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Plymouth Argyle looking to cherry pick Bury’s best players

Ryan Lowe is set to raid former club Bury for a number of players to join Plymouth. After a number of off-field problems, Lowe opted to switch Gigg Lane for Home Park, now he’s hoping his former players will follow suit.

It’s reported that Plymouth will target the attacking trio of Danny Mayor, Jay O’Shea and Nicky Maynard who combined to help Bury achieve promotion from League Two last season. The manager clearly knows how to get the best out of the players, why change something that isn’t broken?

Sign all three and do what they did last season, bobs your uncle, promotion sorted. If only life was that easy.

O’Shea, 30, played an integral role for The Shakers last campaign, scoring an impressing 16 goals in 50 appearances. Striker Maynard managed 21 goals, which ultimately proved the difference between Bury being promoted and finishing in the playoffs. The situation surrounding Mayor is different, as his contract expires at the end of the month.

Bury fans will probably be frustrated that Lowe is looking to return to Gigg Lane for signings, however, he’s Plymouth manager now. Forget the past, he has a new challenge and job. If he got the best out of players that resulted in promotion, it’s common sense to want to work with them again.

Bury fans have other worries than the fixtures released today ‘Just need a team, manager, asst manager, ground staff etc now any more news about this’

Many Bury fans will be pleased to see their on-the-verge club being a part of the EFL League One fixture release.

Under Bury’s recent circumstances, it is a pleasure to see that the club’s fixtures have been announced. Allowing us to presume that they will be able to partake in the EFL League One season, despite owing over £1million and are currently in the process of seeking new ownership before the new season begins.

Due to the state of the beloved Greater Manchester club, Bury fans have been vocal on Twitter after the release of next season’s fixtures…

With Bury having issues with paying players, they may not even have a team to bring out in August. Luckily for them, one lad is willing to step up!

Amongst the understandable worry, fear and pain being expressed by Bury’s loyal fan base, one fan is ready and waiting for the away games which he can attend.

This particular fan has summed up Bury’s beginning to the new season before a ball has even been touched.

For Bury, it will be an interesting season indeed. All fans of Greater Manchester clubs, or even, all fans of English clubs, should have a degree of respect for the history, successes and longevity of Bury Football Club and hope that they can continue for many years to come.

‘I’d Have Him Here Tomorrow’ 68% of Bury fans Want Keith Hill as The Next Manager

A recent twitter poll showed 68% of Bury fans would take former Rochdale boss Keith Hill as manager next season.

Although this may sound a hellish thought for Bury fans, somewhere in the upcoming plans the club will have to plan for life without Ryan Lowe.

Should there be a club after the 19th June, the successor to Lowe will take over the role in dealing with a threadbare squad and possible points deduction, not to mention one trying to get over two hopeless owners.

An early contender to fill the Gigg Lane hot seat is former Rochdale manager Keith Hill. A surprise too perhaps to see the Dale favourite as a candidate, yet it seems Shakers fans wouldn’t seem to mind Hill in the home dugout next season.

Many fans left their views on Twitter. The footballmanccave.com took a look at the opinions which favoured the football league stalwart.

Opinion: Is Former Rochdale Boss Keith Hill The Right Fit For Bury

First and foremost, I think Bury’s main priority needs to be to sort their club out before they start thinking about managers and players. It’s amazing this club won promotion last season, and are now managerless, with fans worrying they won’t even have a team to watch in August.

Ryan Lowe has departed to Plymouth, with most of the players expected to follow him out of the exit door. Whoever gets the job of appointing a manager, staff and player will have an enormous job on their hands. However, this is a club that should be competing at a good level. From a Wigan fan, I genuinely hope the club finds a resolution to this nightmare between now and August, for the sake of the fans.

So, into the meat of the article – would Keith Hill be a good fit for Bury?

Yes, in my opinion. I imagine the club will just be looking to consolidate next season, stay in the division and try to build a squad again. Hill has managed in the EFL for over 10 years, he has experience of creating battle-hardened squads, having won promotion twice with Rochdale. Obviously, Bury won’t have a significant transfer budget given the current circumstances, and that’s something Hill is used to dealing with, at Barnsley he signed Matt Done and Scott Wiseman for relatively low fees.

The new manager at Bury will largely be relying on signing frees and loans. You want a manager who has experience in the league, lots of contacts with other clubs/players/agents and a drive to succeed. Hill has managed a lot of players over the years, surely he could get a band back together at Bury.

At the moment, The Shakers aren’t an attractive proposition. However, they are in League One. If the off-field problems could be resolved, a year of consolidation could lead to a positive following season. There is certainly potential.

Would Bury fans be happy with Keith Hill?

‘Chester Managers Would Be Mad To Go To Bury’ Chester Fans React To Bosses Linked With Bury FC

Chester joint-managers Anthony Johnson and Bernard Morley are being linked with the vacant managerial position at Bury after, Ryan Lowe departed the club to join Plymouth.

The pair are well regarded after winning promotion from the Vanarama National League North with Salford City, although left the club immediately afterwards. Their first season at Chester saw them finish in ninth place.

Johnson is a lifelong Bury fan, and despite The Shakers having a number of problems off the field, including a winding-up order, it does provide a leap through the EFL for the managerial pair. If the club’s financial issues could be resolved, Bury could challenge next season in League One. Will that opportunity turn the heads of Johnson and Morley?

Let’s see what Chester fans think…

Two Bury Players That Could Follow Ryan Lowe To Plymouth

Ryan Lowe was appointed the new manager of Plymouth this week. The 40-year-old led Bury to promotion from League Two, but the club have faced numerous off-field issues, including a winding-up petition and staff going unpaid.

He joins a Pilgrims team that were relegated from League One on the final day. Lowe will be looking for automatic promotion next season.

Ryan said: “I am thrilled to have been appointed Argyle manager and to have been given this opportunity to manage a great football club.

Although Lowe did a great job at Bury and is likely to be devastated about how his tenure had to end there, he has a new challenge at Plymouth.

The Shakers could be in for further upset if Lowe comes hunting for his old players, I look at who he might be back for…

Nicky Maynard

A proven goalscorer. Maynard scored 21 goals last season, which proved the difference between automatic promotion and playoffs. The striker has operated at a higher level for the majority his career when playing for West Ham, Bristol City and Wigan, so his experience will also be vital to Plymouth’s side. Lowe clearly knows how to get the best out of Maynard, and a similar goal tally next season could clinch another promotion.

Jay O’Shea

Another player that played a significant role in Bury’s last campaign. He finished the season with 16 goals and five assists, which is a very good return for a midfielder, and with Graham Carey departing Plymouth, Lowe will be looking to replace his creativity. With O’Shea out of contract later this month, and seemingly on the lookout for a new club, an opportunity to work with Lowe again might be the perfect move.

Reluctantly Nicky Adams Leaves Bury FC Following Off-The-Pitch Saga

It has sadly been revealed that after a lot of off-pitch problems for Bury this season, Nicky Adams has had no other option but to leave the club.

The Shakers have been financially troubled this season, players have been going without pay and the club have had a winding-up order. The 32-year-old revealed the news via his twitter where he explained that he had an extension to his contract with Bury “rejected” by the EFL.

I am a Bolton Wanderers fan myself and can completely relate to the Bury fans in this situation. At the end of the day, nobody would turn up to a job that they weren’t getting paid for, and even though people argue that footballers should have enough money behind them either way, you have to think about the bigger picture.

Everyone lives around the money they earn and if you get a contract given to you that allows you to buy a big house, nice car and in a lot of footballers cases, start a family, you can’t say you wouldn’t do the same. So to not earn the money you need to fund your home and family, it starts to cause problems in all areas of your life.

This is why I cannot blame a footballer for leaving a club even if they thought they’d be there for a lot longer if there are problems off the pitch that isn’t in your control, you need to take control of the situation yourself.

So what has he decided to do?

Move to Northampton. This could be a brilliant move for the midfielder as the club are managed by Kieth Curle who managed Adams at Carlisle United for 2 years. Hopefully, this will solve Adams’ problems off the pitch and it could be a promising move for the cobblers.

I hope all the Bury players can find a solution if the club cannot sort all of their financial matters. It’s a terrible position to be in for any club. A nice touch to finish with, however, on his twitter post, Nicky added, “I’ll be a forever fan of Bury FC.”

Gutted!! Bury FC Fans React To Nicky Adams Leaving

The mass exodus at Bury continues. What a sad state of affairs it is at Gigg Lane.

A club that has just been promoted back to League One, should be planning for next season and be an exciting time for their fans. Instead, they are watching their beloved club be destroyed. Manager Ryan Lowe is reportedly on the verge of joining Plymouth, and club legend Nicky Adams has announced he will be departing the Shakers this summer.

It is expected that Danny Mayor and Jay O’Shea will also leave the club when their contracts expire later this month. Will they even be able to field a team in August? It’s certainly not looking good.

Here’s how some Bury fans reacted to the news that Nicky Adams will be leaving the club…

Why It’s Imperative Bury FC Fans Sign Up To Forever Bury

Nearly a week on from the Bury supporter summit where supporters group Forever Bury announced they were going to fight till the lights go out to keep their beloved football club afloat, the re-vamped supporters club is really starting to take shape.

300 fans turned up to join Dave Giffard and his team as they look to keep their local team alive for future generations.

Bury FC was founded in the 1800s, although financial issues over the past few years had led to the club on verge of liquidation.

Productive work across social media had lead to the supporter’s group seeing more fans sign up over the past few days. A week ago only 700 members were apart of Forever Bury in a 9,000 nationwide fan base. That figure has risen considerably over the past seven days.

There have been more than 400 new signups since last Saturday at Gigg Lane alone, with a total of £68,000 raised. With a mission to buy the club in the near future and to see the club find themselves back into safe hands, only fan support can save the Shakers from liquidation. It really is that simple.

With work by Dean Hamer alongside Giffard, there is now renewed hope that the League One club will run for years to come. Hamer set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ page yesterday, raising £465 at the time of writing with a target of £500,000.

It hasn’t been the easiest time for clubs in Greater Manchester recently. Only a short drive from Gigg Lane stands Bolton Wanderers, long-standing rivals yet fans with a shared goal of keeping their respective clubs in business.

The likes of Blackpool, Macclesfield, Charlton and Coventry also have also had a fair few problems with ownership this season. A growing trend which overshadows the competitiveness that the EFL is spanning three divisions.

Despite only 10 miles from Manchester City and Manchester United, the League Two runners up are worlds apart from this long-standing football league club.

Yet better than non-existent, a point no fan wants to admit but knows the prospect is possible. Only by following Forever Bury can fans hope to keep their club in safe hands.

You can sign up to Forever Bury below using this link


Danny Mayor’s Comments Speak Volumes Regarding The Future of Bury

‘Tell us what is happening’ were the latest comments said to Bury chairman Steve Dale regarding the club’s future and wages for all of the club staff.

The author of those comments was Danny Mayor, who alongside fellow critic of Dale Nicky Adams, speaks volumes for the worries held within the dressing room.

Mayor was at the heart of Bury’s success last season but is yet to sign a new contract keeping him at Gigg Lane. Having spent six years with the Shakers, Mayor has seen everything from promotion to relegation.

Despite dipping in and out of form at times, the number 10 was on top form notching up many goals and assists helping his side to promotion, including the decisive goal at Tranmere in the final week of the season.

Yet he may have played his last game due to the grave uncertainty regarding the future of the club. Speaking to the Bury Times, Mayor spoke out against the chairman and the issues surrounding wages.

“I’m the same as the other lads, I don’t really know what’s going on,” said Mayor.

We’ve not been told anything about whether the club’s going to be sold or not.

We’re kind of in limbo, really.

We saw the statement but we’ve heard a lot of things before and it’s not come to fruition so we have to take it with a pinch of salt.”

Mayor has been linked with several clubs including Preston North End and Sheffield Wednesday over recent weeks. There were even reports about a move to near neighbours Salford City as they began their transfer window with the signing of Richie Towell.

However, despite numerous transfer talks, the midfielder seems happy working with Ryan Lowe as are so many of his colleagues. Up to 70% of players want to stay working with their manager this upcoming season.

Despite the positive comments regarding their future which will certainly please fans, no fans would argue with a mass exodus should Steve Dale fail to pay wages or his successor as club chairman.

A nightmare worry could still become a damming reality if a new owner is not in place by June 20th, the day of the new fixture release.

“It’s tough for everyone. I’d love to say everything’s going to work out and I’ll stay at Bury but I can’t sign anything when it’s not been offered.

I can’t keep waiting around to see what they say, hoping the club gets bought. A lot of lads are in the same situation.

They’re out of contract and they’ve got families, and they’ve got to do what’s best for them.”

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