 15 assists in 2017/18 and 11 in 2018/19.

He was also prolific in their most recent Champions League run, getting 4 goals and 4 assists in 8 games.

It is fair to say that without Sane, Man City are losing out on 20 Premier League goals and a young player who thrives in the heat of competitive European football. Furthermore, current and potential injuries to the defence could hinder their play style, as Laporte and Stones are hailed for playing out from the back.

Despite having players to step in, Guardiola has a mountain to climb, though he already near the top of it. Will he mastermind a survival plan or will the Citizens slip down?

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