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‘We’re just glad to have football’ can only go on for so long at Bolton, agree?

Bolton Wanderers fans have been saying that results don’t matter too much right now, they’re just glad to have football to watch. I am one of those people, but when will it wear off?

Bolton survived and Bury died. It was one of the worst times in football for me and a situation I never want any club to be in again. It should have woken up the people in charge of all leagues and made them re-think rules when it comes to money in football.

The problem is now in terms of Bolton Wanderers is that fans are using this as an excuse for the poor results. Now it’s a question of how long can ‘we’re just glad to have football,’ be used?

Personally, for me, it’s going to take a while for this to shake off because all the fans know how close we came to going the same way as Bury.

This is the reason why we are taking so many fans to away games. We had over 2000 fans at Rotherham and season tickets have started selling fast. We have something to watch again and a club to support with no financial issues again. It’s nice. It doesn’t even matter about the results right now, we just want to keep supporting the team and new management.

Is frustration around the corner?

Now, there will be a point where we can’t use this as an excuse anymore. I think that point will come at around Christmas time when we play teams that are bottom of the league with us. If we don’t take any points from them, then Bolton fans will start to get frustrated. However, I do think relegation is on the cards this season.

We still have to get out of the minus points we are on and that will take a lot of time. By the time we have done that, we then have to start again building up points so it’s a hard job and if Keith Hill manages it, he’ll be a club legend. I just can’t see it happening so for the rest of this season, any points, goals or any good play will be celebrated as we’ve just won the league. I think it’ll be next season when that statement wears off.

For me, I’ll never be able to shake that statement off, because of the Bury fans who have gone through the absolute worst thing a club could go through and I wish they would have survived.

Although it is nice to be able to talk football again, if any Bolton fan starts to moan about performances this year, just think about what could have been.

‘It’s like coming out of prison and being on the tag’ Bolton boss on the clubs current situation

New Bolton manager, Keith Hill has had his first proper interview with the Bolton News. The Football Manc cave is taking a look at Hill’s view on Bolton’s transfer embargo.

It’s something that Bolton are used to and have been under before. A transfer embargo. The EFL is reluctant to confirm the existence or parameters of the embargo but it is believed that the current situation has restrictions on salaries which could remain in place for two years after administration.

Keith Hill spoke to the Bolton News and described the situation as, “it’s like coming out of prison and being on the tag.” Which I agree with as we’ve got ourselves out of the financial mess with new owners, but we still need to be monitored. However, Hill has addressed this and said that he fully backs and understands why the club still needs supervision with spending.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s frustrating. There are currently 23 professional contracts and it’s understood that there are only 2 squad places remaining. As well as players who are already injured and new players like Joe Bunney who has been in a car crash and is recovering, there are also injuries to Daryl Murphy and Chris O’Grady. This leaves them without a senior striker for the time being.

Transfer embargo praise

Phil Parkinson managed with an embargo and he actually got praised for that time that he was in charge for keeping us up. At least with being able to recruit the free agents and players we have in on loan at the moment and at least we have a team to watch.

Looking into the future, I honestly believe it will take a while to get back on top and it’ll take us getting relegated again before we start getting out of the problems we are in.

Rochdale will look to bounce back with these 2 changes against Lincoln City

Rochdale will be looking to bounce back, after being handed a 6-0 thrashing by a ruthless Peterborough side. The Posh scored three goals in either half, with striker Ivan Toney bagging a hat-trick.

The Dale had made a good start to the season, prior to this crushing defeat. Brian Barry-Murphy will be happy that his side has a game mid-week, to right the wrongs from Saturday’s demolition.

Rochdale have Lincoln and Fleetwood in the league, before travelling to Old Trafford to face Man United in the EFL Cup. It’s important they enter that game on the back of good performances, with confidence high.

Let’s have a look at a couple of changes the manager might make to face Lincoln tonight…

Luke Matheson

16-year-old Luke Matheson impressed in his first league start against Sunderland, as he coped well defending against Aiden McGeady, who is arguably the best player in League One. Jimmy Keohane struggled to contain Marcus Maddison on Saturday, although his versatility is key, perhaps sides are targeting that wing due to his defensive frailties. Matheson deserves an opportunity at right-back.

Matt Done

I expect Matt Done to return to the starting line-up tonight, in place of Rekeil Pyke, who has contributed just one goal so far this season. Although Done isn’t a regular goalscorer, he’s creative and creates opportunities for others around him.

Rochdale have one of the best strikers in the division, Ian Henderson. The majority of their goals are scored by him, it’s about creating his chances. Done links up well with Henderson, by attacking down the wings and delivering quality into the box.

Back at home, Rochdale will be looking for goals and a win. Provide for Henderson and he will score goals.

Rochdale’s top 5 rivals may be a surprise to many fans

A recent study was conducted, with the aim of finding out who the various clubs in the Football League and Premier League’s fans believed their biggest rivals were.

The study was called “The League of Love And Hate” with twitter user @ChrisRWhiting publishing the results.


Rochdale’s biggest rivals with 74% of votes were deemed as Bury which will be little surprise to no one who follows either club. Rochdale and Bury historically have had many games between the sides due to both sides often playing at the same level. Bury vs Rochdale was also voted the 30th biggest rivalry in the Premier League and Football league the same data.

With Bury’s exodus from the league this season, the derby will be sorely missed on fans from either club’s calendars. The hope is that Bury gets back to where they belong soon.

Oldham Athletic

Oldham was voted 2nd by 72% which is largely due to the geographical proximity of the clubs. However, Oldham has spent a great deal of recent history in leagues above Rochdale. This led to a derby fixture between the sides quite the rarity but one that was looked forward to all the same, despite how cold Boundary Park could be.


Burnley came in at 3rd, with 56% of fans asked voting for them which again is probably largely down to how close Burnley is to Rochdale. There always used to be in trouble in the games vs Burnley. Of course, now there’s 2 leagues that separate the sides, making a reunion only possible through a cup draw.

Wigan Athletic

Wigan at 4th with 46% is a strange one for me as I don’t really see Wigan as rivals, to be honest, and never have. The clubs often play against each other at youth level but in recent history, the first teams have been in different leagues most of the time.

Accrington Stanley

Finally, Accrington came in at 5th with 37% of people asked voting. The club has enjoyed many a game recently. With the added factor that Accrington’s manager John Coleman left the Crown Ground for a brief spell in charge of Rochdale – which ultimately led to relegation and a failure to compete for promotion and cost him his job.

I would easily replace Wigan with Halifax on the list, as Halifax was a regular derby a long time ago before they suffered their financial troubles and now call the National League their home.

Bolton Wanderers in the driving Seat for proven midfield free agent

The Football Manc Cave already reported that free agent, Graham Dorrans was on the radar for Bolton Wanderers and now there’s been a development.

In an article that I wrote, I explained how Graham Dorrans departed Rangers last month and is now available as a free agent. This week, TeamTalk.com have revealed how Dorrans has supposedly favoured a move to Bolton over other clubs. It’s rumoured that Scottish Premiership sides were interested in the midfielder along with Fleetwood and Portsmouth.

Supposedly, Dorrans is excited by the fact that Bolton are on the rebuild and it is appealing to him. So if they could secure his signature, that would be a great move as he’d be determined to get stuck in. The 32-year-old would add some experience to the League One side.

He has options

He’s had his career rocked by a few injuries in his past however, he seems to be over it now and wants to get playing time. It’s nice that he’s got a few options in terms of places to move to, Fleetwood and Portsmouth are both great options. I just think that his experience, determination and the fact that he seems to want to move to the Trotters would be his best option.

It would be great for him to be a part of Bolton’s season now and help them get out of the minus points they are in. I just hope he will keep that appeal in mind when considering his options, as Dundee are also interested in signing the ex-Rangers star.

They are currently on a budget and need to bear that in mind when it comes to signings. He might be a free agent, however, he will still need wages which is something that Bolton’s new owners can provide. I’m sure news will come when he makes up his mind on which club to go to next in his career.

‘The joy of supporting Rochdale one week, better than Brazil & the toast of the nation, week after looking like Bolton’

Rochdale suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of Peterborough, which is a stark contrast to last week.

Brian Barry Murphy has been doing well as Rochdale manager so far. Fans have been happy with scores and performances. Today they faced Peterborough United and suffered a blow.

They ended up losing 6-0. Not as good as recent performances and a bit of a disappointment. However, at least it’s not been like this every week for the Dale, and Brian Barry Murphy will know what he needs to work on in training.

Here are your reactions…

League One’s ‘Man City’ Rochdale looking to keep up their style of play with this midfield against Peterborough

Rochdale will be looking for back-to-back league wins after defeating Southend United 0-3 at Roots Hall, last time out.

The Dale have started the season in good form, however hoping to convert draws into wins, which will see them compete for a top-six finish come May.

League One fans are starting to take note of this side and manager. Rochdale plays very good football and is certainly a team on the up.

They face Peterborough on Saturday, let’s look at how their midfield may line-up…

Jordan Williams will again be at the heart of a solid Rochdale midfield. The former Liverpool youngster has been a fantastic addition to Brian Barry Murphy’s side. A tough tackler, who is also a very good footballer and one that could probably play at a level above, easily. Callum Camps is enjoying the season of his life, scoring four goals in six games so far this campaign. The midfielder is working towards a Northern Ireland call-up.

Stephen Dooley will probably start on the right side of midfield. A player that offers an attacking threat, however, is also recognised for his defensive abilities. On the left side will likely be Matt Done. A player that contributes with goals and assists, he links up well with Ian Henderson, who scores a majority of their goals.

Finally, Aaron Morley, similarly to Camps, is in the form of his life. The young midfielder has scored in his last two league games, and is enjoying that free role which allows him to get forward and express himself.

It will be a tough test at London Road, however if Rochdale play like they can, I see them getting a positive result from the game.

Rochdale needs BBM to keep achieving these 2 things in 2019

Rochdale is having a good run in League One under Brian Barry Murphy. The Football Manc Cave is looking at what he needs to achieve before the end of 2019.

I’m not a Rochdale fan but I am happy for them and their manager. I wrote a lot about what he would need to do to succeed at the Dale over the summer. Now his plan and hard work are showing in his results and the league table.

They recently beat Southend 3-0, drew with Blackpool 0-0 and lost to Sunderland 2-1. They sit 11th in the league with 9 points from 6 games. It’s impressive but it’s also early doors, what will Brian Barry-Murphy need to do to keep up this form?

Keep Working On Squad and Player Performances

It’s clear that he’s got a good plan of action on the training ground and off. Whatever he’s doing is working and Rochdale is performing well. However, sometimes certain players can drop or the squad can take a knock. So the mentality that he’s got his players in now will need to be kept up, in order to keep them climbing the league.

He’s a relatively calm character who just wants his squad to get the job done. The players all seem to respect him and this is probably why results are going in their favour. He just needs to keep the squads individual and team performances at the same standard and help them improve.

Keep Goal Difference At a Positive

In the league, they currently have a +3 goal difference. Their performances are steady and consistent so my prediction is that they will continue to work for a mid-table place or higher. One big factor in this league that determines places is goal difference. Being on a plus total in early stages of the season is great. BBM just needs to keep that how it is, so they don’t start slipping down the league.

When you look at their recent form, they aren’t conceding many. If they keep this up, they will continue to do well.

Rochdale’s main man thoroughly deserves award tomorrow, agree?

The Football Manc Cave is looking at why Friday the 13th of September is a big day for some League One players. Especially Rochdale’s Ian Henderson.

It’s come to a time where the League One Player Of the Month award is handed out. Rochdale have revealed that their Captain, Ian Henderson has been nominated.

The award won’t be handed to him easily. He’s up against Ipswich Town’s Kayden Jackson, Peterborough’s Marcus Maddison and Lincoln’s Josh Vickers who have all been as equally as pleasing.

Does he deserve it?

Absolutely. He’s Rochdale’s Captain and is respected by his teammates and the fans. He’s a great leader and that just shows, as he’s led the team to an impressive month in which the Dale have only lost once in eight games. Henderson alone scored three goals in six games. He’s been voted as Dale’s goal of the month too.

If you want to relive that, here it is…

A lot of fans have got Marcus Maddison as their winner. However, we wish good luck on all the nominees although it would be nice for the Rochdale Captain to be rewarded in this way.

These 2 Rochdale youngsters are guaranteed to cause Man City u23s problems

Rochdale has had an average start to the season, but certain performances from certain players show that they can cause their opponents an issue or two on their day…

Rochdale have won two, drawn three and lost one league game in EFL League One so far, leaving them in eleventh place. With regards to Rochdale’s usual form, things are actually on the up in Rochdale this season.

When The Dale beat Bolton 5-2 in the Football League Trophy, the weakness of their opponent doesn’t give much insight as to how Rochdale will cope with the competition.

However, some performances from their young players have given an insight as to what Rochdale could offer this season. These 2 youngsters, in particular, could see them surpass Man City u23s in the next round of the Football League Trophy…

Callum Camps

This 23-year-old local lad striker will be keen to put in a good performance against Man City u23s. He has 2 goals and 3 assists in 6 games so far in League One and is fast becoming one of competition’s most prolific forwards.

Aaron Morley

Morley, who is only 19, has become a first-choice midfielder for Barry-Murphy’s side. He has featured in 5 league games, scoring 2 goals and putting in some fantastic performances.

With Morley in the middle of the park and Camps up top, Rochdale’s attacking threat could be brutal over the coming years should they keep hold of these talents. Should they both feature against Man City u23s, they will most certainly cause their fellow footballing youngsters some serious problems.

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