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‘We’re just glad to have football’ can only go on for so long at Bolton, agree?

Bolton Wanderers fans have been saying that results don’t matter too much right now, they’re just glad to have football to watch. I am one of those people, but when will it wear off?

Bolton survived and Bury died. It was one of the worst times in football for me and a situation I never want any club to be in again. It should have woken up the people in charge of all leagues and made them re-think rules when it comes to money in football.

The problem is now in terms of Bolton Wanderers is that fans are using this as an excuse for the poor results. Now it’s a question of how long can ‘we’re just glad to have football,’ be used?

Personally, for me, it’s going to take a while for this to shake off because all the fans know how close we came to going the same way as Bury.

This is the reason why we are taking so many fans to away games. We had over 2000 fans at Rotherham and season tickets have started selling fast. We have something to watch again and a club to support with no financial issues again. It’s nice. It doesn’t even matter about the results right now, we just want to keep supporting the team and new management.

Is frustration around the corner?

Now, there will be a point where we can’t use this as an excuse anymore. I think that point will come at around Christmas time when we play teams that are bottom of the league with us. If we don’t take any points from them, then Bolton fans will start to get frustrated. However, I do think relegation is on the cards this season.

We still have to get out of the minus points we are on and that will take a lot of time. By the time we have done that, we then have to start again building up points so it’s a hard job and if Keith Hill manages it, he’ll be a club legend. I just can’t see it happening so for the rest of this season, any points, goals or any good play will be celebrated as we’ve just won the league. I think it’ll be next season when that statement wears off.

For me, I’ll never be able to shake that statement off, because of the Bury fans who have gone through the absolute worst thing a club could go through and I wish they would have survived.

Although it is nice to be able to talk football again, if any Bolton fan starts to moan about performances this year, just think about what could have been.

‘It’s like coming out of prison and being on the tag’ Bolton boss on the clubs current situation

New Bolton manager, Keith Hill has had his first proper interview with the Bolton News. The Football Manc cave is taking a look at Hill’s view on Bolton’s transfer embargo.

It’s something that Bolton are used to and have been under before. A transfer embargo. The EFL is reluctant to confirm the existence or parameters of the embargo but it is believed that the current situation has restrictions on salaries which could remain in place for two years after administration.

Keith Hill spoke to the Bolton News and described the situation as, “it’s like coming out of prison and being on the tag.” Which I agree with as we’ve got ourselves out of the financial mess with new owners, but we still need to be monitored. However, Hill has addressed this and said that he fully backs and understands why the club still needs supervision with spending.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s frustrating. There are currently 23 professional contracts and it’s understood that there are only 2 squad places remaining. As well as players who are already injured and new players like Joe Bunney who has been in a car crash and is recovering, there are also injuries to Daryl Murphy and Chris O’Grady. This leaves them without a senior striker for the time being.

Transfer embargo praise

Phil Parkinson managed with an embargo and he actually got praised for that time that he was in charge for keeping us up. At least with being able to recruit the free agents and players we have in on loan at the moment and at least we have a team to watch.

Looking into the future, I honestly believe it will take a while to get back on top and it’ll take us getting relegated again before we start getting out of the problems we are in.

Bolton Wanderers 2 key fixtures in the bid to claw back their points deficit

Bolton Wanderers desperately need to get out of the -11 deduction that they are still in. Now that new management has taken over, The Football Manc Cave have picked out two fixtures in 2019 that will most likely see Bolton take back a few points.

Keith Hill has got a lot of work to do. New players, a minus point system to work out of and a lot of pressure. It can be done. Things will get better for Bolton, I’m sure of it. Once the team is fully gelled together and working well, they will concede less and hopefully score more.

Before 2019 is over, Keith Hill will have picked out some games he thinks he might be more likely to succeed and gain some points from than others. We have done the same and here are the fixtures that we have picked out and why…

AFC Wimbledon

Currently, Wimbledon sits at 21st in the league. They have 3 points and are also struggling. On December the 7th, Bolton will play them at home. By this time, you would think that Keith Hill has things under control and Bolton will be on the up.

With that in mind, hopefully, Bolton will be able to get a draw out of this or even, if they’re lucky, a win. If Bolton can’t get something from the teams down at the bottom with them, then they will really struggle even more to get out of the situation they’re currently in.

Southend United

On the 14th of December, Bolton is going to have a hard game against Peterborough away. On the 21st, they then play Southend at home. Southend also sits down at the bottom of the table, they are currently 22nd and on 1 point. It would be a nice reward if Bolton could take something from that game, hopefully, all three points will come of it.

That would be a great Christmas present to the fans and the players will hopefully show their development. It’s going to be a hard job to get the Whites out of the minus 11 they are on, however, I believe Keith Hill will be able to lead the squad to do it in time.

Free-agent fails to impress for Bolton Wanderers, but there is still time

The Football Manc Cave is looking at how Bolton Wanderers new defender, Adam Chicksen performed last weekend.

Just like any other match, the Bolton Wanderers Twitter feed was full of team news, warm-up videos and news before Saturday’s clash with Rotherham. And then a little signing announcement was made. Bolton signed a free agent and ex Bradford player, Adam Chicksen.

Fans reacted to this news quite sarcastically, someone even asked if he had signed the contract on the coach on the way to the game, as there was literally no news of this until it happened. Expectations for the defender were very low, with some saying he was the worst defender they’d ever seen. Not a very hopeful signing for a team who are in desperate need for a good defence.

Thrown straight into the action

The 27-year-old left-back was thrown straight into the mix of the starting line up on Saturday. This came after Joe Bunney was involved in a car crash and couldn’t play this weekend, so desperate recruitment was needed.

With expectations already at a low, the scoreline of the game kind of speaks for itself. A 6-1 loss shows that the defence needs work. It’s not just the new defender who is the issue, all of the defence were unorganised. Chasing the ball and a number of players were running after the same opposition player a lot of the time.

It’s going to take a few weeks before fans will be able to give a proper reaction to his performances, as he will need to get some more playing time in first. He might be rated quite low but Keith Hill is working closely with the squad he has and trying his best to get results. Hopefully, Chicksen will adapt to his role for his time with us, while Joe Bunney recovers and he’ll be a worth while signing… I just can’t see him doing a great job.

3 changes Hill should make for Bolton against Oxford tonight

Bolton Wanderers lost 6-1 to Rotherham this weekend and The Football Manc Cave is looking at what Keith Hill could do in order to change things around next week.

Keith Hill has had a very difficult job to walk into. He’s having to take over a club who are on -11 points, have a huge goal difference, the obvious problems behind the scenes that have just been sorted out and a relatively new squad with youngsters and new signings.

I didn’t have high expectations for his first game in charge so when we went 1-0 up, I was shocked. The 6-1 defeat that came after this clearly had me feeling a little different, however, it’s more like the scoreline I expected.

It’s going to take a bit of time for things to start developing as the new team gel together and the manager adapts to his new job, however, here’s a few things he could do next week…

Ronan Darcy

A lot of Bolton fans will have the youngsters who had to play under Phil Parkinson down as legends. These teenagers gave it their all in League One when they were all called to action. Fans have made it pretty clear that they didn’t want these squad members completely dropped, now that new and more experienced players were in the mix.

Keith Hill did listen to this on Saturday in some areas, however, one decision he did make was to start Luke Murphy. In the 62nd minute, Hill subbed him for the youngster, Ronan Darcy. A couple of minutes later, Rotherham scored another goal, although that would be their last.

This for me goes to show that Darcy had an effect on the game and this change was appropriate. Going into the next game, maybe Hill should consider starting Darcy and bringing Murphy on if things go wrong.

Jason Lowe

Keith Hill made a very bold and brave decision by benching Jason Lowe this weekend. A lot of fans were quite happy about this because they believed other players should be taking his place.

He’s been going out as Captain in Bolton’s opening campaign for the season and this is why this change was a big one. However, opinions soon changed when the man Hill replaced him with, James Weir clearly couldn’t handle the pressure of the game and was subbed off in the 39th minute.

Things weren’t working and Jason Lowe replaced Weir at this point. Things didn’t exactly improve but at this stage, maybe the experience is needed in that area.


When you watch the highlights of the game, all you can see is yellow shirts chasing the ball or chasing the player who has broken into the attacking half. It was all a bit scrambled at that back and unorganised.

The scoreline clearly shows that. Keith Hill needs to work closely with his team to sort this issue out. In my opinion, Yoan Zouma should be given a chance. He might be a younger player, however, he’s become a fan favourite and does offer a threat at the back.

A lot of fans, including myself, are getting a little tired of watching all these goals creep past Remi Matthews, so it would be nice to see Ben Alnwick back in action.

Two more little notes that I think Keith Hill should consider is keeping Liam Bridcutt as our Captain. He put on a good display and fans were impressed by him.

One more thing is keeping Dennis Politic in the starting line up. He is a player that I have continued to put in my prediction of the starting line up, even with new options. He will turn into a heavily wanted player by other clubs, so let’s get the most out of him before he decides to leave us.

Bolton Wanderers in the driving Seat for proven midfield free agent

The Football Manc Cave already reported that free agent, Graham Dorrans was on the radar for Bolton Wanderers and now there’s been a development.

In an article that I wrote, I explained how Graham Dorrans departed Rangers last month and is now available as a free agent. This week, TeamTalk.com have revealed how Dorrans has supposedly favoured a move to Bolton over other clubs. It’s rumoured that Scottish Premiership sides were interested in the midfielder along with Fleetwood and Portsmouth.

Supposedly, Dorrans is excited by the fact that Bolton are on the rebuild and it is appealing to him. So if they could secure his signature, that would be a great move as he’d be determined to get stuck in. The 32-year-old would add some experience to the League One side.

He has options

He’s had his career rocked by a few injuries in his past however, he seems to be over it now and wants to get playing time. It’s nice that he’s got a few options in terms of places to move to, Fleetwood and Portsmouth are both great options. I just think that his experience, determination and the fact that he seems to want to move to the Trotters would be his best option.

It would be great for him to be a part of Bolton’s season now and help them get out of the minus points they are in. I just hope he will keep that appeal in mind when considering his options, as Dundee are also interested in signing the ex-Rangers star.

They are currently on a budget and need to bear that in mind when it comes to signings. He might be a free agent, however, he will still need wages which is something that Bolton’s new owners can provide. I’m sure news will come when he makes up his mind on which club to go to next in his career.

‘New team and management. Needs time. But the heavy defeats need to stop’ Bolton fans happy just to score

The Football Manc Cave is looking at how Bolton fans are reacting to their 6-1 loss today.

It was Kieth Hill’s first game in charge and supposed to be a fresh start for Bolton. Fans sold out their end of the ground and the anticipation was high. Unfortunately, Rotherham wasn’t bothered by Bolton’s new signings and despite the Trotters going 1-0 up, they came out losing again.

Bolton fans won’t be too disappointed as the whites went 1-0 up and actually managed to produce a goal. Alongside their team is filled with relatively new players who all need to gel together still. It’s just the goal difference that is the issue at this stage.

Here are your reactions…

Keith Hill keeps Bolton fans in suspense over starting 11 against Rotherham, here’s how they should line up…

The Football Manc Cave is looking at how the newly bought Bolton Wanderers should line up this weekend.

Just like many other Bolton fans, I’ve been guessing at the starting line up that Keith Hill will put out against Rotherham on his first game in charge. Everything has been kept quite secret from the fans, and the anticipation is great. It’s like our season is just starting because we’ve got a new manager, new players and this weekends game will be exciting for fans.

We don’t even know the squad numbers of the new players yet so this will also be interesting. Fans know that Hill has a variety of new options to throw in the mix at Rotherham. However, fans are united in saying that the youngsters who kept playing for us throughout difficult times, should not be forgotten or left out of the squad.

I had a guess at what team Keith Hill would put out as soon as the new signings were announced. However, it’s recently been revealed that Joe Bunney, our new loanee left-back, has been involved in a car accident that has required us to look at other options for left-back.

So here’s my predicted 11…

New signing, Josh Emmanuel should be given a shot at right back to see how he copes, if things are going wrong, youngster Harry Brockbank can come on to pick up the pieces. Liam Edwards should go back into the central defence and help out fan favourite Yoan Zouma. The left-back position could be filled in by Joe White. However, Keith Hill might have a plan B that we don’t know about.

Dennis Politic

Luke Murphy and Jason Lowe remain experienced in the middle and supported by Ali Crawford on the left-wing, Thibaud Verlinden on the right and the very talented Dennis Politic who should be in the squad supporting the wingers and striker. Liam Bridcutt will more than likely be on the bench and can be brought on if needed.

Daryl Murphy is down as one to watch this weekend, most think he will be starting for the Wanderers and be alone up front. I agree and hope that we’ve been working hard on the training ground to be able to attack.

Whichever team Hill goes with, we need to earn points and get that goal difference down. However, it is just nice to be able to talk about and watch football again!

Bolton needs Hill to achieve these 2 crucial things

The Football Manc Cave are looking at 2 things that Keith Hill has to make a priority and work on this year with Bolton Wanderers to improve their form.

It’s fantastic that things are looking up at Bolton. New owners, new management, new players and the fans have stuck with them throughout. Season tickets have been on sale this week and the demand has been great.

That’s what the fans have done and what the owners are trying to do, but what does Keith Hill need to do for the rest of 2019 in order to succeed?

Sort Out The Goal Difference

Bolton currently sits at bottom of the league with -17 as their goal difference. It’s going to take time to sort that issue out, however, Keith Hill needs to work towards getting that number to single figures or even better, a plus.

This will need to start by working on the defence. He has options now with old and new players. If he works on the defence intensely, then he can start to work on the attack and goals.

I wouldn’t mind us losing a few more if it wasn’t 5-0 losses. If we are going to lose, it needs to be 2-1 or 1-0 to keep the goal difference down. Eventually, as performance gets better, we can start scoring and winning. I hope.

Get Us Out Of the -12 Points

We desperately need a few points to get out of the -12 deduction that was put on us. The young Bolton players who managed to get a point against Coventry were incredible to be able to do that, and now we need a few more of those performances.

It wasn’t Keith Hill, the fans or the players that got us into the mess, but unfortunately they are paying for it and having to get us out of it. The fans are doing their part by selling out away games and purchasing season tickets. Now it’s time for the hard work to kick in, tough management and great team selections.

Why Bolton’s no fixture last weekend is a sad time for football

Wondered why Bolton Wanderers never played a game this weekend? It’s because they were meant to be playing Bury. In a sad time for the game, The Football Manc Cave reflects.

A lot of football fans haven’t had a game to watch this week because it’s the international break. Bolton fans have had no game because the team they were meant to be playing were expelled from the league.

Bury fans haven’t got any games to watch.

It’s about time the people in power started to look at struggling clubs a little closer, and help them instead of putting them in situations like this.

Just imagine for one minute, the EFL would have given Bury more help and extended their time to try and sort the issues they were having. I know a lot of people are now going to say that they had enough time. However, in my opinion, with the supposed new bids on the deadline day, the EFL should have seen that as a possible way to save the club so should have helped.

If they would have and a deal could have been made. Just imagine Bolton vs Bury. The money that that game would have brought in because both sets of fans want their clubs to survive, the attention the game would have got and what it would have meant for either team to score, gain any points or most importantly, win.

Instead, the EFL removes Bury from the league. The fact that there was no fixture for Bolton this weekend, just made me realise how lucky I am to be a Bolton fan. We actually have games to watch now thanks to Football Ventures. It doesn’t matter whether we win or lose, we have football to watch.

Sad times for Bury

It’s a sad time for the game and I really do hope that Bury can solve the issues they have and work their way back into the leagues. It’s not fair, football is all about money and there’s so much of it, so why are Bury facing these issues? Because the EFL let a man, sorry, a coward, take over a club, not have the funds, not willing to sort a sale out and then the EFL end up expelling them from the league.

Maybe they should have run tests more accurately, and actually done a background test on Dale before just shattering the fans, staff and players.

I hope that once we are up and running properly, we could maybe give Bury fans free entry so that they’ve got some football to watch. If not that, then I really do think we should have some sort of game that raises money for Bury. Football fans that are laughing, mocking or saying that Bury deserves this in any way, I really hope that your club never has to go through what they have – because it’s heartbreaking.

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