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Bolton Wanderers fans put forward their favourite eye-catching kits

The Football Manc Cave are exploring Bolton Wanderers’ best ever kits, in the wake of the news that the Trotters will be getting a new kit in the coming weeks for this season.

I’ve been going to Bolton games since I was about 7 years old. As a kid, I was never out of Bolton shirts. I played football, I watched football and wanted to be a footballer. I had Bolton Wanderers’ bedding, Bolton posters all over my room, I used to collect Match Attacks and have the full Bolton squad around my room. I was football mad.

Years later and here I am, a football writer. I’m still going watching Bolton and other clubs now so that I can report and I’m still playing!

My favourite Bolton kits

So first of all here are some of my favourites…

What did you think? Here are your replies to my tweet from this morning…

Thank you for all of your tweets and input! It’s been great.

‘Wanted Nolan but give Keith a chance, Rome wasn’t built in day’ Bolton Wanderers fans happy to be patient

Bolton Wanderers are finally out of the dark, and the appointment of
Keith Hill taking the managers job was sure to bring some big reactions.

Bolton fans were extremely relieved and happy to find out that they wouldn’t be going into liquidation or being removed from the league, because the take over has gone through.

To add to that good news, the club announced their new manager. Names like Kevin Nolan were being thrown around but it was Keith Hill who won the race.

Bolton fans are excited to see what will happen from now on. Here’s your reactions…

3 Things Football Ventures Have To Do Straight Away At Bolton Wanderers

I am so happy to be able to finally write something positive about Bolton Wanderers. The Football Manc Cave are exploring three things that new owners, Football Ventures need to do with the club.

It’s going to take a lot of time to sort absolutely everything from debts to players but it’s a start. A positive start. As a Bolton fan, I just want us to be playing consistent football, not having to call games off and making a start on rebuilding.

Bolton News reporter, Marc Iles tweeted his take on what should happen next:

Here’s my take…

Settle Debts & Pay Players

All Bolton fans know that we are in debt and there are players that are owed money from the club all over the show. It’s going to take a while to get everything completely finalised, there’s also going to be other issues that fans don’t know about and probably won’t ever find out about. However, these payments need to be settled so that we can start again. Current players need paying so that it proves to everyone that the deal is a good one and it will appeal more to new signings which we also need if our players are finally receiving their wages.

Sort Manager

We obviously need a new manager. I am actually gutted that this takeover has gone through only a week after Phil Parkinson left. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he is the answer for our long term plans. His style of football isn’t the best but he has stuck with us throughout everything when others would have walked away. I hope he comes back to the stadium to watch a game then we can say goodbye properly and thank him for his efforts.

Moving on, we can finally start talking about who should take the job now. In my opinion, we need Kevin Nolan. One of my favourite players growing up who I’ve met a few times. He has started his managerial career recently and would be the perfect option for us. He knows the ins and outs of the club, has friends still involved with us and has the respect from other clubs who he could ask for favours in terms of loans of players. I also think he would get the best out of the youngsters.

Season Tickets

Fans have been paying per match so far this year with the uncertainty of whether games would go ahead. Now we can finally think about buying season tickets. They will obviously have to be at a cheaper price now that fans have paid per match and they are being issued later in the season than planned.

We should also be offered reduced prices for the absolute hell we’ve had to deal with but that’s another issue. We should also give Bury fans free entry to our games. We could never ask Bury fans to think of switching their support but we could give them some football to watch for the time being. It would also bring us more bodies to fill the stadium.

Who Will Want To Ride in The Oldham Managerial Ejector Seat?

Once again, Oldham Athletic are in the hunt for a new manager following the sacking of Frankie Bunn the day after the humiliating 6-0 defeat at Carlisle. Prospective candidates may well be put off by the fact that they will be the 25th change in manager at Boundary Park in the past 18 years. It doesn’t bode well for anybody with long-term job aspirations.

However, there is no shortage of managers, twiddling their fingers in front of daytime television who are desperate to get back into the game.

In no particular order because the betting seems to be changing hourly, is the Football Manc Cave guide to some of the likely (and a couple of very unlikely) candidates…

*Odds provided by https://www.thesackrace.com/teams/oldham-athletic

Owen Coyle 2/1

A much-travelled striker who mainly played north of the border, Coyle managed Burnley, Wigan, Blackburn and Bolton and might be looking to add Oldham to his obvious desire to have managed every team in Lancashire.
PRO’S No nonsense Glaswegian
CON’S Doesn’t drink

Gary Bowyer 6/1

Certainly not a much traveled player or striker but he did guide Blackpool back into League One in his first season in charge.
PRO’S Quit Blackpool having tired of the shambolic running of the seaside club.

Darren Ferguson 6/1

Successful at Peterborough in two spells but resigned from Doncaster in June 2018. Currently without a job.
PRO’S Once said he was going to shoot a referee.
CON’S His Dad might turn up to watch him.

John Askey 12/1

Probably in the short list only because he had a decent spell at Macclesfield. PRO’S Managed to get Macclesfield back into League Football despite reports that the players weren’t being paid.
CON’S Nobody has heard of him.

Kevin Nolan 10/1

A decent career as a player but an indifferent one as a manager. Sacked by Notts County this season.
PRO’S Will probably accept buttons as wages.
CON’S Was in the Bolton side that knocked us out of the FA Cup in 2005. Oldham fans have long memories.

Paul Hurst 14/1

Fast emerging as the Oldham fan’s favourite for some reason.
PRO’S Was committed to working within Ipswich Town’s small transfer budget and the Championship’s lowest wage bill.
CON’S It didn’t work.

Darrell Clarke 16/1

Certainly not the experienced man Oldham fans are reputably looking for but he did have some success at Bristol Rovers.
PRO’S Not afraid to lay blame at the feet of the board if necessary.
CON’S Looks like a car salesman

Peter Clarke 14/1

Oldham’s current captain and for some, the obvious choice to avoid any disruption in team morale.
PRO’S Knows what he’s getting into.
CON’S Knows too much

Mark Hughes n/a

May be persuaded to take a drop in wages and become Oldham’s most unpopular manager in its history before he’s put a foot on the pitch due to that goal.
PRO’S I’m sure there must be at least one.
CON’S You really shouldn’t need to ask.

George Parkin n/a

What George severely lacks in experience he more than makes up for in enthusiasm. A very left-field tongue-in-cheek choice I admit, however, perhaps it’s time for a supporter to take over – why not.
PRO’S Will more than halve what we spend on playing kit.
CON’S May not be able to remain in the technical area for long.