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It’s boys v men for Bolton Wanderers again this weekend against Tranmere Rovers

Both Bolton Wanderers and Tranmere Rovers are looking for their first win of the EFL League One season in this bottom of the table match up.

Should Bolton Wanderers not have received a twelve-point deduction at the beginning of the campaign, they would be ahead of Tranmere Rovers. But as it stands, Tranmere sits in 20th on zero points and Bolton sit in 23rd with minus eleven.

The Football Manc Cave brings you the Tranmere v Bolton match preview, where we will discuss the form of each of side and what this game means to them going into it…

Bolton Wanderers

In the two league games and one cup game that Bolton Wanderers have played, it truly has been boys vs men.

Suffering from significantly less possession and shots on target than each opponent, the Wanderers did well to salvage one point at home against Coventry. On their own soil, they had to hold out for a point in a game that saw 24 shots go against them and 7 for. If this is how Bolton plan to survive the season, the die-hard Wanderers fans will be in for a very slow and drawn out season.

In the EFL cup, the Wanderers managed to score for the first time in over four months, with two against Rochdale. Ronan Darcy and Dennis Politic were the scorers in the 5-2 defeat.

Tranmere Rovers

Tranmere Rovers haven’t seen much success either. They have lost both league games and their EFL cup tie against Hull City, 3-0. Despite this, the Rovers showed signs of being able to dominate the game over a decent side. They just need stamina and confidence, which a big win over Bolton Wanderers could give them.

Rovers were promoted to League One last season after finishing sixth and winning the play-offs. This will make survival in this league even more difficult for them and increasing the gap between themselves and Bolton Wanderers is incredibly important.


Despite the valiant efforts of Bolton Wanderers, they are being overhauled in every single game. It appears the class and experience of the vigorous League One is far too much for these youngsters, who have been forced to take an unhealthy leap in their careers. Although Tranmere Rovers finished sixth in the league below last season, their quality will likely surpass Bolton’s.

Bolton will back to the wall, praying for a point, so expect a late winner or shock draw.

If Rochdale start with these two and they’ll easily blow Bolton Wanderers’ youngsters away

Bolton Wanderers could be in for it after drawing Rochdale in the Carabao Cup…

The Wanderers have managed to scrape a team together by promoting youth players to regular first-team football.

Bolton sits in 23rd place after two games in League One, on -11 points. Just below is Bury is on -12, still waiting to kick off their campaign.

The shoehorned together squad of Bolton Wanderers have achieved a draw after a loss in the season so far. Rochdale have a draw and a win and proudly find themselves in 5th position on 4 points.

The two teams will face one another in the Carabao Cup at Spotland Stadium, making it all the more difficult for Bolton. Despite this, Bolton fans have been praised this season for showing immense support to their crumbling football club. Spurring their team on could inspire an upset. However, should Rochdale start either of these, it seems unlikely…

Ian Henderson

The 34-year-old striker bagged his 110th goal in League One after his double against Tranmere Rovers in a 3-2 victory. The quality he brings to the attacking play seems far beyond anything the Bolton Wanderers lineup could deal with.

Henderson has never had quite as much luck in front of goal in the Carabao Cup compared to the leagues. But towards the final stages of his career in a promising Rochdale side, we could see them go full throttle in the competition this year.

Aaron Morley

The 19-year-old midfielder has been entrusted so far this season and managed to bag himself his first goal against Doncaster, which sealed the point for his side. A game against a struggling Bolton in the Carabao Cup would be a perfect opportunity for the youngster to perform under pressure, but also allow him to build on the confidence of his goal.

Should Morley rise to the occasion, Bolton will be punished.

Twitter Reacts to the ‘Agenda against Bury FC’

Owner of Bury FC claims that there is an agenda against his club and demands talks with EFL on Monday.

Speaking to TalkSport, Bury FC Chairman Steve Dale said “Clearly there’s an agenda here. We’re hearing rumbles in League Two that they’ve heard there might be another place for going up, so they’re actually counting us out.”

The situation Bury have found themselves in due to poor ownership and complications has left fans bickering. The Football Manc Cave bring you the two sides of the Bury dilemma.

Some fans see that the EFL are the only ones who can co-operate with their club to the extent of forgiveness, to allow them to continue their season undisturbed. However, there are some disagreements…

Bolton is in a similar situation to Bury, both receiving a 12 point deduction from the get-go of the EFL League One season. But Bolton was granted the ability to play their first two fixtures whilst Bury were not.

Both Bolton and Bury were given sufficient time to prove that they can be sustainable in the league. Given deadline extensions, Bury were the ones to hand in their homework late…

Though some fans are sticking to their guns, they genuinely believe that Bolton has seen preferential treatment over Bury. Hence why Steve Dale is opting to meet with the EFL face-to-face.

There are clearly two sides to this story, dividing an already unhappy fan base right down the middle.

Simon Jordan puts Steve Dale under the microscope to the delight of Bury fans

Steve Dale was on Talksport yesterday morning to talk all things Bury.

It’s too late for talking, Bury couldn’t field a side on Saturday for their first league match. That’s the big problem right now. Whatever went wrong in the past, now isn’t the time to address it.

Dale needs to either get his hand in his pocket and save the club, by signing players and clearing the debts or hand it to someone that will. It’s not fair on their loyal supporters that are the real sufferers of this demise.

Let’s see how The Shakers’ fans reacted to Dale this morning…

Two players that must start today for Radcliffe Borough

Radcliffe Borough has a big test in the upcoming season, and these two players, in particular, have to be ready.

Radcliffe have found themselves in the National Premier League table after promotion last season. The Boro finish 2nd in the Northern Division 1 West table, 7 points behind winners Atherton Colliers.

The race for promotion last season gave no signs that Radcliffe was outright better than the rest of the competition. There were only 6 points between Radcliffe in 2nd and Prescot Cables in 7th.

Radcliffe have a pre-season game against Workington AFC on Saturday 3rd August. Workington is currently in the league Radcliffe belonged to last season, and will be a good chance to prove that they truly are of higher quality. These two players need a run in the form to keep Radcliffe in the Northern Premier League this season…

Danny Mitchley

In Radcliffe’s recent 3-1 local derby defeat against EFL League One side Bury, the one goal the side got was from a piece of Danny Mitchley genius as he played a fantastic pass for Ben Wharton who buried it home. The new signing previously captained Marine, scoring 81 goals in 170 games for the club.

Chairman Paul Hilton had this to say about the player: “He was captain of Marine and was at the club for four years, so he will bring the leadership we have been looking for.”

The 29-year-old striker will be important in The Boro’s success in their new division this season and should feature heavily in order to gel with the squad.

Ben Wharton

An exciting duo. Ben Wharton can bring Danny Mitchley straight into action by having a natural link-up with the new signing. Having these two goal machines in form could result in more than a satisfactory season. Wharton scored 18 times last season, and both 29-year-old experienced strikers can lead the team from the front. Expect to see a heavily attacking Boro this season.

When will Oldham Athletic be back to League One football?

Laurent Banide’s main objective is to return Oldham Athletic to League One. But when will this happen, if ever?

Oldham Athletic were demoted to EFL League Two after finishing 21st out of 24 in the 17/18 season. Being merely two points away from survival, fans expected Oldham to fight for the top spots of their new division.

Disappointingly, Oldham Athletic finished in a 14th position of the lowest tier of the EFL, showing no signs of improvement since the season before.

In fairness to The Latics, they have suffered with mismanagement over the past few years. Chopping and changing like Henry VIII with his wives.

However, Oldham Athletic have introduced hands-on French manager Laurent Banide. Despite having no experience in English football, Thierry Henry referred to Banide as “the best coach (he) ever worked with”.

Banide is the type of manager to establish a method of football within his side. Something the Oldham blues haven’t had in many years as several different managers have attempted to bring success to the club over a short amount of time, each failing miserably.

It is clear that Oldham are trying something new. Banide is the first-ever Oldham Athletic manager from outside the UK & Ireland.

Although he is a risk, Banide can build something with Oldham, but he requires time…

But how much time does Banide need?

After stepping into a crumbling club, there will be no quick fix for Laurent Banide.

In his first season, the manager must figure out where his squad are. If he can get the best out of each player, their final league position will truly reflect where they stand. This position could be around the top end of the table but narrowly missing out on promotion.

By Banide’s second season with Oldham in League Two, holes from the previous should have been plugged with backing of the manager. With an established method of play instilled into the rest of the squad, new signings can adapt quickly. This is when Oldham should fight for promotion back into the EFL League One, where Banide can begin the next step of his challenge.

Therefore, Oldham Athletic should be beginning the 2021/22 campaign back in the EFL League One.

Should Banide be unsuccessful, Oldham will have to start this rebuild all over again, and could leave the squad in EFL League Two for the foreseeable future.

‘Nothings stopping the likes of Man Utd & Everton stepping up & arranging a fundraiser, like they do in Germany’ Bury & Bolton Wanderers fans react!

The EFL has issued a statement regarding the future of Bolton Wanderers and Bury FC, here is what Twitter has to say…

Fans of Bolton Wanderers have more to be happy about than Bury fans right now. Although both clubs are in terribly murky waters.

An official statement from the EFL has finally been released. They have concluded that Bolton Wanderers have ‘satisfied that they are sufficient to meet the requirements of the League’. Therefore, ‘their opening day fixture with Wycombe Wanderers and it will remain as originally scheduled on Saturday 3 August 2019 at 3 pm‘.

Bury, on the other hand, have not supplied sufficient evidence ‘in regard to the outstanding information it requires that demonstrates how the Club will be funded moving forward’.

Bury’s opening fixture against MK Dons has been suspended. Should necessary evidence not be presented to the EFL board by Friday 2nd of August, their fixture the following day against Accrington Stanley will be suspended also.

Let’s see what EFL fans have to say about the news…

The general consensus is that the corporation side of the sport has brought devastating results to the clubs and fans.

Bolton has been granted permission to play the opening fixture. However, fans fear that their journey afterwards may not continue…

Some fans feel as though the richer clubs in the country should hold out a helping hand.

Both Bolton and Bury are respected amongst the football community. Hopefully, the Greater Manchester clubs can pull through these tough times.

Photo Credit: EFL

Season approaching: What have Rochdale and BBM learnt from their friendlies

A mixed bag of results for Rochdale in their pre-season so far. What do these performances say about the future of the club?

Rochdale will be looking to improve on their last two seasons where the club finished 20th and 14th respectively. A big step down from finishing in the top ten consecutively in seasons before.

In their first game of pre-season, Rochdale suffered a 3-1 defeat against Championship side Huddersfield. Huddersfield only managed three wins in the Premier League last season. In perspective, it demonstrates how unequipped Rochdale is to take on teams in the highest tiers of English football.

However, Rochdale faced their other neighbours Oldham Athletic from the league below. The Dale won the game 3-2, which in fairness, shows Oldham’s ability to cope in their previous division League One. The game showed Rochdale lose a 2-0 lead, to pull ahead by 3-2 in the later minutes of the game.

At the weekend, Rochdale was losing 1-0 to Bradford City before the half time abandonment due to the weather.

The pre-season results, so far, show that Rochdale is well below the quality of Championship football. But are slightly ahead of a League Two side who should push for promotion in the upcoming season.

Rochdale needs to grow

If Rochdale fails to grow further throughout pre-season, they can expect a season that is similar to their previous two.

With that being said, ex-Dale player Brian Barry-Murphy was appointed permanent manager last season. Chairman Andrew Kilpatrick said Barry-Murphy was “without doubt the right person to take Rochdale forward”.

This tells the fans that Rochdale are looking to push the club forward, and they should not expect the same degree of failure they have been subjected to in recent years.

Barry-Murphy is likely to test his youth, new signings and possibly trialists in their game against Hyde tomorrow night.

Oldham Athletic’s latest signing shows 2 clear signs of intent

Oldham Athletic have completed their eighth signing of the summer.

Oldham Athletic was relegated to EFL League Two at the end of the 17/18 campaign. They continued to be unimpressive the following season, finishing 14th in their new division.

The appointment of Laurent Banide, the first man from outside UK & Ireland to manage the club, demonstrates Oldham’s desire to move the club in a positive direction.

Banide has also been granted eight signings this summer, with the latest being 26-year-old striker Desire Segbe Azankpo. He has signed a one-year deal from Slovakian club FK Senica for an undisclosed fee, according to BBC.

Here are two things that the Beninese can bring to Boundary Park…

A quick fix

With a large number of signings being made, it is evident that Oldham Athletic are pushing for promotion. The one year contract indicates that not much scouting has been done on the striker, but Banide sees his quality as enough to drive The Latics much higher up the table.

There is, however, an option to extend the contract by one year, according to Transfermarkt.

Oldham Athletic are obviously expecting a promotion in the next two years before Azankpo’s services are no longer required.


Azankpo is from Benin, a French-speaking African nation who has also played in France. This can allow for French manager Laurent Banide to give very clear instructions to the striker. This is further evidence for the striker being brought in to do one job, likely scoring goals, in order to drag the club back to the EFL League One.

There are both positives and negatives to the current approach to transfers. Signing potential mercenaries could be damaging to the reputation of the club. However, Banide may be ready to build a prospective squad after they have landed back into the third tier of English football.

Former Oldham Athletic ‘keeper signs for Rotherham Utd, here are 2 things they will be getting

Former Oldham Athletic loanee Daniel Iverson is looking to have another successful loan spell, this time with Rotherham Utd.

Last season, Leicester City’s 22-year-old goalkeeper enjoyed a loan spell in League Two with Oldham Athletic. The Dane kept 16 clean sheets in 49 games in all competitions for the Latics and will take a step up to League One to lend his services to Rotherham for one season.

Rotherham found themselves relegated to the third tier upon Iverson’s return to Leicester, and could see some major development as he aims to help the side return to the Championship.

Here are two things that the League One side will be getting from Iverson this season…

Up for the challenge

In an interview with his new club, Iverson said: “I played in League Two last year and I think it’s a good match for me to come to League One now and show what I can do”.

After 16 clean sheets with Oldham, Iverson will be looking to do better. Having a first-team keeper alongside a youngster itching to prove himself, it can’t do any harm to their challenge for promotion.

Leicester City has retained this goalkeeper since he joined in 2016, meaning that a top-flight club believes in his abilities.

For club and country

Iverson made 3 appearances for his country this summer’s in the UEFA European Under-21 Championship. However, he will be looking to be in the books for the International side in future as well.

With two celebrated teams backing him (Leicester and Denmark) after a successful season in League Two. His talents should be able to see Rotherham have an even more successful season with him in the ranks.

Iverson could be a regular fixture in the future of Leicester City, and successful seasons with Oldham and Rotherham could be a big part of his story in getting there.

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